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Article: Unveiling Outdoor Lighting Trends 2024 | Expert’s Insights

Unveiling Outdoor Lighting Trends 2024 | Expert’s Insights

Written by Henry Phan Update
happy earth month author

Outdoor illumination is an often overlooked yet essential element that breathes life into our cherished external environments. As a visual enhancement and security feature, exterior lighting lets us comfortably enjoy our outdoor spaces in the evening.

As a passionate lighting designer at Rowabi with over three years of experience analyzing trends in the lighting and interior transformation spaces, I've spent extensive time researching to identify influential upcoming trends that help shape the trajectory of outdoor design.

Spoiler alert: 2024 is a breakout year for outdoor lighting trends. Based on multiple industry reports and expert analyses, I’ve distilled key insights on dominant trends influencing modern homes and gardens.

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Table of Contents

Smart technology: lighting at your fingertips

In my observation, smart lighting solutions define the 2024 outdoor lighting trends. They bring the ability to remotely control and automate lighting systems via smartphone apps.

the convenience of smart lighting is driving its surge in popularity for daily living
Smart lighting is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience in daily life. Source: Signos Vitales Mexicos [1]

With just a tap on your phone, you can switch lights on/off, adjust modes and brightness levels, and schedule auto day/night modes suited to activity schedules. Coupled with motion and light sensors, the lighting system automatically adapts to ambient conditions.

The 2024 smart lighting solutions also integrate intelligent sensors that connect with other smart home devices to enable automation based on weather, activity, and security status. I believe many households should adopt this lighting trend of the future.

Sustainable illumination: A green revolution

As per scientific evidence, sustainable materials and energy-efficient technologies will steer 2024 outdoor lighting trends. This movement intends to minimize environmental footprints via efficient energy use and recyclable material adoption.

rattan a natural material seamlessly integrates with outdoor surroundings
As a raw material, rattan seamlessly blends into outdoor settings, creating a harmonious experience and balanced aesthetic for your home. Source: Drape Art Designs [2]

Lighting fixtures with inbuilt sensors and automated controls will aid energy conservation. For instance, lighting systems can automatically switch off when no motion is sensed. LED bulbs present a more energy-efficient and durable swap for incandescent variants.

Manufacturers are expected to prioritize recyclable materials such as glass, wood, bioplastics, and metals over non-recyclable plastics or composites. A notable example of this trend is the increasing popularity of rattan pendant lights, which are made from sustainable rattan palm—a rapidly renewable resource. These eco-friendly fixtures enhance outdoor aesthetics with their natural rustic charm and emit a warm, inviting glow.

Placing rattan lights outdoors creates a sense of cohesion, making the transition from indoor to outdoor spaces seamless. Not only is it a safe choice, but it also adds a touch of uniqueness with its unconventional rattan designs. Explore Rowabi's collection of lights to find the perfect piece with patterns that resonate with you.

Technological advancements: shaping the future

In my perspective, technological improvements are shaping 2024 outdoor lighting trends.

Some notable technologies include high-efficiency LED chips that conserve more energy than previous generations, color-tunable smart LEDs that optimize efficiency and operation, and wireless lighting technology that improves control and data security.

These advancements translate to higher efficiency, longer lifetime, and lower costs. They deliver seamless user experiences between associated devices and services and greater flexibility.

With continual annual improvements made in technology, the future of smart lighting promises many more novel and exciting possibilities.

Patio string lights spark cosy allure

Patio string lights are emerging as a popular choice, providing customized toasty atmospheres aligning with outdoor lighting trends in 2024. As an affordable outdoor lighting solution, these minimalist fixtures allow homeowners to stylize spaces per their aesthetic preferences.

patio string lights set a romantic ambiance that envelops the entire area
Patio string lights create a romantic atmosphere for the entire area. Source: Christmas Lights [3]

From clear bulb filament variants matching modern aesthetics to cafe bulb styles emitting a vintage vibe, string lights offer extensive personalization potential. Homeowners can select colors like warm white, funky multi-hues, or color-changing options indicating their individuality. Even lighting temperature and dimmable functionality promote tailored experiences.

Artistic outdoor lamps

In 2024, artistic outdoor lamps are trending as sculptural centerpieces transmitting creative flair. As tastemakers increasingly seek outdoor light fixtures mirroring interior designer aesthetics, avant-garde statement lamps enable homeowners to distinguish external areas through artistic brilliance.

through fresh and innovative designs these lights become a reflection of your personality
These lights will showcase your personality through their fresh, innovative designs. Source: Lightology [4]

From flowing organic forms to geometric contours, abstract modernist lamps add dimensional dynamism matched by illuminative visual intrigue. Expertly crafted using weather-resistant materials like fiberglass, concrete, tempered glass, or teak wood, these designer-centric creations promise enduring spotlight-stealing impact.

Metallic garden lights radiate refined elegance

In 2024, metallic garden lights in brass, copper, and nickel finishes are considered as refined trending outdoor lighting elements, infusing sophistication into modern landscapes. As tastemakers seek premium external fixtures aligning with interiors, metallic luminaries enable an aura of timeless elegance.

From antique brass sconces lining pathways to oil-rubbed bronze spotlights illuminating architectural facets, metallic lighting adds a touch of burnished brilliance. Expertly shaped using weather-resistant copper, zinc, or stainless steel, these luxe statements promise enduring magnificence.

Casting ambient glows, these upscale fixtures turn gardens into refined spaces for entertaining or private relaxation that channel celebrated eras through contemporary convenience.

Vibrant underwater pool lighting makes waves

In 2024, colourful underwater pool lighting is making waves within lighting trends outdoor by transporting aquatic elegance into residential landscapes. As homeowners seek to elevate mundane pools into spectacle sanctuaries mirroring luxury resorts, chromatic subaquatic fixtures enable atmospheres of dynamic wonder.

illuminating the swimming pool lends a soft and mystical glow to the surroundings
The swimming pool also needs to be illuminated, creating a soft, mystical light. Source: L&L [5]

From gentle dappling hues caressing surfaces to saturated laser, it shows illuminating waves in sync with audio, and colored LED pool lights transform water into an artist's canvas. Weatherproof underwater luminaires feature watertight built-in diodes in wide-spanning blues, greens, magentas, and ambers for customized displays.

Diffused wall lights emanate subtle sophistication

In 2023, the rise of diffused wall light fixtures signals a movement towards understated elegance within outdoor lighting trends. The trend has continued up until now. As homeowners seek softer tonal illumination aligning with muted modern interiors, unassuming external wall lights enable an aura of restrained grace.

utilizing multiple diffused wall lights ensures uniform distribution of light
Multiple diffused wall lights can be used to evenly distribute the light. Source: Pinterest [6]

Enabled by translucent materials like pebbled glass, fine mesh, and woven textiles, diffused wall luminaires emit delicate ambient glow onto surfaces, eschewing harsh glares. Beyond restrained radiance, several diffused lights offer automation and smart controls for added functionality. Features like motion-sensing, timed shut-offs, and graduated dimming support convenience and align with 2024 sustainability goals.

Hardscape lighting contours garden landmarks

In 2024, hardscape lighting is trending to elegantly contour garden landmarks as part of outdoor light fixtures installations. As homeowners seek to aesthetically emphasize permanent garden features, strategic illumination of hard boundaries enables showcasing masonry finesse after-dark.

From subtly spotlighting stone pathways, timber decks, and brick fireplaces to grazing urban water features, mood lighting along fixed hardscaping adds scenic dynamism. Using focused, glare-free fixtures, ambient glow accentuate textures, shapes, and profiles - transforming spaces into atmospherically engaging venues.

Seamless inside-outside styles connect transitional living

In 2024, seamless inside-outside design continuity is trending through creative crossover in outdoor light fixtures. As boundaries blur between interior and exterior realms, synchronized lighting conceptualizes spaces as holistic atmospheres promoting free-flowing lifestyles.

consistent material selection indoors and outdoors enhances the overall smoothness of the experience
Selecting consistent materials both indoors and outdoors creates the smoothest experience. Source: The Spruce [7]

Using cohesive forms, matching color palettes, and material treatments, contemporary luminaires manifest as aesthetic bridges between realms. For instance, angular metal sconces emit identical crisp white glows along living rooms and patios to visually expand spaces into each other through duplicative styling.


  • I believe sustainable materials and energy-efficient technologies will dominate trends.

How to incorporate smart lighting solutions into my outdoor space?

  • Explore remote control and automation features for lighting on your terms.
  • Yes, modern and visually appealing designs are gaining popularity.
  • They shape functionality and enhance user experiences for a futuristic feel.

How to make eco-friendly choices when selecting outdoor lighting solutions?

  • Consider green options like recyclable materials and reduced energy consumption.

Final thoughts

The 2024 outdoor lighting trends promise exciting innovations in smart technology, sustainability, aesthetics, and customizability. As a lighting designer, I'm thrilled to see where these trends lead us in creating living spaces that are both beautiful and planet-friendly. Let the green lighting revolution begin!


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