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Article: 20+ Best Bathroom Pendant Lighting Ideas, Trends in 2024

20+ Best Bathroom Pendant Lighting Ideas, Trends in 2024

Written by Henry Phan Update

Bathroom pendant lights have become a buzzing topic in the world of interior design, with opinions split on whether they are worth investing in. What do people really think?

First, let Rowabi guide you through over 20 trending bathroom pendant light ideas that have been making waves online recently. Let's see if these ideas genuinely have the power to transform your bathroom and overall home aesthetic.

20+ Bathroom pendant lighting ideas to transform your bathroom

Glow and shadow

Lighting and shadowing go hand in hand, and when utilized and adjusted skillfully, they can create stunning scenery.

For example, using glass bulbs from chandeliers to illuminate a space causes light to bounce throughout the room, casting unique, unpredictable shadows. Therefore, every time you step into the bathroom, you encounter a different scene.

Monochromatic magic

Monochromatic combinations are always a classic choice. Typically, people opt for the black-and-white combination as it easily complements various furniture styles. However, you can also choose to pair either of these with other colors for a fresh and unique look.

gold and white pendant lights are elegantly beautiful
The gold-white combination in pendant lights is elegant and beautiful. Source: DecorPad [1]

Different finishes like gold, bronze, or silver, can also be considered. It's important to align these choices with the style you are pursuing to find the right and most cohesive match.


In contemporary pendant lighting, fixtures are often designed with a single light source. Yet, alternative options include pendant lights with multiple branching arms, which effectively illuminate broader spaces. This style provides flexibility, easily adapting to the layout of your room.

Casual boho style

Bohemian design is renowned and easily applicable to indoor spaces, particularly bathrooms. It aligns well with the bathroom's essence of being light, airy, and youthful—ideal for relaxation and comfort.

Boho pendant lights typically embrace various shapes and materials, often favoring neutral tones, blues, yellows, and natural textures like wood, bamboo, or rattan.

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Cluster lights

Cluster lights are a great alternative if you prefer not to have a large chandelier. Typically, people opt for pendant lights that feature a cluster of bulbs, offering a spacious look and easy maintenance.

You can customize the size and number of bulbs according to your preference, with options for varying sizes to suit different spaces.

cluster lights provide a fresh and contemporary bathroom option
Cluster lights are a fresh, contemporary, and innovative choice for bathroom. Source: The Light Yard [2]

Three-way pendant

You might also consider a three-way pendant light for directional lighting in your bathroom. This type of fixture is commonly used to focus light on specific areas like the bath, sink, and shower, maximizing illumination where it's most needed.

Opting for a single pendant light with adjustable heads is a clever solution for bathroom renovations, eliminating the need for expensive spotlight installations. These lights can be adjusted independently, allowing customized lighting in different zones within the bathroom.

Crystal chandelier

A crystal chandelier is often seen as a symbol of luxury, elegance, and opulence. Having one in your bathroom can serve as a focal point, commanding attention and adding a radiant glow.

Crystal chandeliers are especially known for their ability to reflect beautiful images, particularly against the glossy tiled backdrop of a bathroom, creating a magical ambiance.

Candlestick sconces

Candlestick wall sconces, often adorned with ornate details and complementing custom-glazed cabinets, bring a French country aesthetic to bathroom design.

candlestick sconces evoke a romantic atmosphere
Candlestick sconces evoke a romantic and poetic atmosphere. Source: Amazon [3]

While they primarily serve as decorative fixtures due to their limited light output, they create a romantic and poetic ambiance perfect for a relaxed evening bath by candlelight.

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Vintage lanterns

Using lanterns, typically more associated with living rooms and dining areas, as a standout feature in a bathroom is indeed a brilliant idea. Opting for classic vintage styles of lanterns can enhance bathrooms styled in traditional, retro, or rustic themes.

Consider ornate iron designs complemented by curved ceiling architecture and intricate craftsmanship for a truly unique bathroom aesthetic.

Colored shades

Colored shades are a highly practical and budget-friendly choice if you want to save money for this lighting upgrade. They are typically crafted from high-quality glass or durable plastic in various vibrant colors.

When using lamps in a bathroom setting, opt for standout colors to maximize illumination while adding decorative flair. Just ensure that the shades you choose are capable of withstanding humidity and dampness effectively.

pastel shaded lights are great for younger generations
Lights with cute pastel shades are suitable for young generations. Source: Modern Rugs & Decor [4]

Consider task lighting

While ambient lighting from flush mounts, recessed lights, or pendant lights is essential, incorporating task lighting can provide added emphasis and practicality, particularly for activities like makeup application and getting ready.

Consider using sconces mounted at eye level on each side of the mirror at the sink, or opt for track lighting beneath the vanity to create a dazzling and enchanting illumination effect.

Natural beauty

Natural materials such as rope, jute, and rattan are commonly used in pendant lights for boho, coastal, and farmhouse styles. Rattan lights, in particular, are favored for their simplicity, gentle texture, and natural appearance, making them well-suited for creating a cozy and organic ambiance in bathrooms.

The understated, lightweight, and serene aesthetic of rattan pendant lights also appeals to various design preferences beyond boho and coastal themes.

the radiant rattan pendant light suits bathrooms beautifully
The Radiant Rattan Pendant Light looks beautifully suited for placement in a bathroom. Source: Rowabi


Classic lighting style

Earlier, we presented options that are a bit more unique, with more colors and patterns. However, if you prefer a simple and gentle look, go for a lovely white bathroom.

You can use ceiling-mount fixtures to provide ambient light, complemented by natural daylight during the day, and add a few sconces around the mirror for additional illumination.

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Layer light

In a spacious bathroom, incorporating multiple light sources is essential to achieve layered lighting. Sconces placed beside the mirrors provide task lighting for daily activities.

Overhead lights contribute to ambient illumination, while windows bring in natural light to enhance the overall brightness and atmosphere of the space.

Modern farmhouse

In modern farmhouse bathrooms, the focus is on simplicity and monochromatic tones, often incorporating elements like wood, concrete, and textured tiles. Black crystal pendant lights can serve as a striking accent in this style.

The versatility of black allows you to select traditional, vintage, or contemporary black pendant lights that align with your farmhouse aesthetic.

black lights are popular in modern farmhouse bathrooms
In most modern farmhouse bathrooms, you'll often find black lights prominently used. Source: 1111 Light Lane [5]


Spotlights can be strategically placed above a sleek white bathtub/shower combination to create a space that is cool, yet simple, refined, and eye-catching. These light fixtures beautifully complement the edgy and modern design elements of the space, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Table lamp

While it's uncommon to find a table lamp in a bathroom, imagine the soft glow of a muted golden light illuminating the space while you relax in the tub.

Using a table lamp in this way can create a relaxing ambiance and serve as a unique focal point, especially when adorned with colorful, print-mixing, or any preferred pattern.

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Non-traditional sconces

Think outside the box when it comes to lighting placement—don't feel restricted to mounting sconces directly above the sink.

Get creative by placing them on adjacent walls in smaller spaces to achieve ample light and style without disrupting the overall balance or positioning them too close to a window.

Over-tub light

Consider placing a light directly over the center of the bathtub in bathrooms with a tub to enhance your bathing experience. This can be a perfect choice if you enjoy relaxation and unwinding after a long day.

You can opt for various styles, from lantern lights to pendant lights or clusters, as long as you focus on its positioning for optimal effect.

above bathtub lighting enhances relaxation and chill vibes
The light above the bathtub enhances the relaxation and chill vibe. Source: DecorPad [6]


Skylights have become a recent trend among younger generations, utilizing windows in the ceiling directly above the bathing area to enjoy beautiful sky views.

At night, this allows you to stargaze, while during the day, it welcomes lovely natural light. Some people even mimic skylights by applying glass panels to walls, creating a similar aesthetic effect.

Natural light

You can't always control the amount of natural light you receive, but when you have it, make the most of it. There are many ways to utilize windows, but if you're on an upper floor and enjoy scenic views, consider positioning the bathtub next to large bay windows.

This setup provides the most flattering and peaceful light for bathing. Simply add curtains or blinds for privacy when needed.

What is the IP rating for bathroom lights?

Understanding the IP (Ingress Protection) rating for bathroom lights is crucial for ensuring safety and durability in environments where exposure to water and moisture is common. The IP rating indicates the level of protection a light fixture offers against the ingress of water and solid objects.

For bathroom lighting trends, particularly in areas prone to water splashes or high humidity, it's important to select fixtures with an appropriate IP rating. Below is a table categorizing zones and corresponding IP ratings for different areas in a bathroom:

Zone Area IP Rating
Zone 0 Inside shower base/bath/vanity basin IPX7
Zone 1 Area over bath vertical projection to 2.5m Area over shower base vertical projection to 2.5m 1200mm radius from shower rose IPX4/IP44/IP65
Zone 2 600mm radius from rim of bath 600mm radius from shower zone 1 600mm radius outside vanity basin and 400mm vertical projection IPX4/IP44/IP65
Zone 3 2.4m outside zone 2 No IP rating required


To be clear, here are the explanation of each of the IP Rating we have mentioned above:

  • IP44: Dust-proof and splash-proof.
  • IP65: Dust-tight and protected against water jets.
  • IPX7: Protected against immersion in water up to 1 meter.
  • IPX4: Protected against splashing water from any direction.

Faqs: Best Bathroom Pendant Lighting Ideas

Are pendant lights good for bathrooms?

  • Pendant lights can work well in bathrooms, adding style and task lighting when properly installed in suitable locations away from water sources.

Where should pendant lights be placed in a bathroom?

  • Pendant lights are best placed above vanities or tubs, ensuring they are positioned safely away from water sources and at a suitable height for functionality and aesthetics.

What lighting is best for bathrooms?

  • You can choose ceiling fixtures, vanity lights, and sconces to provide adequate illumination for various tasks.

Can you install/put a pendant light in a bathroom?

  • Yes, you can install pendant lights in a bathroom, but ensure they have an appropriate IP rating and are placed away from direct water exposure to ensure safety.

How big should bathroom pendants be?

  • The size of bathroom pendants depends on the space and design.

How low should bathroom pendant lights hang?

  • Bathroom pendant lights should typically hang around 24-30 inches above the countertop or vanity surface to avoid glare and provide adequate task lighting.

How do you layout bathroom lights?

  • Plan a balanced lighting layout with overhead fixtures for general illumination, task lighting for specific areas like mirrors, and accent lighting to enhance the overall ambiance.

Should bathroom lights be warm or white?

  • Bathroom lights should ideally have a color temperature of around 2700K to 3000K (warm white) for a cozy and inviting atmosphere while still providing good visibility.

Do you need special lights for a bathroom?

  • Yes, bathroom lights should be rated for damp or wet locations to withstand the moisture and humidity commonly found in bathrooms.

Will LED lights stick in the bathroom?

  • Yes, LED lights are suitable for bathrooms due to their energy efficiency, durability, and ability to handle moisture and humidity effectively.

Where should bathroom vanity lights be placed?

  • Bathroom vanity lights should be mounted on either side of the mirror at eye level to minimize shadows and provide even illumination for grooming tasks.


So, have you decided whether pendant lights and bathroom lighting are worth investing in? With this list, Rowabi has shown you all the trends, important considerations about materials, quality, appearance, and necessary specifications for lights to function efficiently and effectively.

I wish you all the best in creating a sanctuary for yourself and your family to relax and enjoy.

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