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Article: Weekly Best Finds: Unveiling The Top 10 Most Purchased of The Week

Weekly Best Finds: Unveiling The Top 10 Most Purchased of The Week

Written by Henry Phan Update
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Curiosity piqued? Wondering what treasures in the realm of rattan decor stole the spotlight last week? We've got you covered! Here's a sneak peek into our coveted list of the 10 most sought-after rattan pendant lights and kitchen decorations that have captured the hearts and homes of our discerning customers.

weekly best find

As Black Friday looms on the horizon, consider this your exclusive preview to elevate your space with the finest in rattan sophistication!


What are the weekly best finds?

Rowabi's 'Weekly Best Finds' is a curated showcase celebrating the most coveted treasures purchased by enthusiasts each week. From across all categories, this feature unveils the pulse of what's trending and captures the essence of what people are drawn to.

It's a dynamic expedition through the top picks that transcend genres. Dive into the realm of weekly revelations, where you can explore the latest, the most beloved, and find the perfect match for your taste. Join the journey, unravel the favorites, and redefine your week with the most sought-after selections from Rowabi's eclectic collection.

1. Ethereal Dome Rattan Pendant Light

Embracing the festive spirit, this luminary stands out during Christmas and Thanksgiving with its vibrant, balanced hues. Handwoven by Lisu village basket-makers, it exudes beachy, boho-chic elegance, featuring a natural wooden lamp holder surrounded by airy materials. The Ethereal Dome Rattan Pendant Light is the perfect centerpiece for your holiday décor, embodying seasonal magic and Rowabi's curated charm.

Original price: $190

Sale price: $133


ethereal dome

2. Le Perle Rattan Pendant Light

The La Perle Rattan Pendant Light takes the spotlight as one of our brand's most sought-after treasures. Resonating with a floral charm, this piece captivates with its fresh, gentle, and harmonious appearance, making it a top choice for those yearning for a cozy, simple abode adorned in earthy tones during the holiday season. Gracefully adorning any space, La Perle epitomizes luxury and elegance through its intricate woven design, exuding exclusivity.

 Original price: $164

Sale price: $131.2


le perle

3. Luminous Lace Rattan Pendant Light

Elevate your space with the modern allure and sophistication of the Luminous Lace Rattan Pendant Light, a top contender in our Weekly Best Finds. Unveiling its enchanting beauty, this pendant light transforms spaces into a realm of luxury, especially coveted during the Christmas season when the desire for a decor upgrade is at its peak. The variegated hues lend a casual yet refined feel, infusing rooms with a comforting ambiance as the light filters through the subtly open weave

 Original price: $348

Sale price: $278.40


luminous lace

4. Enigma Rattan Pendant Light

Embodying the symbolic allure of a bell, Enigma Rattan Pendant Light introduces a fresh and enchanting vibe to any space, capturing the attention of visitors to your house with its minimalist yet impressive design. Crafted from premium materials, it stands as an exclusive investment in design, promising to be the focal point of your space.

 Original price: $348

Sale price: $278.40



5. Grandeur Rattan Bowl Pendant Light

Impeccably crafted from high-quality rattan by skilled artisans, its stunning pearl-shaped design adds a touch of sophistication to any space. The natural materials used and the unique contours of the pendant contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it a perfect addition to every room in your home. The harmonious color palette further enhances its charm, making Grandeur an exquisite highlight not just for holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving but also a year-round centerpiece that complements your home's aesthetic.

 Original price: $175

Sale price: $140


grandeur rattan bowl light

6. Bureau Rattan Pendant Light

Embrace the holiday season with the perennial favorite, the Bureau Rattan Pendant Light, consistently topping the list of favorites for its simple yet warm and gentle ambiance. Despite its typical dome shape, the standout feature lies in its intricate pattern—carefully woven strands create a sense of simplicity without monotony. Emanating a feeling of warmth and tranquility, the Bureau Rattan Pendant Light captures the essence of the holidays.

Original price: $177

Sale price: $123.90


bureau rattan

7. Yara Rattan Pendant Light

Diverging from the crowd, the Yara Rattan Pendant Light stands out as a unique favorite with its petite, conical shape design, perfect for outdoor spaces. Tailored for outdoor decoration, let the soft golden glow of this light create a cozy ambiance for your home. The Yara employs split rattan to weave an open, airy design, allowing ample light to illuminate the space with the warmth of a single bulb.

Original price: $113

Sale price: $90.4


yara rattan

8. Jules 2-Tier Wood and Rattan Tray

In addition to lighting, sought-after decorations take center stage, making the Jules 2-Tier Wood and Rattan Tray a standout Weekly Best Find from Rowabi. Beyond its timeless design, this serving tray serves as a versatile canvas for holiday festivities. During Thanksgiving, adorn it with vibrant autumnal elements like pine cones and colorful leaves, while for Christmas, transform it with twinkling string lights, baubles, and festive figurines.

 Original price: $95

Sale price: $47.5


jules 2 tier wood

9. Ambra Round Rustic Wall Décor

Unveil the tranquil allure of your living space with Rowabi's Weekly Best Find, the Ambra Round Rustic Wall Décor. It is ideal for coastal homes and those embracing boho aesthetics, this decor piece seamlessly transforms into a festive accent during holidays while maintaining the inherent charm of your house style. Balancing rustic allure with a touch of celebration, the Ambra Round Rustic Wall Décor stands out in Rowabi's curated collection as a weekly must-have, blending coastal vibes with festive elegance.

Original price: $85.4

Sale price: $42.70


ambra round rustic wall decor

10. Bayside Round Seagrass Placemat

As an essential element of Thanksgiving and Christmas table settings, these charming placemats have become popular for creating a warm, festive atmosphere. Their captivating design turns them into more than just functional pieces; they become a weekly best pick, seamlessly blending utility with the vivacious charm that defines Rowabi's curated collection.

Original price: $11.89

Sale price: $5.95


bayside round seagrass placemat

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Get ready for the ultimate thrill! Rowabi's Annual Biggest Sales event is here, and it's a sale extravaganza like never before.

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With a sale this colossal and spanning an entire month, it's a shopping marathon waiting to be conquered. Act swiftly because the favorites are flying off the shelves, stocks are low, and as the year comes to a close, there's no better time to adorn your space with the best. Your dream decor awaits—grab it before it's gone!

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