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All Rattan Pendant Lights

Rattan pendant lights are one of the most popular lighting options for homeowners as well as business owners when it comes to choosing pendant lighting for home design. These lighting fixtures, which are renowned for their elegance and usefulness, are now a standard component in contemporary homes. Let Rowabi Interiors give you some advice so you can choose the best one, as they are available in a variety of styles and shapes.


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bestseller kloe rattan pendant lightKloe dining room
Kloe Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$96.24 Regular price$120.30
Save 20%sepherina pendant lightsepherina bedroom
Sepherina Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$200.80 Regular price$251.00
Save 20%aurelia rattan pendant lightAurelia dining room
Aurelia Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$167.20 Regular price$209.00
Save 20%
luminous pendant lightLuminous dining room
Luminous Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$262.72 Regular price$328.40
Save 20%
bestseller dreamy pendant lightdreamy dining room
Dreamy Palm Fibers Pendant Light
Sale price$104.00 Regular price$130.00
Save 20%
bestseller santana rattan pendant lightsantana bedroom
Santana Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$120.80 Regular price$151.00
Save 20%
bestseller beatrice rattan pendant lightbeatrice dining room
Beatrice Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$140.00 Regular price$175.00
Save 20%Low Stocklatigo rattan pendant lightLatigo dining room 1
Latigo Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$132.24 Regular price$165.30
Save 20%ethereal rattan pendant lightethereal dining room
Ethereal Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$180.00 Regular price$225.00
Save 20%selene seagrass pendant lightselene seagrass patio
Selene Seagrass Pendant Light
Sale price$110.40 Regular price$138.00
Save 20%lucian rattan pendant lightlucian bedroom
Lucian Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$232.80 Regular price$291.00
Save 20%callie rattan pendant lightcallie kitchen island
Callie Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$123.20 Regular price$154.00
Save 20%santa barbara pendant lightsanta barbara dining room
Santa Barbara Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$172.80 Regular price$216.00
Save 20%le per le pendant lightle per le dinning room
Le Perle Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$139.20 Regular price$174.00
Save 20%bestseller lumiere bowl rattan pendant lightlumiere living room
Lumiere Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$114.40 Regular price$143.00
Save 20%oceania pendant lightoceania bedroom
Oceania Cone Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$154.40 Regular price$193.00
Save 20%althea rattan pendant lightalthea dining room
Althea Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$172.00 Regular price$215.00
Save 20%mazed lace rattan pendant lightmazed lace kitchen island
Mazed Lace Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$134.40 Regular price$168.00
Save 20%radiant rattan pendant lightradiant dinning room
Radiant Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$147.20 Regular price$184.00
Save 20%grandard rattan pendant lightgrandard kitchen island
Grandard Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$148.80 Regular price$186.00
Save 20%whispering seagrass pendant lightwhispering patio
Whispering Seagrass Pendant Light
Sale price$106.40 Regular price$133.00
Save 20%
Serena Rattan Dome Lightserena rattan pendant light
Serena Rattan Dome Light
Sale price$204.80 Regular price$256.00
Save 20%
enigma rattan pendant lightenigma dinning room
Enigma Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$183.20 Regular price$229.00
Save 20%Twilight Lace rattan pendant lightTwilight Lace DINNING
Twilight Lace Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$187.20 Regular price$234.00
Save 20%bureau rattan pendant lightbureau dining room
Bureau Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$141.60 Regular price$177.00
Sold outSave 20%elena globe rattan pendant lightElena Globe Pendant Light
Elena Globe Pendant Light
Sale price$316.00 Regular price$395.00
Save 20%Lunar rattan pendant lightLunar bedroom
Lunar Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$132.00 Regular price$165.00
Save 20%
abyssal rattan pendant lightabyssal dinning room
Abyssal Pendant Light
Sale price$364.00 Regular price$455.00
Save 20%Highland Heaven rattan pendant lightHighland Heaven bedroom
Highland Heaven Pendant Light
Sale price$340.00 Regular price$425.00
Save 20%Low Stockperio rattan pendant lightperio kitchen island
Perio Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$132.00 Regular price$165.00
Save 20%grandeur rattan pendant lightgrandeur bedroom
Grandeur Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$140.00 Regular price$175.00

What are pendant lights rattan?

Rattan pendant lights are a modern lighting fixture that adds an instant design upgrade to your interior. Like other ceiling lights, they have essential things, including a ceiling rose, suspension cord, and a lamp holder. We all know that the primary function of light is lighting. Yet due to their soft glow, these lights also function as an especially stylish and distinctive complement to your decor.

5 advantages of pendant lights rattan for modern house

Rattan has been employed in interior design for decades, especially in Asian nations with strong wellness cultures. Rattan pendant lights have evolved into the perfect ornamental items for contemporary homes because of their blend of charming and natural beauty. Below are a few of the many advantages of pendant lights rattan in addition to their beauty.

Natural and eco-friendly

Rattan pendant lights are made from natural and eco-friendly materials that are good for the environment. Rattan is easy to recycle and reuse, which can reduce waste, pollution and help conserve resources. It is the best way to save our planet from the widespread destruction of natural resources.

rattan pendant lights made from natural materials
Rattan pendant lights  are made from natural materials

Warm and inviting ambiance

One of the main benefits of its pendant lights rattan is how they create a warm and inviting atmosphere. By strategically placing pendant lights, you can create a perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day of working hard.  These light pieces are an easy way to add texture and architectural interest to any room area.


Rattan is a versatile material making them a versatile option for any interior design scheme, from beachy bohemian to modern Scandinavian. Furthermore, these lights come in a large variety of shapes and sizes to fit any room. Therefore, these items will be a special highlight for every living corner in your house.

this pendant light is suitable for any space
These pendant lights match well with every space

Lightweight and durable

As pendant lights rattan are made from natural materials, they are lightweight and durable. You easily move the light from one place to another. Furthermore, they can last over time, even in the hallway as long as they are shielded from intense light and strong wind.

Artistic and unique

Another feature that makes rattan pendant lights is their artistic and unique designs. A pendant light made of natural materials adds a touch of warmth and texture to a modern, minimalist space. Due to their alluring and exclusive styles, they are considered a timeless and classic choice for your interior.

creates a vintage living spaces
The pendant light creates a vintage living spaces

Inspirational Rattan Pendant Lights for the Home

Rattan pendant lights are an excellent option to adorn your living spaces. Here are 5 inspirational pendant lights rattan you should consider before purchasing a light decor.

Whispering Seagrass Pendant Light

The whispering seagrass pendant light adds an organic atmosphere that emits natural beauty to bohemian, farmhouse, or rustic décor styles. Any visitors will be drawn into your home by the highly textured appearance of the dome-shaped basket-inspired shade. This pendant lamp is the best option for enhancing the design of your home because of its distinctive earthy feel.

rustic design
The whispering seagrass pendant light with a rustic design

Farrow Bamboo Rattan Pendant Light

The whispering seagrass pendant light adds an organic atmosphere that emits natural beauty to bohemian, farmhouse, or rustic décor styles. Any visitors will be drawn into your home by the highly textured appearance of the dome-shaped basket-inspired shade. This pendant lamp is the best option for enhancing the design of your home because of its distinctive earthy feel.

light gives you a beach-bungalow vibe
The light gives you a beach-bungalow vibe

Harlow Natural Rattan Hanging Light

If you like beachy, boho-chic style, the Harlow natural rattan hanging lamp could be the perfect choice. The airy, light design in a natural brown tone adds warmth, texture, and overhead lighting to a dining table, kitchen island, or reading corner. This light will be a must-have decorative item to improve the interior of your home thanks to its stylish style.

perfect for a cozy reading nook
This light is perfect for a cozy reading nook

Beehive Rattan Pendant Light

The Beehive rattan pendant light holds a meticulous design with intricate patterns on its intricately woven wicker surface. Its elegantly curved design helps lighting spread all space, creating a warm and comforting room for de-stress time. Its comprehensive natural brown color will fit in with any space in your home, turning it into a distinctive and fashionable addition to the decor.

beehive rattan pendant light with a meticulous design
The Beehive rattan pendant light with a meticulous design

Aurelia Rattan Pendant Light

The Aurelia rattan pendant light features a unique design that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Furthermore, it is made from high-quality rattan, ensuring that it becomes an exclusive and charming decor item in your home. Its special design produces a warm and inviting ambiance, while the sophisticated style and sleek lines make it the ideal choice for modern spaces.

ideal choice for modern spaces
The Light is an ideal choice for modern spaces

Tips for choosing the best suitable rattan pendant lights for your space

There are a wide range of ways to select rattan pendant lights. If you don’t know where to begin to choose the right one for your space, let's take a few minutes to dive into some tips below.

Determine your style

One of the crucial considerations is determining the style you want to hang your rattan pendant lights are suitable for most styles, from beachy bohemian to modern Scandinavian. However, before you make the final decision, you need to consider what style you want to select the best light that fixes your room design.

Size and scale

You must take size and scale into account when purchasing pendant lights. Small spaces in your home, such as an inviting reading area or bedroom, will feel warmer with a small rattan pendant light. A huge, dramatic pendant light, however, will be a wonderful focal point for a roomy dining or living space.

In addition, the height at which you hang your pendant lights also has a great impact on the overall feel of the room. A small tip is that hanging the light at different heights can create a dynamic, layered look for your spaces.

perfect for small spaces
Small lights are perfect for small spaces

Lighting requirements

Customers do not need to hardwire pendant lighting into the wall to install it. For everyone, the installation process is fairly straightforward. You may install the lamp without damaging the wall above or behind it as long as you have a wall outlet.

Quality of the rattan

It is important to consider the quality of rattan before making a decision. Most rattan pendant lights are made up of eco-friendly materials that might be affected by natural elements such as sunlight, wind, rain, etc. Therefore, choosing a rattan light with high quality is vital, especially if you hang it in outdoor spaces. High-quality lights last over time, so they are considered a cost-effective way.

quality of the rattan is a vital consideration
The quality of the rattan is a vital consideration before purchasing the light

Light source compatibility

Light source compatibility is also vital because each bulb features different electricity voltage power. Selecting suitable lights is the best approach to protect yourself and your family. It is great to choose the lights that can alter the bulbs so that you can find the right one for your light.

Why you should buy rattan pendant lights in Rowabi?

Rowabi is one of the most reputable destinations offering high-quality rattan pendant lights. Below are several reasons why you should purchase in our store.

rowabi is reputable destination to buy pendant lights
Rowabi is a reputable destination to buy pendant lights

Good service quality

Rowabi has an enthusiastic staff team who always help you whenever you need assistance. If you have any questions or struggle with difficulty during order time, you can contact us via e-mail or telephone. We are available to answer your questions during weekdays from 6 AM to 6 PM.

Affordable prices with many promotions

Rowabi provides customers with a range of products at competitive prices. Furthermore, we also have a range of promotions and discount programs on special occasions. The best thing is you can get 25% off if you sign up for our VIP list.

Personalized and modern designs

Our Rowabi offers highly customizable collections to help you create a truly personal home that matches your style, budget, and the way you live. Most of our products can be altered for size, component, color, or material, from a pendant light's lamp holder and ceiling rose, to the size of your dining table.

Free shipping and installation

Shipping fees may be a huge concern for those who buy lights far from us. We offer free shipping for orders that are more than $75. The best thing is you will get your order within 3 working days when we receive your payment. In addition, we also give detailed installation instructions, so you can simply hang your favorite lights at home.

We have provided you with some detailed information about alluring rattan pendant lights. With the combination of charming and rustic beauty, these lights are an excellent option for any space. If you are finding a place to buy these decor lights, contact Rowabi for further information.

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