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Article: Top 15+ Kitchen Lighting Trends 2024 | According To Experts

Top 15+ Kitchen Lighting Trends 2024 | According To Experts

Written by Henry Phan Update
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The kitchen isn't just about cooking anymore. It's become a dynamic space where practicality meets beauty. And you know what? Lighting is like the secret sauce that transforms kitchens into versatile hubs for cooking creativity and hosting awesome get-togethers

So, let's dive into what's hot in kitchen lighting trends for 2024. It's this cool blend of tech, sustainability, and design that's taking the heart of the home to a whole new level.

Top 15+ kitchen lighting trends 2024

Sculptural statements

Sculptural lighting varies from decorated and conceptual to simple and geometric. Moreover, it also has particular distinctive design and structural features. In actuality, you can recognize sculptural lighting when you see it.

The unique thing about this light is that it enables people to find surprising and distinctive lighting components that are not only practical but also breathtakingly attractive in shape, style, and material.

Besides providing depth and texture, it also creates fascinating, multi-sensory experiences that stimulate feelings and affect your mental health.

lights in kitchen ideas
Sculptural lighting varies from decorated and conceptual

Owning sculptural statements brings an opportunity to change the atmosphere of your kitchen completely. Hence, Rowabi believes it's unexpected textures and contemporary appearance will make your kitchen look more elegant.

Out of the blue

If you are finding new kitchen lighting trends, let's think about lights with an "out of the blue" style. Currently, navy kitchens are highly popular because they will make your space more fashionable and trendy. This color also remains elegant and never goes out of style. So, you can consider choosing many types of blue kitchen lighting to decorate your home.

Blue kitchen lights are popular among modern kitchen interior design styles because they are not only fashionable but also bring a sense of peace and harmony to the room.

However, this color is on the 'cool side' so it performs best in kitchens with lots of natural light.

kitchen lighting ideas over sink
Blue kitchen lights are popular among modern kitchen interior design

For example, blue pendant lights are lovely feature items that can add neutral lighting tones to create a visual interest in any environment. They are likely to dazzle anyone when utilized as part of the collection in a blue theme.

Minty fresh

Mint green is a classic and exquisitely vibrant color. It is making an appearance everywhere, from the fashion show to interior home design.

Therefore, it is not surprising that you could cover the minty fresh color of your kitchen with lamps. With the minty pendant light, you will make your kitchen a gorgeous, sustainably designed area that suits all of your needs.

kitchen lighting trends 2023
Mint green is a classic and exquisitely vibrant color

You can consider using a ceiling pendant fixture in mint green that would look fantastic over kitchen islands. This product will undoubtedly add a unique touch to the interior design of your home.

Ditch the angular shapes and opt for curves

The kitchen is frequently one of the main places homeowners begin creating transformations when wanting to improve their living space.

So, you can find kitchen lighting trends in 2024 to select the best options for your cooking area. Kitchens with angular shapes and curves in their lighting design are one choice that is now in favor.

kitchen lighting pendant ideas
People frequently choose curved and angular shapes for kitchen's lighting

People frequently choose curved and angular shapes for kitchen lighting because of their stunning aesthetics. What's more, their modern and simplified style gives your kitchen a softer and cozier appearance.

By opting to have a curved kitchen installed, you are improving the appearance of your home because this style tends to be associated with luxury and elegance.

Mix and match

The most efficient way to make unique fixtures that act as both an ornamental element and a source of illumination for a place is to mix your fixtures. Hence, you should apply these ideas to give the finishing touch of sophistication and splendor to your home.

Mixing a series of lighting fixtures is more than just collecting your favorite pieces. Let's consider how different colors, forms, and tones interact with one another, as well as in your own interior design. You should choose a design that expresses the unique characteristics of yourself and your cooking area.

kitchen lighting ideas no island
You should choose a design that expresses its unique characteristics

Mixing lighting fixtures involves setting them up together, so you must choose at least one feature. The strategy you choose might need to be creative, but it should be simple. Align the shapes if that is what you want to happen.

You might prefer rectangular matching ceiling and table lighting or ceiling and wall fixture sets with crystal shades. Whatever you opt for, bear in mind that it requires no less than one comparable feature.

Unique pendant replacements

Unique pendants are one of the best kitchen lighting trends in 2024. They are a popular option for cooking because of their usefulness and convenience. This style of light is suitable for people who need to decorate the kitchen to be cozy and warmer.

kitchen lighting ideas small kitchen
Unique pendant are one of the best kitchen lighting trends in 2023

They are also a creative home bar lighting design that could make a homemade basement bar appear authentic.

Hence, the attractiveness of your home depends on having the proper lighting. And a unique pendant will help you customize your space in a creative way.

Choose Clear Glass Shades

Clear glass pendant lights will become an upcoming kitchen trend in 2023. It offers an uncomplicated elegance that seems both highly contemporary and fashionable.

Moreover, these products are also amazing in quality, handcrafted with care to assure both beauty and functionality.

kitchen lighting ideas for low ceilings
It offers an uncomplicated elegance for your kitchen

Glass pendant lights are a great option for kitchen areas for the reason that they emit a soft light that is not overpowering the human senses.

You can choose ones that precisely match the overall style of your kitchen. Additionally, because of their shape, glass pendant lights are a smart choice to dangle over the dining table in addition to an island countertop to brighten the whole space.

A Colorful pendant- or two

Colorful pendant lights are becoming a new kitchen trend in 2024 because of their attractive appeal. They are often the focal point of a room and play an important role in defining the ambiance through the utilization of lighting and design.

kitchen lighting ideas over island
Colorful pendant lights are becoming new kitchen trends in 2023

They appear to provide wonderful shadow and contemporary elegance, as well as enough illumination. With such a diverse selection of pendant light styles now available, the lighting underneath your ceilings no longer has to be boring. Pendant lights keep their mystical beauty even when ventilation from nature is used.

These flexible, colorful pendants are an excellent fit for coastal, modern, and industrial-style spaces.

So, they will have an effect on contemporary styles while providing a touch of elegant flair. Furthermore, they are well-made and very substantial. The materials are anti-rust and will not fade over a long time.

Use rattan pendant lights

Rattan light is becoming increasingly trendy in interior design nowadays. When you incorporate these natural material lights into your home, you will get a cozy vibe that is also beautiful and versatile. Moreover, it can add texture and architectural appeal to any space.

kitchen lighting ideas for vaulted ceilings
Rattan light is becoming increasingly trendy in interior design

With its numerous benefits, there are many designs of rattan pendant lamps available at Rowabi to offer customers.

All of the products at the store have an astonishing organic shape composed of friendly environmental material. Brands also apply distinct colors, so you can get creative with a variety of color palettes in your home.

Go For Subtle Choices Over Bold

You ought to decorate your kitchen however you want, not depending on what many others do. Rowabi suggests you think outside the box with some vibrant, attractive, and even unexpected lighting selections. This can be a subtle choice over bold with the small or big size, square or circle shape that you really like.

kitchen island lighting ideas modern
This attractive style strikes a perfect combination

With your thoughts, you have to determine whether your kitchen lighting is gentle and delicate. This attractive style strikes a perfect combination of traditional design and a luxurious look.

For example, grand crystal chandeliers would be ideal for this theme. The beautiful shine and gorgeous layout will give your kitchen and space for eating a high-end impression.

Retro lighting is back!

Retro themes have become one of the kitchen lighting trends in 2024. So, why not give your kitchen a fresh look and experience? You can generate a vibe that captures and connects all parts of your kitchen with the right retro lighting.

Vintage light fixtures go well with every type of decoration. In addition to being perfectly at home in classic kitchens, they also offer an imaginative and colorful element to modern and highly sophisticated kitchen remodels.

kitchen lighting ideas for high ceilings
Vintage light fixtures go well with every type of decoration

To perfectly express the spirit of retro style, you opt for lights with clean lines, curved forms, and materials such as rubbed brass or shiny metal.

The proper lighting fixtures will not only offer enough brightness but will also add to your cooking area's entire retro design, which makes it feel cozy and welcoming.

Use A Combination Of Spots, LED Lights And Pendants

The spots, LEDs, and pendants have exquisitely crafted and modern structures. They are ideal for large rooms, such as kitchens.

These products will make your room cozier thanks to their high-quality design, energy-efficient usage, and adaptability.

kitchen pendant lighting ideas over island
The spots, LEDs, and pendants have exquisitely crafted

The use of spots, LED lights, and pendants will contribute to making your kitchen more distinctive and trendy.

Furthermore, these items also provide a soft lighting environment. You can regulate the brightness of the lights depending on your preferences because they are adjustable

Decorating minimalist style with Hand-Woven rattan pendant lights

Minimalist lights have been favored for their simple lines and shapes. Polished, brightly colored surfaces are preferred.

This type of design especially distinguishes itself among the architectural chandeliers with crystals, transparent material, and curves created by the most well-known designers in the world.

kitchen lighting ideas for slanted ceilings
Minimalist lights have been favored for their simple appearance

Even though the minimalist style is simple and clean, there are many people who love it because it can make the whole space more elegant and sophisticated.

For this type of lighting, you can choose woven rattan pendant lights as a special piece of furniture to decorate your home.

The rattan pendant lamp is crafted from sustainable and ecologically friendly materials. Its design has a lovely woven pattern resembling Southeast Asian and rustic cultures, which adds a charming touch to any room.

Lights Encased In A ‘Lantern’

Do you want to apply kitchen lighting trends in 2024 to your warm space? The option is to decorate your home with a trendy lantern light fixture.

This product not only looks beautiful in your kitchen but also provides enough brightness to see when you're slicing fruits and vegetables for dinner.

what is the latest trend in kitchen lighting
They are frequently hung above a dining room table

The best thing about lantern lights is that they are so practical because they can be set up in any corner.

They are frequently hung above a dining room table, on a patio, or even at an entrance. These kinds of lighting do not produce intense light and cast shadows. It makes it easier to work, cook, and read recipes.

Choose a unique hanging pendant

With a fascinating choice of hanging light designs available, the illumination above your kitchen will no longer appear dull and repetitive. These products come in a variety of shapes, from spheres and orbs to triangular.

kitchen lighting ideas for cathedral ceilings
Their natural shading and neutral tone will offer a special texture

Because hanging pendant lights require more space than standard ceiling lights, it's critical to select lighting that complements the decor of the room.

Sleek forms like circle lights or drum lights work well in modern interiors, while small pendants add a quirky touch. The size of a pendant lamp will vary depending on the room, so you should keep dimensions in mind.

You can consider choosing a hanging pendant light made from rattan to make your kitchen space more rustic and natural.

Santana Rattan Pendant Light and Selene Seagrass Pendant Light are 2 products that Rowabi wants to suggest for you. Their natural shading and neutral tone will add texture and complexity to your cooking area the way you would like.

Final thoughts

The article has shown you the top 15 kitchen lighting trends for 2024, giving you more options for decorating your cooking area. These ideas will help you create a cozy and warm mood for the space to connect family members together. Let’s contact Rowabi if you would like to find pendant lights.

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