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Article: 20 Coastal Chandeliers Ideas, Trends for Your Beach Home

20 Coastal Chandeliers Ideas, Trends for Your Beach Home

Written by Henry Phan Update

With summer upon us, thoughts often turn to transforming a beach home into a coastal oasis—creating a space that soothes the soul and enhances everyday living.

In this article, Rowabi lighting will delve into 20 coastal chandelier ideas and trends that will take your beach home decor to new heights. By following our guidelines, you're sure to discover the perfect fixture to illuminate your enchanted retreat, ensuring a serene and joyful ambiance.

Overview of coastal chandeliers

Before delving into specific trends, Rowabi will take you on a tour of common knowledge about the characteristics of coastal chandeliers and the typical materials used to create them.

What is coastal chandelier style?

Coastal chandeliers are increasingly popular alongside the rising trend of coastal interior design. These fixtures are crafted from various materials, shapes, and functionalities but share a common trait: they impart a relaxed, beach-inspired vibe to spaces.

one light fixture can create a more relaxing and romantic atmosphere
With just one light fixture, the space becomes much more relaxing and romantic. Source: Tuvalu Home [1]

This beach-inspired aesthetic embodies lightweight materials, graceful decorations like ocean waves, natural sandy browns, or gentle blues reminiscent of the sea and sky, evoking a sense of lightness rather than heaviness. They also foster a feeling of closeness, friendliness, and harmony with nature and the ocean.

How to use coastal lighting?

The essence of using coastal lighting pendant designs is to bring the essence of the sea into the home. After a long day at work, who wouldn't want to make their home feel relaxed and comfortable? Therefore, coastal pendant light fixtures can be used throughout the house. Specifically:

  • In the living room, hang a coastal chandelier that stands out, with an eye-catching look like driftwood or seashells assembled into a large piece or featuring a weathered finish. It can be centrally placed to spread the lighting evenly.
  • Over dining areas: Opting for coastal pendant lights above the dining table is a great choice, using designs made from natural materials like rattan or bamboo.
  • In bedrooms, place a coastal chandelier as the centerpiece, selecting ones with gentle and light designs, such as gentle curves and light finishes.
  • Outdoor spaces: Outdoor settings are highly suitable as coastal chandeliers are crafted from natural materials, ensuring a cohesive look. Remember to choose weather-resistant fixtures or provide adequate covering to prevent damage.

Materials commonly used in coastal-style chandeliers

Coastal-style chandeliers commonly utilize natural and beach-inspired materials that capture the relaxed coastal lifestyle. Here are some typical materials used:

  • Rattan or Wicker: Chandeliers crafted from rattan or wicker exude a casual, tropical charm, adding warmth and texture to a space. Rattan has surged in popularity due to its natural, welcoming appeal and effortless beauty. It lends itself well to creating unique and refreshing designs that capture the relaxing essence of coastal interior decor.
  • Driftwood: Driftwood chandeliers are popular in coastal design, showcasing the beauty of weathered wood found along the shore. They bring a rustic yet elegant touch, ideal for those drawn to raw, simple aesthetics over delicate refinement.
  • Seashells: Seashells epitomize the beach vibe, and using them in chandeliers—whether mimicking their shapes or incorporating them as shades—evokes the spirit of coastal living. They emit a soft, iridescent glow reminiscent of the seaside.
  • Glass: Coastal chandeliers often feature glass elements like frosted or seeded glass, which beautifully reflect light and contribute to the airy feel of coastal interiors.
  • Nautical Elements: Some coastal chandeliers incorporate nautical motifs such as ropes, anchors, or boat-inspired shapes, further enhancing the seaside theme and adding personality to the fixture. These elements enrich the overall coastal ambiance of a space.

rattan is a common material for crafting coastal chandeliers
Rattan is one of the most common materials used to create coastal chandeliers. Source: Depidiomas [2]

What are the hottest coastal lighting pendant trends for 2024 that can impress the interior design world? Let's explore together with Rowabi to find out.

Driftwood chandelier

The Driftwood Chandelier is a quintessential symbol of coastal lighting. Essentially, you can find various types of driftwood used, from tree roots with lights pointing upwards to branches with lights hanging downward like leaves falling from a tree.

the driftwood chandelier embodies wild raw beauty
The Driftwood Chandelier embodies a wild and raw beauty. Source: Etsy [3]

They exude raw, distinctive energy because no two pieces of driftwood are exactly alike, unlike mass-produced items, making them suitable for those who appreciate simplicity, natural authenticity, and a connection to nature.

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Seagrass rope chandelier

As the name suggests, these lights are crafted from seagrass twisted into rope-like forms. They are typically designed as pendant lights, using seagrass to weave into circular, oval, or drum shapes, depending on the creativity of the brand.

seagrass ropes are easily shaped for unique chandelier designs
Seagrass ropes are easy to shape, resulting in unique shapes. Source: Kathy Kou Home [4]

These fixtures offer both common shapes like driftwood and a rustic, raw aesthetic due to the nature of the seagrass ropes being twisted, which often leaves charming loose ends.

You can buy a decoration made from Seagrass material here.

Coral-inspired chandelier

In essence, the shape is quite reminiscent of driftwood, as it mimics the branching structure of coral with arms extending outward. The key difference lies in the coral-inspired branches being thick, uniform, and often featuring various colors.

coral inspired chandeliers boast organic irregular shapes
Chandeliers inspired by coral have irregular shapes, not conforming to any specific pattern. Source: Completely Coastal [5]

Typically crafted from different materials like wood or glass, this type of fixture is designed to hang overhead with approximately 6–8 bulbs, providing significant width and excellent coverage.

Nautical lantern chandelier

When thinking of the open sea, one often imagines boats heading out for fishing expeditions. This association is reflected in the design of this type of light fixture.

It recalls simple lanterns made from metal with glass panels, making it ideal for styles that blend industrial with coastal vibe. Typically smaller in size, these lights are best suited for compact spaces.

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Shell-encrusted chandelier

Another variant of these lights is made from seashells. These fixtures come in a predefined form, adorned with broken seashells or small pieces, along with meticulously attached pearls to create a one-of-a-kind, artisanal light.

shell encrusted chandeliers are exquisite in detail
These Shell-Encrusted Chandelier are most beautiful in their intricate details. Source: 1stDibs [6]

This type of light is intricately crafted and unique, showcasing the homeowner's distinctive taste.

Rattan wicker chandelier

Rattan is no stranger as one of the common materials used for coastal chandeliers specifically, and coastal furniture in general.

the kloe rattan pendant light is an ideal coastal chandelier
This Kloe Rattan Pendant Light exemplifies a suitable coastal chandelier design for any space. Source: Rowabi

It combines all the best qualities into one material—beautiful, environmentally friendly, durable, lightweight, and easy to move. Being a natural product, rattan chandeliers blends into any coastal living space.

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Crystal seashell chandelier

The crystals refract light in a myriad of colors, reminiscent of sunlight dancing on the ocean's surface, while the seashells add a touch of whimsy and texture. The contrast between the smooth, pearlescent shells and the faceted sparkle of the crystals lends a sense of depth and luxury to the fixture.

capiz shell light fixtures dazzle day and night with enchanting beauty
Made from capiz shells, this light fixture dazzles with enchanting beauty both day and night. Source: Amazon [7]

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Beach glass pendant chandelier

Each piece of glass used in this chandelier has been weathered by the ocean waves, resulting in smooth, frosted surfaces that reflect the captivating hues of the sea.

blue glass ombre lights enhance the home s beauty
The blue glass ombre lights elevate the home's beauty. Source: Pinterest [8]

From soft aquamarine to deep cobalt blue and shimmering seafoam green, these glass pieces evoke a sense of tranquility and natural beauty.

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Whitewashed wood chandelier

Crafted from light-toned, weathered wood, this fixture evokes the essence of coastal living. The subtle whitewash enhances the wood's texture, showcasing its grain and knots. Moreover, Its soft, worn finish carries the character of sun-kissed driftwood, reminiscent of seaside escapes and ocean breezes.

whitewashed wood chandeliers can be customized with painting bleaching or scraping
A Whitewashed Wood Chandelier can be painted, sun-bleached, or scraped. Source: Ozark Cabin Décor [9]

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Starfish and seashell chandelier

Alongside seaweed, various fish, and vibrant coral reefs, we also encounter starfish, which are charming icons of the sea.

With these chandeliers, you can incorporate strings adorned with starfish and seashells throughout, whether sourced from the ocean or crafted. Combining colors thoughtfully enhances their beauty.

Coastal cage chandelier

Drawing inspiration from maritime lanterns, this chandelier features a cage-like design. The frame of the chandelier is structured like a lantern, typically crafted from metal with an open, airy design reminiscent of nautical fixtures found aboard ships.

cage chandeliers can take unique shapes like crescents or half moons
A cage chandelier doesn't have to be a strict square or rectangular shape; it can also take on a crescent or half-moon shape like this one. Source: Bed Bath & Beyond [10]

Weathered metal chandelier

The weathered metal finish, with its patina and aged appearance, beautifully captures the essence of coastal elements weathered by sea air over time.

This chandelier's design often features distressed textures, antique-inspired shapes, and maritime motifs like anchors or shells, adding depth and character.

Due to these distinctive qualities, it complements traditional coastal decor rather than contemporary one.

a weathered metal chandelier evokes nostalgia and character
A Weathered Metal Chandelier evokes a sense of age and nostalgia. Source: Bed Bath & Beyond [11]

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Coastal rope orb chandelier

This unique chandelier features a spherical frame wrapped in nautical rope, reminiscent of a ship's porthole or a fishing net float, evoking maritime imagery and coastal nostalgia.

rope wrapping creates a fresh and distinctive look for chandeliers
Rope wrapped around chandeliers creates a neat and clean look. Source: Bailey Street Home [12]

The intricate wrapping of the frame with natural or weathered rope, woven in different directions, adds depth and texture to the design.

Blue glass buoy chandelier

Typically crafted from repurposed glass buoys in varying shades of blue, these chandeliers evoke the sensation of ocean waves gently lapping against white sandy shores.

rope wrapped chandeliers offer a clean and organized appearance
Wrapping rope around adds a fresh and unique feel to the chandelier. Source: Completely Coastal [13]

The assortment of blue hues captures the dynamic colors of the sea. Some designs feature additional textures resembling rippling waves or vertical stripes, adding depth and visual interest.

Tropical leaf chandelier

This chandelier showcases lush palm leaves or vibrant tropical foliage meticulously arranged to evoke the lively essence of tropical landscapes.

the leaf chandelier adds a touch of forest green to coastal settings
A Leaf Chandelier brings a touch of forest green into the coastal ambiance. Source: Laura Kirar [14]

Each leaf is crafted with precision to faithfully replicate the natural shape and character of real foliage, enhancing the authenticity of this tropical-inspired centerpiece. The intricate detailing and natural coloring of the leaves infuse the space with a warm, welcoming ambiance.

Ombre seaglass chandelier

This exquisite chandelier is a work of art that features a mesmerizing array of sea glass, arranged in a breathtaking ombre effect that seamlessly transitions from soft, light tones to deep, rich hues.

Each piece of sea glass is thoughtfully selected and meticulously arranged to capture the essence of the tranquil ocean colors.

Coastal rope and pulley chandelier

Drawing inspiration from traditional maritime pulley systems used aboard ships, this chandelier is crafted with ropes and pulleys and features adjustable elements that evoke maritime design's practical and rugged elegance.

It enhances the coastal ambiance of beach homes, offering a delightful blend of historical charm and modern coastal style.

Vintage fishing net chandelier

By repurposing fishing nets and floats from the open sea along with brass elements and light bulbs, unique and authentically coastal-looking lights can be created. These fixtures not only showcase reuse but also offer distinctiveness. However, they are best suited for outdoor settings like gardens.

craft a unique light fixture using a fishing net
You can create a unique light fixture for yourself using a fishing net. Source: Pinterest [15]

Maritime brass lantern chandelier

Similar to the nautical lantern, maritime lanterns also pay tribute to the lights found on ships venturing into the open sea. What sets these fixtures apart is their vintage charm, marked by intentional signs of aging such as weathered brass and purposeful scratches.

a sparkling bronze light is perfect for porches or entryways
A sparkling bronze light is perfect for a porch or entryway. Source: Shiplights [16]

Unlike the nautical lanterns where the glass portion is longer than the base holding the rope, maritime lanterns feature a smaller glass body and a more intricate, detailed brass top.

Coastal drum shade chandelier

Drum shades are a common choice for coastal-style lighting. These drum shades can be crafted from natural materials like wicker, rattan, and bamboo for a safe and authentic look.

the drum shade chandelier offers classic elegance with a modern twist
The Drum Shade Chandelier is classic yet maintains a strong aesthetic appeal. Source: Homany [17]

They can also incorporate glass, either frosted or colored, as well as fabrics to introduce unique colors and textures.

Drum shades can feature single or double layers, with options to be closed at the bottom or adorned with beautiful dangling charms.

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Designing a room with a coastal chandelier

After selecting a design, we need to ensure it meets the following conditions related to lighting, space, location, size, and compatibility with existing furniture before agreeing to choose that particular light fixture.

Choosing suitable locations and sizes for coastal chandeliers

Choosing the right location and size for coastal chandeliers is just as crucial as selecting the design itself. As mentioned earlier, deciding where to place the chandelier and adhering to general guidelines, such as positioning it with a clearance of 30 to 36 inches above the surface where it is installed, is essential for achieving the desired effect.

It's also important to consider the functionality of each coastal chandelier and match it to the appropriate room. For example, grand, ornate chandeliers are suitable for spaces like living rooms or dining rooms, where they can make a statement and contribute to overall lighting. However, smaller and less elaborate chandeliers are more suitable for areas like porches, entryways, or bathrooms, where a simpler design complements the space without overwhelming it.

The right size guide will help you find the most ideal chandeliers for your beach home.

Considerations on lighting and space

When considering lighting and space in relation to coastal chandeliers, it's important to recognize that chandeliers often serve as primary sources of light or contribute significantly to ambient lighting due to their size and nature.

Nowadays, there are three main options for lighting color to choose from: warm yellow, cool white, and adjustable multicolor options. The choice of color depends on the desired vibe you want to bring to your home. For a relaxed and soothing atmosphere, warm yellow light is often the most suitable choice.

ensure sufficient natural and artificial lighting in the room
Ensure that the room provides sufficient natural light and light from the fixture itself. Source: Amazon [18]

Another important consideration is the amount of natural light present in the room. If the room already receives ample natural light, it's advisable to select a chandelier that complements and enhances daylight rather than competes with it.

Given the coastal style's inclination towards nature, the sea, and lush greenery, maximizing the use of natural lighting is not only practical but also aligns perfectly with the essence of coastal design.

Coordination with other decor and furniture in the room

This is another crucial factor to consider when designing with coastal chandeliers. You cannot simply choose a light fixture that clashes in tone or disrupts the overall cohesion of the space.

It's important to establish a basic color palette beforehand and ensure consistency throughout, both with the furniture in general and the lighting fixtures in particular. Additionally, matching materials and textures such as driftwood accents or rattan furniture can further enhance the coastal theme.

Another valuable tip is to pay attention to details. For example, if your chandelier features starfish motifs, consider incorporating starfish-themed decor items to enhance the overall cohesion and aesthetic of the space. This attention to detail adds depth and personality to the room, creating a cohesive and visually appealing coastal-inspired environment.


By weaving one of these 20 coastal chandelier ideas and trends into your decor, watch as your beach home metamorphoses into a captivating coastal retreat, embracing the tranquil essence of seaside living.

Share with your friends and get ready to elevate your space just in time for the upcoming summer season.

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