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Rattan Pendant Lights For Dining Room

Elevate your dining experience with our handcrafted rattan light collection. Each piece marries centuries-old weaving techniques with contemporary design, casting captivating shadows that transform your space. Crafted from premium, sustainably sourced rattan, these lights offer unparalleled durability and natural elegance. Invest in a Rowabi masterpiece that enhances your culinary gatherings with refined luxury.


Save 15%sepherina pendant lightsepherina bedroom
Sepherina Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$213.35 Regular price$251.00
Save 15%aurelia rattan pendant lightAurelia dining room
Aurelia Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$177.65 Regular price$209.00
Save 15%
luminous pendant lightLuminous dining room
Luminous Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$268.09 Regular price$315.40
Save 15%
bestseller dreamy pendant lightdreamy dining room
Dreamy Palm Fibers Pendant Light
Sale price$110.50 Regular price$130.00
Save 15%
bestseller santana rattan pendant lightsantana bedroom
Santana Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$128.35 Regular price$151.00
Save 15%Low Stock
bestseller beatrice rattan pendant lightbeatrice dining room
Beatrice Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$148.75 Regular price$175.00
Save 15%latigo rattan pendant lightLatigo dining room 1
Latigo Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$140.51 Regular price$165.30
Save 15%lucian rattan pendant lightlucian bedroom
Lucian Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$247.35 Regular price$291.00
Save 15%ethereal rattan pendant lightethereal dining room
Ethereal Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$191.25 Regular price$225.00
Save 15%selene seagrass pendant lightselene seagrass patio
Selene Seagrass Pendant Light
Sale price$117.30 Regular price$138.00
Save 15%santa barbara pendant lightsanta barbara dining room
Santa Barbara Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$183.60 Regular price$216.00
Save 15%le per le pendant lightle per le dinning room
Le Perle Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$147.90 Regular price$174.00
Save 15%bestseller lumiere bowl rattan pendant lightlumiere living room
Lumiere Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$121.55 Regular price$143.00
Save 15%oceania pendant lightoceania bedroom
Oceania Cone Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$164.05 Regular price$193.00
Save 15%althea rattan pendant lightalthea dining room
Althea Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$182.75 Regular price$215.00
Save 15%radiant rattan pendant lightradiant dinning room
Radiant Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$156.40 Regular price$184.00
Save 15%elena globe rattan pendant lightElena Globe Pendant Light
Elena Globe Pendant Light
Sale price$361.25 Regular price$425.00
Save 15%
Serena Rattan Dome Lightserena rattan pendant light
Serena Rattan Dome Light
Sale price$217.60 Regular price$256.00
Sold outSave 15%
enigma rattan pendant lightenigma dinning room
Enigma Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$194.65 Regular price$229.00
Save 15%bureau rattan pendant lightbureau dining room
Bureau Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$150.45 Regular price$177.00
Save 15%avery rattan pendant lightavery dining room
Avery Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$152.15 Regular price$179.00
Save 15%Twilight Lace rattan pendant lightTwilight Lace DINNING
Twilight Lace Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$198.90 Regular price$234.00
Save 15%Low Stockyara rattan pendant lightyara dining room
Yara Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$96.05 Regular price$113.00
Save 15%Lunar rattan pendant lightLunar bedroom
Lunar Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$140.25 Regular price$165.00
Save 15%
abyssal rattan pendant lightabyssal dinning room
Abyssal Pendant Light
Sale price$386.75 Regular price$455.00
Save 15%
Zen rattan pendant lightZen dining room
Zen Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$123.25 Regular price$145.00
Save 15%Highland Heaven rattan pendant lightHighland Heaven bedroom
Highland Heaven Pendant Light
Sale price$361.25 Regular price$425.00
Sold outSave 15%RuffleWisp Rattan Pendant Light - RowabiRuffleWisp Rattan Pendant Light - Rowabi
RuffleWisp Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$204.85 Regular price$241.00
Save 15%Sammie Tier Rattan Pendant Lightsammy tier rattan pendant light dining room
Sammie Tier Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$301.75 Regular price$355.00
Save 15%Nana Vermiculate Rattan Pendant LightNana Vermiculate Rattan Pendant Light
Nana Vermiculate Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$221.85 Regular price$261.00
Sold outSave 20%Ombra Dome Rattan Pendant Light - RowabiOmbra Dome Rattan Pendant Light - Rowabi
Ombra Dome Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$76.80 Regular price$96.00
Save 15%Lotus Pad Rattan Pendant Lightlotus pad rattan pendant light dining room 2
Lotus Pad Rattan Pendant Light
Sale price$157.25 Regular price$185.00

Why do people choose and use dining room pendant lights instead of other lights?

Many customers are still wondering about the use of pendant lights. Now, Rowabi will show you 6  reasons why you should choose this product for your house.

Versatility and convenience

The key benefits of pendant lighting are its versatility and convenience. This item can be used to offer light where it is most needed. In detail, you can apply the product in any space, including the kitchen and bedroom. For example, many customers will put a single pendant light over a dining table to add closeness and warmth between family members at meals.

pendant lights for dining room
The key benefit of pendant lighting is its versatility

Elegant furniture for the kitchen

The dining room pendant is not only used to bring brightness but also enhances the luxury of your space. The product’s visually appealing shape and vibrant colors make it simple to mix and match with other pieces of furniture. Hence, your kitchen will be more harmonious and impressive.

add elegance to your space
The dining room pendant enhances the luxury of your space

Make use of space in the dining rooms

One of the most benefits of pendant lights for dining rooms is that these can be utilized to split your dining room into multiple zones. For instance, you could want to set up a certain space for an espresso bar or brunch. Hence, hanging dining room light fixtures can help you to make use of spaces and separate them into small areas for different activities.

can be utilized to split your dining room into multiple zones
It can be utilized to split your dining room into multiple zones

Avoid destroying the ceiling

The light has a suitable height so it will not affect the ceiling fan. Customers can select lamps with an appropriate height if their area is not large enough. This also helps ensure the safety of family members when having a dining meal.

due to the appropriate height, it does not affect the ceiling fan
The light has a suitable height so it will not affect the ceiling fan

Customized designs for lights

Depending on the dining room lamp, you can create a valuable and trending space where you and the whole family are going to enjoy spending time. The item has various sizes, colors, and shapes so it will provide a sense of uniqueness to your home.

products at rowabi come in different sizes, colors and shapes
The item has various sizes, colors, and shapes

Whether you're looking to set up an inviting atmosphere, an elegant appearance in your kitchen, or a sophisticated mood, pendant lamps for the dining room can adapt to all of your requirements.

Soft and cozy light

The light of this item bounces off many surfaces so it will create a soft and cozy light that is pleasant for your eyes. So, you can create a welcoming and comfortable ambiance for your guests when having private events or special meals.

these pendant lights create a soft and cozy light
The product will create a soft and cozy light

Tips for buying the right hanging lights for dining room

Selecting the right pendant lights for dining room will help your living space be more harmonious and beautiful. Let's find out some tips to get a suitable product.

  • It's crucial to consider your kitchen size when choosing pendant lights. To make a visual impact in a large space, you should consider selecting larger ones.
  • The height is an important factor that you need to consider. If you choose an item that is too high or too low, it will not create a good look and limit its functionality.
  • You should determine the amount of light that the product must provide because different areas demand various illumination levels.
  • You should select the dining table pendant light that will be harmonious with your other furniture. To do this, let’s think about the shape, color, and concept.

Best pendant lights for kitchen decor on Rowabi

Dining area pendant light is a gorgeous piece of furniture for every home. Let’s take a look at the top 5 unique products from Rowabi.

Yara Rattan Pendant Light

Yara Rattan Pendant Light has a natural brown color which helps to make your room more cozy and warm. The unique feature of this product is the pyramidal form that was originally designed such as the hat for farmers. Moreover, Yara Rattan also provides an open form that makes one light source produce a lot of brightness for your dining room.

yara is a natural brown light brown rattan string light in the dining room
Yara Rattan Pendant Light has a natural brown color

Avery Rattan Pendant Light

The Avery Rattan Pendant Light has a traditional shape which will impress customers who love minimalism style. The product has a natural light brown color so it can bring your home a natural and vintage look. Because light adjusts through the slightly translucent, their diverse colors will give an atmosphere of relaxing vibe and softness.

avery is a traditional shaped rattan chandelier
The Avery Rattan Pendant Light has a traditional shape

Sepherina Rattan Pendant Light

Sepherina Rattan Pendant Light is created by hand from high-quality rattan by trained craftsmen. So, Rowabi makes sure that every single one is unique. The organic fiber and complex weaving approach will create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere when your guests come home.

sepherina is a high quality rattan pendant light for the dining room
Sepherina Rattan Pendant Light is created from high-quality rattan

Callie Rattan Pendant Light

Callie Rattan Pendant Light is a piece of deal furniture for your dining room. It is made of braided rattan and is designed with a unique shape so customers can easily mix this item with other furniture to enhance the aesthetic of the house. Moreover, the product also provides natural light which helps your eyes be more comfortable.

callie pendant lights are an ideal piece of furniture for the dining room
Callie Rattan Pendant Light is an ideal furniture

Santana Rattan Pendant Light

Santana Rattan Pendant Light's outstanding appearance can transform your living space into an atmosphere of tranquility and elegance. Its hemispheric form provides a soft and warming glow to diffuse through the fibers. Hence, you can use this product to set up a room with a modern and unique look.

its hemispheric form provides a soft and warming
Its hemispheric form provides a soft and warming glow

Rowabi - Upgrade your house with designed rattan lights

Rowabi is a business that specializes in providing dining pendant lights made of rattan. Let’s find out the reasons why you should choose Rowabi for your home.

Quality and diverse products

Rowabi is famous for the brand’s collection of quality and diverse products. Customers will have a wide selection of pendant light models with various styles, forms, and colors. The products are particularly appropriate for typical home settings. As a result, you can use furniture that has been specially made by Robiwa's artisans to decorate your kitchen, bedroom, and dining room.

our products are famous for their quality and variety
Rowabi is famous for the brand’s collection of quality and diverse products

Affordable prices with many promotions

Rowabi not only offers a wide range of products but also provides customers with a large choice of costs. Moreover, the brand also provides many attractive promotions for clients to experience pleasure when buying products here. Therefore, Rowabi is always loved and trusted by many customers when they need to buy furniture.

we offer many attractive promotions for customers
The brand also provides many attractive promotions for clients

Personalized and modern designs

Each Rowabi product is created with a different appearance and style. Hence, you can use these designs to make the inside of your home more impressive. From that, your living space will become distinct and has your vibe. Moreover, you will also make your guests feel impressed and excited when they visit your home.

each rrowabi product is made with a personalized brand
Each Rowabi product is created with a distinctive appearance

Detailed product care guide

One of the things that Rowabi is most proud of is customer service. You will be guided and consulted carefully about the product by the staff. If an issue occurs during the buying process, Robiwa team will be addressed immediately for customers. In particular, you will still get a quick response whether you go to the store or call the staff.

when you buy, you will be thoroughly guided and consulted about the product
You will be guided and consulted carefully about the product

Return and warranty policies

When consumers use the store's products, Rowabi always makes sure they get the most excellent experience. Therefore, Robiwa is willing to assist you in returning the purchased item within a 30-day free return if it has a problem while being used.

we support return of purchased items
Robiwa is willing to assist you in returning the purchased item

Environmentally friendly furniture

The whole product of Rowabi is made up of rattan. It is a form of climbing or trailing palm which is usually seen in tropical rainforests of Australia. This material is harmless for both human and environmental health. As a result, you can use the product to make your place sparkle while maintaining environmental and health safety.

our products are made of rattan which is friendly to the environment and users
The whole product of Rowabi is made up of rattan

Rowabi is a reputable brand specializing in providing pendant lights for dining room. The products are eco-friendly and completely handmade. Especially, Rowabi has many different items with affordable prices for customers to choose. Hence, you can update your house and make it more outstanding.

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