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Rattan Pendant Lights for Outdoor

Bring the warmth of indoor elegance to your outdoor spaces with Rowabi's weather-resistant rattan pendant lights. Designed to withstand the elements, these durable yet stylish pieces cast a soft, inviting glow over patios, porches, and gardens. Transform your outdoor entertaining areas into enchanting retreats with our artfully crafted, nature-inspired lighting collection.

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Save 15%Outdoor Kloe Rattan Pendant LightOutdoor Kloe Rattan Pendant Light
Outdoor Kloe Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$226.10 Regular price$266.00
Save 20%Outdoor Sepherina Rattan Pendant LightOutdoor Sepherina Rattan Pendant Light
Outdoor Sepherina Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$223.20 Regular price$279.00
Save 20%Outdoor Lumiere Dome Rattan Pendant LightOutdoor Lumiere Dome Rattan Pendant Light
Outdoor Lumiere Dome Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$180.80 Regular price$226.00
Save 15%lucian rattan pendant lightlucian bedroom
Lucian Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$247.35 Regular price$291.00
Save 15%latigo rattan pendant lightLatigo dining room 1
Latigo Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$140.51 Regular price$165.30
Save 15%Lunar rattan pendant lightLunar bedroom
Lunar Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$140.25 Regular price$165.00
Save 15%ethereal rattan pendant lightethereal dining room
Ethereal Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$191.25 Regular price$225.00
Save 15%
bestseller dreamy pendant lightdreamy dining room
Dreamy Palm Fibers Pendant Light
Sale price$110.50 Regular price$130.00
Save 15%selene seagrass pendant lightselene seagrass patio
Selene Seagrass Pendant Light
Sale price$117.30 Regular price$138.00
Save 15%whispering seagrass pendant lightwhispering patio
Whispering Seagrass Pendant Light
Sale price$113.05 Regular price$133.00
Save 15%Low Stockaudra bamboo fish basket lantern pendant lightAudra Lantern Pendant Light
Audra Lantern Pendant Light
Sale price$113.05 Regular price$133.00
Sold outSave 15%rhys dated plam suspensionRhys Dated Plam Suspension
Rhys Dated Plam Suspension
Sale price$63.75 Regular price$75.00
Save 15%Twilight Lace rattan pendant lightTwilight Lace DINNING
Twilight Lace Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$198.90 Regular price$234.00
Save 15%
luminous pendant lightLuminous dining room
Luminous Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$268.09 Regular price$315.40
Save 15%collins jute rattan pendant lightCollins Jute Kitchen island
Collins Jute Twist Pendant Light
Sale price$136.00 Regular price$160.00
Save 15%althea rattan pendant lightalthea dining room
Althea Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$182.75 Regular price$215.00
Sold outSave 15%Nikita Seagrass Pendant Light - RowabiNikita Seagrass Pendant Light
Nikita Seagrass Pendant Light
Sale price$79.05 Regular price$93.00