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Article: Save The items: 12 Must-haves On Super Brand Sale This Week

Save The items: 12 Must-haves On Super Brand Sale This Week

Written by Henry Phan Update
happy earth month author

Introducing the super brand month sales—Rowabi's most-awaited event of the year! In the spirit of the season, we're bringing you an array of options perfect for fall, along with ideal gift choices for the upcoming holidays.

As we countdown to the sale's midnight finale, let us guide you through the highlights. 12 incredible must-haves you won't want to miss Your home's transformation and style evolution are just a click away.

Get ready to save, shop, and elevate with Rowabi!

Rowabi’s super brand month sales: when to expect?

The super sale month is here, running throughout November (1st to 30th), featuring discounts on all Rowabi products.

This incredible event combines Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, offering a fantastic opportunity to grab our spectacular items.

For those who've been patiently waiting for the perfect moment to acquire high-quality rattan products from Rowabi, your time has arrived.

Check out our top 12 must-have items and transform your living space. Make November a month of style and savings!

Get your purse and get ready to shop!

Althea rattan bowl pendant light: Meet and Meet Our Favorite

Crafted with precision from high-quality water hyacinth, the althea rattan bowl pendant light exemplifies the artistry of skilled artisans.

the althea rattan bowl pendant lamp is made from high quality water hyacinth creating a warm inviting atmosphere
Bring home this customer favorite today!

The result is a stunning and intricate bowl-shaped design that radiates natural beauty. Its unique pattern strands and inviting, warm ambiance make it the perfect addition to any room in your home.

Beatrice dome rattan pendant Light—Gateway to boho-Chic

Beatrice dome rattan pendant light embodies natural elegance, featuring a wooden lamp holder encircled by a delicate ring of organic materials.

the beatrice dome rattan pendant lamp exudes natural striking elegance
At an irresistible 30% off, this masterpiece is definitely a steal!

Its subtle, pale hues create eye-catching focal points. The pendant's interplay of vertical strands, accentuated by charming crisscross patterns in the center, is simply captivating.

Lucian rattan pendant light—Rowabi’s pride!

Introducing the lucian rattan pendant light – the pride of Rowabi. These pendant lights, with their natural materials and intricate weaving, have the power to infuse your living space with warmth and an inviting ambiance.

lucian rattan pendant lights with natural materials give your living space a warm and invitingLucian effortlessly adds a touch of charm and character to any room

What makes the Lucian Rattan Pendant Light truly exceptional is its distinctive shape. It combines the soft, flowing nature of rattan with the precision of tightly interwoven strands.

Don't miss the opportunity to make this captivating pendant light a part of your home!

Dreamy palm fiber pendant light—dreamy elegance

The deamy palm pendant light’s unique design, featuring delicate handmade coils of palm fibers, offers a tactile and visual experience that's both distinctive and resilient.

dreamy raffia chandeliers offer both a special tactile and visual experience
Immerse yourself in the dreamy ambiance it creates.

With a name like "dreamy," this pendant light isn't just about lighting; it's about creating an atmosphere. The moment you turn it on, you'll be transported to a realm of enchantment. It casts a warm and inviting glow that sets the mood for relaxation and daydreaming.

Callie rattan pendant Light: Genuine Pieces of Art

Step into an inviting world of warm, ambient light with our exquisite callie rattan pendant light. With a wicker material that echoes nature's texture, this pendant gently diffuses light, creating a soothing, rippling effect.

The callie rattan chandelier reflects the textures of nature diffusing light, creating a soothing ripple effect
Callie pendant light embodies the essence of elegance and simplicity

Its spacious, undulating design is a perfect complement to rooms adorned with neutral, organic, and natural elements, particularly when bathed in natural light.

Angelo rattan pendant light—a cherished exclusivity

Behold the resplendent angelo rattan pendant light, where luxury and grace intertwine in an exquisite furnishing that effortlessly elevates any space.

angelo rattan pendant lights blend together with sophisticated furniture pieces to easily elevate any space
Let its captivating charm redefine the art of lighting

Made from the finest rattan material and adorned in a natural brown hue, the Angelo rattan pendant light blends timeless elegance with modern aesthetics.

Its presence adds an air of opulence to any corner of your home, from the bedroom to the cozy reading nook.

Le perle rattan pendant Light—an air of sophistication

The intricate woven design of the le perle pendant infuses spaces with a sense of exclusivity and grace. Its warm, natural tones envelop your surroundings in a welcoming ambiance that's truly enchanting.

With this exclusive sale, you have the opportunity to bring an air of sophistication to your home!perle rattan pendant lights give the space a unique and charmingMake the la perle rattan pendant light the crown jewel of your decor

Latigo rattan pendant light - timeless beauty

Crafted from the highest-quality rattan and finished in a sleek black hue, the latigo pendant light is considered a statement piece that adds a touch of refined charm to your living room, dining room, or bedroom.

The Latigo latigo rattan chandelier is crafted from the highest quality rattan, adding sophisticated charm to the living room dining room or bedroom.A stunning pendant light that will grace your space with timeless elegance

Investing in this pendant light means investing in both quality and beauty that will be treasured for years to come. Its graceful design, impeccable craftsmanship, and luxurious black color make it a must-have addition to your furniture upgrade.

Ethereal dome rattan pendant light - the unique design

Introducing the ethereal dome rattan pendant light, a captivating embodiment of beachy, boho-chic style.

The elegant rattan dome pendant light brings design novelty to those looking for a fusion of style and material
Lighten up your house with a touch of ethereal dome rattan pendant light

Diverse pattern strands infuse novelty into this popular design, making it a standout choice for those seeking a fusion of style and substance. This is where innovation meets tradition, and style meets artistry.

Vanora rattan tray medium - a perfect touch of rustic charm

Introducing the Vanora rattan tray – the epitome of rustic elegance for your table setting. Crafted with meticulous detail, this handmade rattan kitchen tray boasts a captivating combination of a beautiful basket weave and open design.

the vanora medium rattan tray is crafted with meticulous details
The natural color exudes simplicity and warmth, making it the ideal decoration on every table.

Elevate your dining experience with the rustic allure of the vanora rattan tray. Don't miss the opportunity to make every meal a special occasion with this distinctive piece.

Sierra dated palm leaves décor - the sustainable art

Sierra dated palm leaves décor could be considered a celebration of sustainable craftsmanship. The delicate, fan-shaped design pays homage to the time-honored tradition of craftsmanship, connecting us with artistry that has stood the test of time.

sierra palm leaf decorations help connect us to art that has withstood the test of time
The palm leaves' organic, earthy tones bring a sense of tranquility and harmony to any space.

Whether you're sprucing up your living space or looking for the perfect gift, this piece is going to be among the best choice!

Tata round rattan placemat - natural charm for your dining

Handwoven from 100% rattan in the timeless hapao pattern, the Tata placemat embodies the beauty of resilience.

tata round rattan carpet is handwoven from 100 percent rattan
A simple yet impactful addition complements your modern organic table.

This simple, round mat not only hosts your tableware but also introduces a natural element to the modern organic table.

To complete the look and elevate your dining experience, consider adding other pieces from our exclusive artesia entertaining collection.

Final thoughts

Don't miss the chance to grab these exquisite items at a fantastic discount of up to 35%. Among the 12 must-have items of rowabi, you'll find a piece that resonates with your style. Each item is a unique work of art, adding its own special touch to your surroundings.

It's the perfect opportunity to transform your living spaces and embrace the beauty of handcrafted, natural elements. Shop now and make your home truly extraordinary!

happy earth month author

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