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Article: Rattan vs Wicker | What is the difference between wicker vs. rattan?

Rattan vs Wicker | What is the difference between wicker vs. rattan?

Written by Henry Phan Update
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When it comes to furnishing the home, furniture made from rattan vs wicker is one of the most popular options for its natural and rustic beauty. However, the terms “rattan” and “wicker” often make people confused because people have a tendency to use these words interchangeably. In this blog post, Rowabi will help you distinguish rattan and wicker and give you some ideas to choose the best furniture for your home decor.

What Is Rattan?

Rattan is a material derived from a wood-like vine that is commonly found in the tropical regions of Asia, Africa, and Australia. There are more than 600 different species of rattan. Each one has a flexible yet sturdy sore, making it ideal for creating solid, supportive furnishings. Rattan plant skins play a significant role in weaving as well because they help builders bind furniture joints together.

This material is a favourite option among homeowners and interior designers when they select garden pieces of furniture. The light, resilient, and flexible qualities of rattan made it suitable for a wide range of items. Because of its strong, fibrous qualities, the material has increasingly become a very hot commodity for both businesses and consumers alike.

Rattan is separated into two types, including natural and synthetic ones. Both of these lightweight solutions have strong, flexible fibers that give your area a relaxed, breezy atmosphere. Therefore, consider your need to select the best rattan material for your outdoor spaces.

rattan vs. wicker
Rattan furniture brings a rustic and alluring look to your living space

The popularity of this material leads to deforestation or over-harvesting of natural rattan. Hence, lots of people have turned to synthetic material as a sustainable alternative option. Especially, the material gives you the same look as real rattan and comes with a lower price tag, which provides homeowners with a huge number of options when they plan to create a new look for their living spaces.

What Is Wicker?

While many people believe that wicker is a different kind of furniture material, it actually refers to a style of weave that’s been used for thousands of years. The wicker technique can trace back its origins as far back as 3,000 B.C. in Ancient Egypt. Wicker furniture has become one of the favorite home decor items among lots of homeowners and interior designers thanks to its traditional and modern vibe.

The particular technique takes strong and durable rattan and weaves them into the alluring furniture. Apart from rattan, there are other wicker materials available, including bamboo, cane, reeds, vinyl and resin fibers, and willow.

With its strong and durable characteristics, wicker can be used to make a wide range of different household items, including outdoor lights, baskets, and even window treatments. Especially, due to its durability and rustic aesthetics, wicker items can add a touch of elegance to any home, especially for outdoor spaces.

wicker vs. rattan
Wicker furniture brightens up the relaxing outdoor spaces

These handcrafted wicker furniture add stylish and rustic aesthetics to both indoor and outdoor areas. With its lightweight design, natural appearance, and versatility, woven wicker pieces are an ideal piece of furniture for your spaces. As wicker’s popularity grew, many people selected it as a way to elevate their home decor.

In addition, the lightweight design makes wicker furniture easy to move around for any number of configurations. Thanks to this unique characteristic, you simply create a relaxing outdoor area with an elegant and natural vibe.

Which Is Better: Rattan or Wicker?

When people select rattan or wicker decor items, the most common question is “Which one is better?”. Rattan vs wicker furniture both offer their own unique aesthetic and functional benefits for your living space. Hence, the selection between the two will be based on your personal reference.

The rattan piece of furniture brings your balcony or patio an organic look and feel. If you want to create a rustic and relaxing atmosphere, the decor items will be the perfect addition to your setup. In fact, natural furniture is not actually the best selection for outdoor use due to its low water-resistant quality. Therefore, if you want to add these items outdoors as a special statement, make sure that you cover them carefully when it rains. You can select synthetic rattan as an excellent alternative for outdoor use.

colorful wicker furniture offers a special vibe to the space
Colorful wicker furniture offers a special vibe to the space

On the other hand, wicker furnishings may be the better choice for those who are looking for a great outdoor decor item. The tightly-woven furniture frames in a certain colorful finish will be an ideal option to create a charming and relaxing atmosphere with low maintenance. The durable and lightweight quality makes them perfect for decorating outdoor spaces. In addition, if you are on a budget, these decor items will be an excellent solution.

Decorating with Rattan or Wicker Patio Furniture

With its unique and natural beauty, rattan vs wicker furniture creates a stylish and comfortable outdoor living space. After determining which material would work best for your patio, wicker or rattan, it’s time to choose stylish and stunning furniture for your outdoor decor. Below are some leisure activities you can use rattan or wicker patio furniture to create a relaxing environment for your family.

Al Fresco Dining
    Whether you plan to enjoy formal lunches on the lanai or casual backyard barbecues with the entire family, rattan or wicker furnishings will bring a warm and intimate vibe to your dining space. The rustic beauty of a dining set made from this natural material is a great addition, leaving unforgettable memories for every guest. In addition, the furniture for the outdoor dining room is various, which helps homeowners have more options before selecting the best one. A large range of tables made of these materials are available in round, square, or rectangular designs to fit your area. These chairs often come with plush cushions for additional comfort.

      Rattan or wicker bar set will be a great statement for your entertaining areas. It brings your ratio a natural environment and cultivates a casual bohemian ambiance. A tall table, a set of bar stools, and a mobile bar cart are perfect for outdoor cocktail parties, creating an intimate vibe for making drinks, kicking back, and chatting.

      If you always host outdoor parties and love the rustic, charming beauty, consider selecting rattan vs wicker patio furniture to make a strong impression on your guests. A wide variety of furniture makes it easy for those who want to create an organic relaxing entertaining space.

      Outdoor Lounging

        Rattan or wicker lounging chair is an easy approach to add a touch of personal style to your outdoor lounging. The rustic chair will please every homeowner due to its comfortable look and convenience. The simple and alluring beauty will leave a strong impression on everyone at first sight.

        Rattan sectional or loveseat is an excellent idea to create a relaxing space in your outdoor living space. You also enjoy your favorite books in the cozy, private reading nook on your patio by putting on a wicker porch swing, side table, and bookshelf.

        Poolside Relaxation

          Rattan garden furniture is a beautiful and durable addition to any poolside relaxation space. The natural materials provide a unique, casual, and comfortable appearance for your relaxing areas. Synthetic rattan and wicker are long-lasting materials and can withstand the sun, and large temperature variations. Therefore, they are perfect to make a highlight for your outdoor relaxing oasis.

          rattan furniture adds a warm and cozy atmosphere to your reading nook
          Rattan furniture adds a warm and cozy atmosphere to your reading nook

          You can consider adding wicker chaise lounges and daybeds beside the pool to sunbathe or dry off after a swim. A wicker storage bin to hold all your floats and pool toys will be a great statement for your swimming pool areas. The combination of an organic look and water-resistant quality, rattan vs wicker decor items will be a great idea to add a breezing tropical atmosphere to your living space.

          Style Suggestions for rattan and wicker

          Woven wicker vs rattan patio furniture bring feelings of refreshing relaxation and casual comfort to your space. The appealing aesthetic and durable quality make this furniture ideal for decorating both outdoors and indoors. Below are some style suggestions for those who plan to use these natural materials to create a relaxing space.

          Rattan style

          With its distinctive characteristics combined with a contemporary design, rattan furniture has quickly become one of the on-trend and stylish decor pieces for decades. Its natural color tones make it work well in an array of design styles. These styles include tropical, organic contemporary, seaside, and Bohemian.

          Rattan or wicker furniture such as club chairs, coffee tables, and palm frond-print rugs work beautifully in bohemian and eclectic-style spaces. You can utilize these rustic decorative pieces to complement, support and add a textural layer to other styles.

          Rattan decor items such as pendant lights, or a set of tables bring a warm and inviting vibe that is perfect for living spaces. On the other hand, a rattan conversation set featuring arched silhouettes adds classic appeal to your veranda or terrace. To increase the comfortable feeling, you can combine them with throw pillows.

          Wicker Style

          The wicker piece of furniture is the favorite decor that elevates any living space for years. Especially, the durable, weather-resistant ability makes them a great option for decorating outdoor spaces. With traditional and rustic aesthetics, these wicker decor items will be special statements to make your spaces become more attractive and alluring.

          a set of rattan chairs brings a rustic and charming aesthetic to the space
          A set of rattan chairs brings a rustic and charming aesthetic to the space

          If you plan to bring your outdoor relaxing a new vibe, wicker lounge chairs with sleek metal frames and plush seat cushions will be an excellent option. The combination of rustic and contemporary beauty will brighten up your outdoor spaces and create a chic appearance that captures every look.

          On the other hand, a low-profile wicker sectional or loveseat made of these natural, organic-looking materials is the ideal stylistic complement to the rest of the decor items. Some wicker decor items like woven serving trays or baskets are also special highlights for spaces.

          The furnishings according to the rattan vs wicker style are lightweight and easy to clean and maintain, so they are ideal for outdoor purposes. In addition, these wicker products are cost-effective and various in designs and styles, offering homeowners more decorative options.

          Rattan & Wicker Decor

          Rattan vs wicker accessories is an excellent approach to making a statement on your patio. With rustic and charming beauty, these natural pieces elevate the decor of your space in every aspect. A large collection of decor items made from this organic material offers homeowners more options to create a relaxing space with personal style.

          The most favorite rattan and wicker decor item among homeowners and interior designers is light fixtures. The wicker chandeliers and lanterns add a touch of warmth and a natural aesthetic to your living space. Rattan baskets to hold throw blankets featuring woven accents will be a chic highlight, impressing every guest to your house.

          The combination of a wicker ottoman, footstool, or console table will create a mixed-material effect for your metal patio seating. In addition, you can incorporate small amounts of wicker such as serving trays, placemats, and outdoor planters as a way to make statements for your space.

          rattan decor items create a great highlight for the spac
          Rattan decor items create a great highlight for the space

          Rowabi has provided you with all detailed information about two common natural materials - rattan vs wicker. The choice of decor items for your space becomes easier once you comprehensively understand the difference between wicker and rattan patio furniture.

          The stunning and natural aesthetics of this rattan decor make your relaxing areas more special and personal. With the above useful information, we hope that you can make informed choices when selecting pieces with rattan or wicker material that complement your stylish outdoor setup.

          4th of july sale

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