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The Perfect Size Guide For Your Pendant Lights

Lighting is much more than mere illumination; it's a storyteller, shaping mood, defining space, and casting an enchanting spell on your home. At Rowabi, we understand the transformative power of light, and we craft each hand-woven rattan pendant to be an embodiment of elegance, sophistication, and luxurious simplicity. Our pendant lights aren't just functional fixtures, they're the heart of your home – their warm glow bringing rooms to life, highlighting their best features, and setting a captivating stage for your life's memorable moments. In the journey of selecting the perfect pendant light for your rooms, let's explore how size plays a vital role in different spaces, from the welcoming hallway to the serene bedroom.


First impressions count, and the right pendant light can transform your hallway into a sophisticated and inviting space. Choose a pendant size that harmoniously complements your hallway, striking a balance between elegance and functionality. Whether small or large, a Rowabi pendant light can infuse luxury into your entrance, making a lasting impression on guests.

Kitchen island

Enhance your kitchen island's charm with the perfect pendant light. Illuminate your culinary workspace while adding a touch of refinement. Smaller pendants in multiples can be used for larger islands, enveloping your kitchen in a warm, comforting glow. Our pendant lights seamlessly blend into your kitchen design, elevating everyday cooking into a delightful experience.


Dining table

Elevate your dining room's allure with the perfectly sized Rowabi pendant light. For an oval table, our advice is to select a pendant that measures approximately half to three-quarters the width of your table. Suspended elegantly 30 inches from the tabletop, it will bathe your meals in a luxuriously inviting glow.

When it comes to gracing a long rectangular table, consider the impact of two pendant lights. Spaced evenly along the table's length, they create a beautifully balanced, well-lit spectacle that will effortlessly impress your guests.



Indulge in the tranquility of your bedroom with a carefully chosen pendant light. Size it to complement your room and furniture, creating an elegant retreat that's uniquely you. Even a smaller pendant from Rowabi can bring a touch of opulence to your bedroom, bathing it in a gentle, soothing glow that welcomes rest and relaxation.