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rustic modern farmhouse kitchen

20+ Best Rustic Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas, Trends 2024

Rustic modern farmhouse kitchens are becoming a more popular interior style in every house. This style blends the traditional farmhouse style with modern, contemporary elements, which creates a com...

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interior design styles

Interior Design Styles: Guide to Top Decor Types in 2024

Interior design is an ever-evolving field, with new trends and styles emerging each year. As we look ahead to 2024, many homeowners and design enthusiasts are wondering what the future holds for in...

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modern kitchen light fixtures ideas trends

The 15+ Best Modern Kitchen Light Fixtures Ideas, Trends

The kitchen serves as the heart of the home, where family bonds are strengthened over meals and conversations. To fully immerse yourself in this inviting space, lighting plays a crucial role in cre...

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outdoor lighting ideas, trends

15+ Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas, Trends 2024 | Expert’s Insights

Outdoor illumination is an often overlooked yet essential element that breathes life into our cherished external environments. As a visual enhancement and security feature, exterior lighting lets u...

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modern outdoor light fixtures

15+ Best Contemporary & Modern Outdoor Light Fixtures Ideas

When it comes to outdoor spaces like entrances, patios, or porches, the focus often shifts to enhancing these areas with captivating decor and lighting to infuse life into the home and create a wel...

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coastal chandeliers ideas

20 Coastal Chandeliers Ideas, Trends for Your Beach Home

With summer upon us, thoughts often turn to transforming a beach home into a coastal oasis—creating a space that soothes the soul and enhances everyday living. In this article, Rowabi lighting will...

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foyer lighting ideas

25+ Foyer, Hallways, Entryway Lighting Ideas, Trends in 2024

Have you ever wondered if it's worth investing in quality pendant lights for your entryways? The answer, according to us, is a resounding YES. Your entryway is the first impression guests have of y...

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bathroom pendant lighting ideas

20+ Best Bathroom Pendant Lighting Ideas, Trends in 2024

Bathroom pendant lights have become a buzzing topic in the world of interior design, with opinions split on whether they are worth investing in. What do people really think? First, let Rowabi guide...

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how to choose the right hanging lights for foyer or entryways

How to Choose The Right Hanging Lights for Foyer or Entryways

Do you know what makes a lasting impression on guests when they visit a home? It's the entryway and foyer. This is often the first place guests step into, and it's not just about showcasing beautif...

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how to choose the right pendant lights for the bathroom

How to Choose The Right Pendant Lighting for Your Bathroom

"Why should we care about lighting in the bathroom?" someone might ask. And is a pendant light really a suitable choice, considering it's not typically seen as a compact option for a bathroom? Afte...

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how to choose the right hanging lights for bedrooms

How to Choose The Right Hanging Lights For Bedrooms

Choosing the right hanging lights for your bedroom is essential for creating the perfect ambiance and atmosphere conducive to relaxation after a long work day. However, navigating through various t...

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modern contemporary house design

Modern Contemporary Design Style Trends, Ideas for 2024

When it comes to interior styles, modern contemporary design is very popular. It is updated and reflects the times we live in and the way we live now. Modern and contemporary are considered synonym...

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Modern farmhouse dining room - Rowabi

15+ Best Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas and Decorating Tips 2024

A modern farmhouse dining room serves as a visual focal point that expresses the personality of homeowners. With its rustic and welcoming aesthetic, the decor style creates a warm and inviting atmo...

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DIY rattan furniture - Rowabi

DIY Rattan Furniture: How to Make It + 7 Best Ideas for 2024

DIY rattan furniture offers a delightful combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal for your home. Creating your own rattan pieces grants you the freedom to customize the materials, design, ...

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Modern farmhouse exterior - Rowabi

10 Best Modern Farmhouse Exterior Trends, Ideas 2024

In the modern farmhouse exterior, the focus is on incorporating subtle rustic touches rather than an abundance of vintage and decorative items. One way to achieve this is by selecting reclaimed woo...

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Rattan furniture indoor - Rowabi

Top Rattan Furniture Indoor: The Hottest Trend for Spring 2024

Rattan furniture indoor is an excellent option for furniture pieces that offer comfort, style, and durability. In this article, Rowabi lighting will offer you in-depth insights into this type of fu...

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Modern farmhouse dining tables - Rowabi

10+ BEST Modern Farmhouse Dining Tables Trends, Ideas 2024

Modern farmhouse dining tables are all the rage in furniture decoration. With their rustic and welcoming aesthetic and sturdy construction, they are truly the centerpiece of any dining room. Whethe...

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lighting stores houston tx

[Update 2024] TOP 10 BEST Lighting Stores Houston, TX

Houston, Texas, boasts a dynamic design scene and an abundance of home decor destinations. The city's lighting options are just as varied, appealing to a wide range of tastes and styles. In this up...

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wholesale lighting

Wholesale Lighting Fixtures, Pendant Light & Chandeliers For Your Store

Our interior designers and retail professionals, are you currently on the hunt for a diverse selection of lighting fixture stores offering a range of styles, competitive pricing, and excellent bene...

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light fixture stores near me

TOP 10 BEST Light Fixture Stores Near Me in Houston, Texas

Are you looking to upgrade your lighting in Houston, Texas, but unsure where to begin? Let me share a sneak peek—we're putting together a list of 10 must-visit stores for lighting options in Housto...

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lamp shades near me

TOP 10 BEST Lamp Shades Near Me in Houston, Texas

Looking to brighten up your home in Houston, Texas, with a new lamp shade? We've curated a list of the top 10 lampshade stores in the area just for you! Each of these stores offers a unique selecti...

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chandelier store near me

TOP 10 BEST Chandelier Store Near Me in Houston, Texas

Are you looking for the best Chandelier stores in Houston, Texas? You're in luck! In this guide, we'll explore the top 10 chandelier stores near you in Houston. No need to spend time searching or d...

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dining table lighting

How To Choose the Perfect Dining Table Light Fixture

The dining table is where families gather for meals, intimate dinners, and festive occasions. Creating a truly enjoyable dining experience involves thoughtful table arrangements, conceptual design,...

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how to choose the right pendant lights for the dining room

How To Choose the Right Dining Room Chandelier or Pendant?

Creating a cozy and tranquil dining room for your family goes beyond just beautiful furniture like dining tables and stylish kitchenware. A crucial element is the right lighting that offers depth a...

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living room ceiling lighting ideas, trends

22 Best Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas, Trends 2024

Ceiling lights have become a popular choice in interior design recently, as they are essential for completing ambient lighting setups. Looking ahead, the coming year promises a variety of exciting ...

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how to choose lamps for living room

How To Choose The Best Pendant Light For Your Living Room

Pendant lights have recently been approved as a key solution to making your living room unique and fresh, almost like turning a new page for the space. They play a crucial role in transforming an e...

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living room lighting ideas

30+ Best Living Room Lighting Ideas, Trends & Inspiration 2024

Typically, while other rooms in a home may undergo redecoration every 3-4 years, statistics from Furniture123 indicate that the living room sees redecoration roughly every 1-2 years on average. Thi...

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funiture store near me texas

Furniture Near Me: 10 Must-Visit Stores at Texas

Get ready for an epic furniture hunt in the sprawling state of Texas! The Lone Star State is not only known for its vast landscapes but also for its incredible furniture stores near me. Rowabi is h...

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long light fixture

How To Choose The Right Size Lighting Fixture for Any Room

When choosing a lighting fixture, getting the size and scale right is one of the most challenging aspects for people. Without expertise, it's difficult to determine the appropriate size for each ar...

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kitchen island lighting: How to choose the right lights for your kitchen island

Kitchen Island Lighting: How To Choose The Right Lights For Your Kitchen Island?

Kitchen islands have become an increasingly popular trend in recent home construction. According to the 2020 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study [1], which surveyed nearly 2,600 users, 61% of upgraded ...

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how to hang pendant lights

What Height to Hang Pendant Lights and Chandeliers

Pendant lights and chandeliers are two popular choices for homeowners when selecting lighting for their homes. Pendant lights are typically small, simple single light fixtures emphasizing small det...

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the perfect height for hanging pendants over a kitchen island

The Perfect Height for Hanging Pendants Over a Kitchen Island + Spacing Tips!

Nowadays, there's a growing trend of paying attention to kitchen spaces, especially kitchen islands, as the main attraction in homes. A unique and personality-filled pendant light can certainly be ...

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what is the cost of installing a light fixture

[Update 2024] How Much Does It Cost to Install a Light Fixture?

In this article, Rowabi will explore the various factors influencing the cost of installing light fixtures in 2024, offering current information and insights to assist you in making well-informed d...

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diy pendant lights

DIY Pendant Lights: How To Make + 15 Latest Ideas, Trends

Pendant lights have surged in popularity recently owing to their varied designs, materials, and styles. Their versatility allows for DIY customization, enabling homeowners to create unique fixtures...

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Repair rattan furniture - Rowabi

How To Repair Rattan Furniture? The Ultimate Guide and Easy

Are there any tips for homeowners on how to repair rattan furniture which is damaged or older? The answer is yes. With a few tips and tools, you can renovate your furniture and make it look more co...

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what is sedge

What Is Sedge? Definition And Role in Interior Design

What is a sedge? The sedge plant family is extensive and varied, consisting of numerous species and varieties totaling several thousand. One characteristic that distinguishes sedges is the shape of...

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a guide to classic interior style and 8 tips for perfection

Classic Interior Style? Best Classic Interior Design Ideas in 2024

Step into the world of classic interior design, where timeless beauty blends perfectly with refined allure. Imagine your home as a canvas, waiting to be painted with the subtleties of classic inter...

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how to paint wicker furniture

How To Paint Wicker Furniture Easily And Quickly?

Are you tired of the old-fashioned look of your wicker furniture? Or perhaps you've purchased a wicker piece that doesn't quite match the color scheme of your home. Painting your wicker furniture i...

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Can you paint rattan furniture - Rowabi

Can You Paint Rattan Furniture? Step by Step Guide

Can you paint rattan furniture to help it get a new appearance? The answer is yes. The reason for this is that the color of rattan pieces might fade after many years of use. For additional details ...

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dining room lighting trends of 2024

Get Inspired by 10 Hottest Dining Room Lighting Trends 2024

With over three years of experience researching interior design and home decor transformation, I’m Henry Phan, founder of Rowabi Interior. Whenever clients ask my team at Rowabi for dining lighting...

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mothers day gift ideas 2024

30 Perfect Mother's Day Gifts For 2024 Under $20, Chosen By Expert!

Are you on the hunt for some amazing Mother’s Day gift ideas that are thoughtful and wallet-friendly? Look no further! We've put together a complete list of 30 expert-picked presents. And the best ...

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spring decorating ideas

Top 10 Spring Decor Ideas of 2024: Tips from Rowabi's Expert

As we welcome the new season, it's time to explore the latest spring home decor trends that will breathe life into your living space. From bold color palettes to organic elements, these trends are ...

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palm pendant lights

Illuminate Your Space with Palm Pendant Lights

Escape to a tropical oasis every time you flick on a light – that’s the promise of palm pendant lights. These nature-inspired hanging lamps infuse spaces with vibrant character, manifesting exotic ...

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Bohemian style | 10 Bohemian-Chic décor ideas to warm up your space - Rowabi

Bohemian Interior Design: 10 Décor Ideas To Warm Up Your Space

Are you craving that Bohemian vibe in your home? Look no further! Dive into our guide on Bohemian style home décor ideas and discover how to infuse your living space with warmth and individuality. ...

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traditional interior design style

Traditional Interior Design Style? Everything You Need to Know

As an interior designer with over three years of experience studying and researching in the fields of interior design, lighting, and house décor transformations, I have developed a keen interest in...

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fish pendant light

Transform Your Space with Distinctive Fish Pendant Light

Adding a unique lighting fixture like a fish pendant light is a great way to showcase your style and make a statement in any room. Drawing from my three years of interior design experience at Rowab...

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ceiling lighting trends

The Biggest Ceiling Lighting Trends of 2024

The overhead planes in our homes harbor amazing potential for visual expression and practical illumination alike. As an interior designer immersed for three years in researching lighting developmen...

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bathroom lighting trends 2024

Bathroom Lighting Trends Forecast for 2024

If there’s one room that has historically lacked creative lighting options despite its functional importance, it’s the bathroom. For long, design in this space has been mired by rigorous safety pre...

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elevate every room with mid range modern lighting

Modern Lighting for Every Room: Mid-Range Choices to Elevate Your Home

Based on my three years of experience researching and working in interior design, lighting, and home decoration, here are my highlights on choosing the best modern lighting to elevate any home. ...

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glass pendant lights

Top 10 Modern Glass Pendant Lights for Contemporary Spaces

Glass lighting stands as a timeless preference, seamlessly merging with both modern and classic home aesthetics. Its brilliance lies not only in optimizing light dispersion but also in elevating th...

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