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Outdoor Rattan Pendant Light

In recent years, the tendency tohas become use rattan items is more and more popular in decorating home spaces. With their natural and charming beauty, outdoor rattan pendant lights offer a gorgeous and relaxing vibe for outdoor spaces.


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Ethereal Rattan Pendant Light
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In this post, Rowabi will provide you with detailed information about outdoor rattan pendant lights and some tips that help you select the right one for your home.

Why do people choose Outdoor rattan pendant lights for decorating?

Outdoor rattan pendant lights have gradually become the favorite decor items of a variety of homeowners and interior designers. Let’s read several benefits to know why these lights have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Natural Aesthetics

Outdoor rattan pendant shapes, made from woven palm stems, provide a visually appealing and organic look to your space. Furthermore, they embrace various natural color tones, ranging from earthy tones, and jewel tones to pops of bright hues, making them match all interior designs. Their natural appeal brings a sense of tranquility and sophistication to all open-door areas.

outdoor rattan pendant light
Outdoor rattan pendant lights add natural beauty to outdoor spaces

Bohemian and Relaxed Vibe

Rattan pendant lights add a touch of unconventional charm to your open spaces with a Bohemian vibe. The combination of vintage furniture and alluring lighting brings you a relaxing outdoor space after a long day of working hard.

Soft and Warm Lighting

Rattan, an eco-friendly and sustainable material, has become one of the popular items for home decor in recent years. The rattan pendant shades add an organic charm and warmth to your living space thanks to its soft lighting. The hand-woven rattan lighting fixtures will be a great statement for hallway or outdoor dining areas.

provide warm and soft lighting
The rattan pendant shades provide warm and soft lighting


Rattan is known as a highly durable material that can withstand everyday use, ensuring your furniture lasts for years. Due to lots of great benefits, this material is commonly used to create lights for open spaces. However, the downside of natural rattan is that it is susceptible to damage from moisture and sunlight. Therefore, to protect your outdoor rattan pendants, it is crucial to keep them out of direct sunlight and to avoid exposing them to moisture.

Eco-Friendly Choice

The outdoor rattan pendant lights are made from natural and organic materials. From rattan and wicker to bamboo, the use of these materials brings a sense of earthiness and sustainability to the space. In addition, rattan is also an environmentally friendly and renewable resource. For these reasons, the pendant light is an eco-friendly decor option for your house.

made from organic materials<
Outdoor rattan pendant lights are made from organic materials

Enhancing Outdoor Dining Areas

With the alluring and natural beauty, rattan outdoor pendants bring a sense of nature to your open areas, creating a soothing and inviting ambiance. The warm and soft lighting will create a cozy dining area, which enhances the relationship between your family members.

#5 impressive designs of Outdoor rattan pendant light

Rattan is growing in popularity in interior design which makes a strong impression on guests in your house. Below are the top 5 impressive designs of outdoor rattan pendant lights you can consider before making a purchase.

Coastal Boho Rattan Pendant Light

Coastal Boho Rattan Pendant Light brings freedom, un-breaking and exotic style to your outdoor space. It ranges in various colors, from neutral to colorful ones that effortlessly blend with various interior design styles. The outdoor rattan pendant brings you calm and peaceful vibes after a hectic and stressful day of work and makes you feel like summer year-round inside your home.

coastal boho brings a peaceful vibe
Coastal Boho Rattan Pendant Light brings a peaceful vibe to your house

Modern Geometric Rattan Pendant Light

Modern Geometric Rattan Pendant Light will be a great statement due to its unique geometric shape. With a modern-bohemian design, this outdoor rattan pendant light sends bright beams through your space, creating a dramatic vibe. This light will be a versatile and stylish choice that can effortlessly match a variety of interior design styles.

modern geometric Pendant Light with unique geometric shapes
Modern Geometric Rattan Pendant Light with unique geometric shapes

Globe-shaped Rattan Pendant Light

Globe-shaped Rattan Pendant Light has a simple and rustic shape with a design focused on the natural beauty of the materials. It is perfect for those who love minimalism and natural charming beauty. With its unique design, the light is the ideal way to enhance your interior decor and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

globe-shaped rattan string lights have a simple design
Globe-shaped Rattan Pendant Light with a simple design

Bohemian Lantern Rattan Pendant Light

Bohemian Lantern Rattan Pendant Light adds unconventional beauty to your open spaces. The beauty of the rattan structure and elegant design will brighten up any outdoor room in your house. Its natural color gives a soft, natural accent, creating a cosy-style living space.

It is a great strategy to add several natural baskets, a macramé wall hanging, and natural fiber rugs to your outdoor spaces. The combination of rattan outdoor pendant lights and these decor items will give you a dramatic-calm-exotic ambiance.

bohemian pendant lights with an unconventional style
Bohemian Lantern Rattan Pendant Light with an unconventional style

Nature-Inspired Leaf Rattan Pendant Light

Nature-Inspired Leaf Rattan Pendant Light brings an organic and charming vibe to your outdoors. Inspired by natural elements, this style is more into natural light, soft tones, and clean aesthetic ambiance. The natural-oriented outdoor rattan pendant lights will be a special statement that makes a strong impression on any guests.

nature-Insiired leaf rattan pendant light with an attractive design
Nature-Inspired Leaf Rattan Pendant Light with an attractive design

Tips for choosing the best Outdoor rattan pendant light

It is important to choose the right outdoor rattan pendant light that matches your space. However, the large number of styles and prices pose a difficulty for anyone who makes the first purchase. Here are some useful tips that help you choose the best one.

Consider the Size and Scale

The scale of your space is a crucial factor before selecting the right rattan pendant lights for your outdoors.  Measure your space carefully to determine the appropriate size of light that matches well with your room.

consider size and proportions before choosing
Size and scale are important considerations before choosing pendant lights

Height and Placement

Outdoor hand-woven rattan lighting fixtures can be easily incorporated into various areas. Therefore, think about the position you want to hang the light as a statement. In addition, the height of the light is a vital factor that helps you select the right one.

Style and Design

Outdoor rattan pendant shades range in numerous designs and styles, including traditional, contemporary, and eclectic. Think about the style you want and choose items that harmonize with your existing decor.

there are many styles and designs
Outdoor rattan pendant shades range in styles and designs

Number of Pendants

You can use a large outdoor pendant light for spacious spaces. However, hanging some of the small ones at different heights is also a great highlight for your spaces.


The prices of the pendant lights are various. Therefore, set a budget and select rattan furniture options within your price range. It is important to remember that quality is an essential factor for a long-lasting period.

cost is very important to choose the right pendant light
Budget is important to select the right pendant lights

Types of Outdoor rattan pendant lights at Rowabi

Outdoor rattan pendant lights will be an optimized option for creating a charming and natural relaxing space. Before learning some strategies to select the best one, let’s dive into 5 types of outdoor rattan pendants at Rowabi.

Whispering Seagrass Pendant Light

The Whispering Seagrass Pendant Light adds a touch of earthy texture to your outdoor decor. With the dome-shaped basket-inspired shade, this light is a stylish option to make your outdoor space special. The unique design will bring your porches and covered patios a bohemian, farmhouse, or rustic vibe.

whispering seagrass is perfect for patios
Whispering Seagrass Pendant Light is perfect for patios

Dreamy Palm Fibers Pendant Light

The Dreamy Palm Fibers Pendant Light adds visual warmth and rustic elements to any open space. This light source is absolutely gorgeous, giving your dining area a soothing and inviting ambiance. Featuring a natural, light color and handmade detail at each coil, the outdoor rattan pendants effortlessly blends with various interior design styles.

dreamy palm fibers pendant lights add warmth to outdoor spaces
Dreamy Palm Fibers Pendant Light adds warmth to your outdoors

Belle Rattan Pendant Light

Belle Rattan Pendant Light brings charming and rustic beauty to any outdoors thanks to its unique design. Its natural color is suitable for every decor item. Made from high-quality rattan and handwoven by skilled artisans, this light will be an excellent option to enhance the ambiance of your room.

belle rattan hanging lights are outdoor decoration is a great idea
Belle Rattan Pendant Light is an ideal outdoor decor

Leela Seagrass Pendant Light

Crafted with rustic charm and an organic feel, the Leela Seagrass Pendant Light is a great highlight for any open space. The sophisticated design makes it become a true masterpiece of traditional hand-weaving techniques and naturally processed seagrass. This hand-woven  wicker outdoor pendant brings a sense of nature, creating a soothing and cozy vibe for the outdoors.

leela is a seagrass pendant light that offers rustic charm and an organic feel
Leela Seagrass Pendant Light offers rustic charm and an organic feel

Mellow Bamboo Pendant Light

If you are looking for a forest vibe for your outdoor room, the Mellow Bamboo Pendant Light is an ideal option. Made from natural bamboo, this light brings a full of character and rustic texture to your patio and hallway.

The material makes your space feel fresher, spacious, and breezy. Its striking and earthy shade creates a relaxing area for yourself and your family members. This light is perfect for hanging above a dining table, solo in a living area, or anywhere you want a relaxed touch.

brings a forest vibe to your outdoor room
Mellow Bamboo Pendant Light brings a forest vibe to your outdoor room

Why should you buy Outdoor rattan pendant lights at Rowabi?

Due to their stunning and organic beauty, outdoor rattan pendant lights are popular home decor pieces that you can find in any store. As a reputable destination, Rowabi provides customers with an array of products with high quality. Below are some of the benefits we offer to buyers.

Competitive price in the market

We offer a variety of high-quality outdoor rattan pendants at affordable prices. In addition, we often have promotions and discount programs for customers on special occasions. You will get 25% off of your first order if you sign up for our VIP list. Hence, you can get special deals at competitive prices.

offers at competitive prices
Rowabi offers pendant lights at competitive prices

Step-by-step installation instructions

We provide customers with step-by-step installation instructions for those who are concerned about how to hang the light. With our detailed instruction images and essential tools, you can easily create an alluring and relaxing outdoor space.

3-Day Shipping In U.S

3-Day Shipping is an ideal policy for those who are living in the U.S. You will get your outdoor rattan pendants within 3 working days after we receive your payment. In addition, we also offer free shipping for those who spend more than $75.

customers quickly get orders after 3 day
Customers can quickly get orders with 3-Day Shipping

30-Day Free Return policy

If you are unsatisfied with your orders, you have the right to notify us within 14 days and send them back to us. The returned policy is valid when your returned items must be undamaged and in original packaging. The refund expenses will be processed within  7 days of receiving the returned goods.

Outdoor rattan pendant lights give homeowners an opportunity to elevate their living spaces with natural charm and unique design. The incorporation of the Rowabi stunning pendant lights into your outdoor space will bring you a relaxing and cozy environment that reflects your unique style and appreciation for natural materials.

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