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Article: 30 Perfect Mother's Day Gifts For 2024 Under $20, Chosen By Expert!

30 Perfect Mother's Day Gifts For 2024 Under $20, Chosen By Expert!

Written by Henry Phan Update
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Are you on the hunt for some amazing Mother’s Day gift ideas that are thoughtful and wallet-friendly? Look no further! We've put together a complete list of 30 expert-picked presents. And the best part? They're all under $20! Whether you're scrambling for Mother’s Day gift ideas last minute or just looking for budget-friendly options, we've got your back.

mothers day gift ideas 2024

To give you the inside scoop and some expert advice, we sat down with Henry Phan, a seasoned interior design professional at Rowabi with over three years of experience in the field. Henry was more than happy to share his top picks and some precious tips to make this Mother's Day extra special.

30 Mother’s Day gift ideas last minute to save the day

Discover 30 thoughtful and quick Mother’s Day gift ideas to rescue the day and make Mom feel special, even at the last minute!

Cheap first Mother’s Day gift ideas

Celebrate Mom's first Mother's Day without breaking the bank with these budget-friendly gift ideas:

Stitch Light 3D Effect

every mother will be deeply moved by the heartfelt words spoken by their children
Every mother will be touched by these words from their children. Product from Amazon [1]

Looking for that perfect first Mother's Day gift idea that'll leave a lasting impression? A delightful 3D-effect lamp adorned with the heartwarming message, "You are the Mom everyone wishes they had," is the most suitable for all. If expressing your love in words isn't your forte, this small gesture will indeed convey your affection to Mom.

Acrylic Night Light Gift

should you wish to share anything special with mom utilize this method to preserve those precious moments
If there's anything you want to share with Mom, use this method to preserve it. Product from Amazon [2]

The Acrylic Night Light is certainly a sensible choice for a cheap Mother's Day gift idea. While the previous lamp offers a simple message of affection, this one carries an abundance of love and gratitude that we hold dearly in our hearts. Trust us, when your mom lays eyes on this lamp, she'll be overjoyed and feel immensely loved.

Acrylic Block Puzzle With Warm Message

Engraved Acrylic Block Puzzle [3] is not just a great birthday present – it's also one of our top picks for great Mother's Day gift ideas!

This isn't just a pretty decoration – it's actually a puzzle that your mom can put together! Henry Phan, our resident interior design guru, is all about gifts that serve a dual purpose. He suggests, "Look for items that also offer an interactive element. This acrylic block puzzle does just that, providing a stunning display piece and a fun activity for your mom to enjoy."

Hand-Picked Flower Holder - best gift for Mother's Day from Son

selected with love a child s expression of affection for mom delivered through a bouquet of flowers
Picked for mommy: expressions of love from a child through flowers. Product from Amazon [4]

To all the fathers out there who have sons wanting to gift Mom for the first time on Mother's Day, the Hand-Picked Flower Holder is an absolutely perfect choice. This charming and thoughtful present not only showcases your son's creativity but also provides a beautiful way for Mom to display the lovely flowers they pick for her. It's an opportunity for you to guide your son in expressing his love and appreciation for his mother in a tangible and meaningful way.

Wooden Bears Family Puzzle Gifts

the picture becomes complete only when every member of the family is present
Only with all family members present can the picture be complete. Product from Amazon [5]

The Wooden Bears Family Puzzle Gifts is a charming and heartwarming present that celebrates the unbreakable bond of family. This unique puzzle set features a delightful family of bears, each piece carefully crafted from high-quality wood and designed to fit together perfectly, creating a stunning display of love and unity.

The puzzle set includes a larger bear representing the parent or parents and smaller bears representing the children. Each bear is meticulously designed with intricate details and expressions that capture the essence of a loving family.

Mother-Daughter Journal

unlock the secrets of understanding with this insightful book fostering deeper connections among loved ones
This is a book that helps everyone understand each other better. Product from Amazon [6]

Have you ever experienced difficult moments in your relationship with your mother? Arguments, disagreements, and rifts that seem impossible to mend? Consider getting the Mother And Daughter Journal to help you and your mom rediscover your bond and understanding of each other.

By exchanging the journal back and forth, you guys can share your thoughts, emotions, and experiences honestly and openly.

Best gift ideas for stylish mums

How to impress stylist moms with amazing taste? Let us show you some of our top picks:

Sierra Dated Palm Leave Décor

each palm leaf is meticulously chosen preserved and skillfully hand embossed
Each palm leaf is a carefully selected, preserved, and hand-embossed. Product from Rowabi

If you're searching for some unique and stylish gift ideas for Mother’s Day, we've got a real gem for you. Say hello to the Sierra Dated Palm Leave Décor – a present from Rowabi that will make your mom's heart (and home) sing!

But what makes this gift truly stand out is its versatility. Our interior design guru, Henry Phan, can't stop raving about how easily this palm leaf art can fit into any home style. Bohemian? Check. Coastal? Absolutely. Minimalist? You bet. It's like the Swiss Army knife of décor – there's no aesthetic it can't handle.

Floral Insulated Tumbler

This beautiful drinkware is one of our top picks, and for good reason.

First things first, let's talk about the practicality of this tumbler [7]. Whether your mom is a coffee connoisseur, a tea enthusiast, or just loves keeping her beverages at the perfect temperature, this insulated tumbler has got her covered. But what really sets this tumbler apart is its stunning floral design. The exterior is adorned with a vibrant, colorful pattern that's sure to put a smile on your mom's face every time she uses it.

Floral Trinket Tray - cute decoration for kitchen

these trays infuse every room with a renewed sense of vitality
These trays bring added vitality to every room. Product from Amazon [8]

At first glance, the Floral Trinket Tray might seem like a simple gift – but don't be fooled. This little tray is packed with personality and usefulness, making it a thoughtful and memorable choice for Mother's Day. The tray features a lovely floral design that's sure to catch your mom's eye and brighten up any space she chooses to place it in. Henry confirms, "The Floral Trinket Tray is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for 'small Mother’s Day gift ideas."

Personalized Initial Canvas Beach Bag

make a statement with a personalized bag featuring mom s initials marking it as uniquely hers
Personalize a bag by adding Mom's initial to mark ownership. Product from Amazon [9]

The true magic of the Personalized Initial Canvas Beach Bag lies in its ability to be customized with the recipient's initial, making it an extraordinarily thoughtful and unique gift. It's a detail that transforms the bag from a simple beach tote into a personalized treasure crafted just for your mom.

Decorative Bowl for Home Decor

with its delicate and refined design this bowl exudes elegance subtlety and femininity
This bowl embodies elegance, subtlety, and femininity with its delicate and refined design. Product from Amazon [10]

When it comes to home decor, our beloved women often have a keen eye for aesthetics and a love for items that enhance the beauty of their living spaces. That's why a gift that combines both functionality and style, like this decorative bowl, is sure to capture the heart of the special lady in your life.

Its elegant design and exquisite craftsmanship make it a stunning visual centerpiece, whether displayed on a coffee table, shelf, or dresser.

Unique & unusual DIY Mother’s day gift ideas

How about adding a twist? Let us suggest some unique and unusual Mother’s Day gift ideas that are sure to surprise your mom.

Customizable Acrylic Plaque Night Lights

These unique DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas are the perfect blend of creativity, functionality, and heartfelt sentiments.

Picture this: a sleek, modern acrylic plaque [11] that you can personalize to your heart's content. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your mom's style, then let your imagination run wild. Inscribe your mom's name, a special message, or even a meaningful quote that encapsulates your bond.

Customize Blanket with Photos

When it comes to Mother's Day, there's nothing quite like a DIY present to show your love and appreciation. And let's be real, what mom wouldn't want to cozy up with a blanket that's covered in photos of her favorite people (aka you and your siblings)?

craft a treasured memory blanket adorned with mom s most beloved photos
Create a cherished memory blanket using Mom's favorite photos. Product from Amazon [12]

Just gather up your favorite photos of you and your family, and then send them to the seller. You can choose from a variety of layouts and colors, and even add some text if you want to get extra creative.

Personalized Keychains

Are you searching for a unique and customized gift that truly celebrates the extraordinary woman in your life? Look no further than a [13] customizable keychain! This thoughtful and practical accessory is the perfect way to showcase your love and appreciation for your mother, wife, or any other special lady who means the world to you.

Imagine your mom's face lighting up when she sees her favorite quote, a cherished piece of advice she's always given you, or a silly inside joke that never fails to make you both laugh. These small but significant details transform the keychain from a simple accessory into a tangible expression of your love and gratitude.

Baby Hand and Footprint Kit

The Baby Hand and Footprint Kit [14] is an absolutely perfect gift for new mothers who have just welcomed their precious little ones into the world. This heartwarming and memorable keepsake allows moms to capture and preserve the tiny, delicate prints of their baby's hands and feet, creating a tangible reminder of those fleeting and precious early moments.

What I Love about Mom Fill in the Love Book

here is your chance to create a heartfelt gesture for the extraordinary woman in your life your mom
It's a chance for you to create something heartfelt for the most incredible woman in your life - your mom! Product from Amazon [10]

Here, we have this amazing little book called "What I Love About Mom" [15]. This book is filled with fun fill-in-the-blank prompts that let you express why your mom is the absolute best. The most amazing part? You can make it as funny, honest, or sentimental as possible.

Do you want to remind your mom of when she accidentally set the kitchen on fire trying to make pancakes? Go for it! Do you want to tell her how much you appreciate how she always listens and gives the best advice? Pour your heart out!

Cute jewelry Mother’s Day gift ideas

Explore adorable jewelry gift ideas Mother’s Day to delight Mom. From charming necklaces to elegant bracelets, discover the perfect pieces to show your love and appreciation!

Love Heart Pendant Necklace

upon receiving this necklace your mother or grandmother will undoubtedly be deeply touched by the sentiment behind it
When your mother or grandmother receives this necklace, she will undoubtedly be touched by the sentiment behind it. Product from Amazon [16]

The Love Heart Pendant Necklace is a heartfelt and thoughtful gift that perfectly embodies the profound connection between a mother and her child. This exquisite piece of jewelry features a beautifully crafted pendant depicting a mother tenderly holding her little one close to her heart, symbolizing the unwavering love and unbreakable bond they share.

The pendant serves as a constant reminder of the special place she holds in your heart and the deep appreciation you have for her. It is a gift that she will cherish not only on Mother's Day but for years to come.

Mother-Daughter Bracelets Set - Gifts for Mother's Day

Imagine a gift that not only looks beautiful but also carries the weight of your unique bond with your mom. That's exactly what these handcrafted bracelets represent – a tangible symbol of the love, laughter, and memories you've shared over the years. We have here not just a set of two, but three beautifully crafted bracelets [17] – one for you, one for your mom, and one for your grandmother.

Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant Necklace

this stone necklace brings peace to your mother
This stone bracelet brings peace to your mother. Product from Amazon [18]

Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant Necklace could be one of the best Mother's Day gifts your Mom have ever received, helping her cultivate a deeper connection with her spiritual self and the universe around her.

This gift idea celebrates the powerful, transformative love between a mother and child. It's a symbol of your unwavering support for your mother's spiritual journey and a reminder that she is always connected to the limitless wisdom and love of the universe.

Te Amo Mamá Jewelry Tray

Giving your mom the Te Amo Mamá Jewelry Tray [19] is a perfect choice to express your love in a thoughtful and considerate way. This gift not only helps mom keep her favorite pieces of jewelry organized and safe but also holds a deeper meaning of cherishing the precious memories in her life. The words "Te Amo" say it all, conveying the profound affection and gratitude you have for your incredible mother.

Two-Layer Lint Jewelry Box

spacious enough to house all of mom s precious jewelry pieces this box is a true gem
This box is spacious enough to hold all of Mom's jewelry pieces. Product from Amazon [20]

If your mom is a fashion enthusiast with an extensive jewelry collection, you might want to consider this elegant and beautiful purple jewelry box. It features multiple compartments and dividers, allowing your mom to neatly arrange her jewelry according to her preferences.

The luxurious purple hue of the jewelry box adds a touch of sophistication and femininity to any dresser or vanity. It's a color that exudes royalty, grace, and refinement, perfectly reflecting the precious nature of the jewelry it holds.

Best gift ideas for mums who like to travel

What do modern, adventurous moms enjoy? Let's explore together to find good gifts for Mother's Day!

Travel Makeup Bag

keep mom is makeup items neatly organized and easily accessible for her convenience while getting ready
Makeup items will be neatly arranged for Mom's easy access while getting ready. Product from Amazon [21]

The Travel Makeup Bag Floral in a lovely pink color is an absolute must-have for any mother who loves to look and feel her best, whether at home or on the go. This stylish and practical accessory is the perfect gift for the beauty-loving mom who appreciates both functionality and femininity in her everyday essentials.

The Travel Makeup Bag Floral is designed with the modern mother in mind. It's large enough to hold all her essential beauty products yet compact enough to slip easily into a purse, gym bag, or suitcase.

Essential Everyday Beauty Gifts

sets like these are convenient for mom to take along while traveling
Sets like these are convenient for Mom to take along while traveling. Product from Amazon [22]

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy for moms to put their own self-care on the back burner. However, as our mothers gracefully age, it's more important than ever to remind them to prioritize their well-being and take care of their skin.

That's why we've curated the perfect Mother's Day gift: the Essential Everyday Beauty Gifts set from the renowned brand Burt's Bees. Take this amazing deal and show your mom just how much you care about her happiness and well-being!

Mama Embroidered Sweatshirt With Kids Names 

in every journey mom carries a piece of her child a heartfelt reminder of love and affection
In every journey, Mom will carry a piece of her child—a gift with a heartfelt message. Product from Amazon [23]

The sweatshirt itself is crafted from high-quality material that will make your mom feel like she's being wrapped in a warm hug every time she wears it. She'll carry the names of her children close to her heart, both literally and figuratively. It's a way for her to feel connected to you and your siblings, even when you're not physically together.

In the words of Henry Phan, "A personalized gift like this sweatshirt shows that you've put thought, effort, and love into choosing something that celebrates your mom and your family." The embroidered names will serve as a constant reminder of the love and pride she has for her family.”

Ceramic Marble Coffee Mug

mom carries words of encouragement from the family wherever she travels making each trip a source of comfort
Mom can travel anywhere and still carry words of encouragement from the family. Product from Amazon [24]

The Ceramic Marble Coffee Mug with the words "Best Mom Ever" is an ideal gift for busy working moms, providing an extra boost of encouragement and affection to help them navigate through their busy days and reach new heights.

As Henry Phan emphasizes, "Sincere and heartfelt words of encouragement like these have the power to energize and boost confidence in mothers. Every time your mom sees this message, she will feel the boundless love and admiration you have for her. It's a source of motivation for her to overcome any difficulties and challenges in life."

Shower Steamers Aromatherapy

offering relaxation after mom is travels this product is designed to help her unwind and rejuvenate
This product helps Mom relax after spending time traveling around. [25]

if you're looking for a Mother's Day gift that's both practical and indulgent, look no further than Shower Steamers Aromatherapy. It's a gift that says, "Mom, I see how hard you work and how much you do for everyone else. Now, it's your turn to relax and take care of yourself."

Picture this: your mom steps into the shower after a long day, and instead of just plain old water, she's greeted by a burst of heavenly scents that instantly transport her to a world of relaxation and bliss. That's the magic of Shower Steamers Aromatherapy.

Mother’s Day gift ideas for mums to be

Expectant mothers also deserve gifts that express congratulations, appreciation, and love, through options such as these:

Mama Bear Slipper

this gift is a constant reminder of love and appreciation accompanying your loved one every step of the way
This gift makes your woman feel loved and appreciated with every step she takes. Product from Amazon [26]

If you're searching for a Mother's Day gift that perfectly combines comfort, style, and heartfelt sentiment, look no further than the Mama Bear Slippers. These adorable slippers are designed to pamper and delight the most important woman in your life.

Henry wholeheartedly recommends the Mama Bear Slippers, stating, "These slippers represent a symbol of love and care. The cute and cozy design reminds moms to take a moment for themselves and indulge in some much-needed comfort and relaxation." - And we totally agree with that idea!

The Little Book of Self-Care for Mums-To-Be

If you and your wife are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your little one, "The Little Book of Self-Care for Mums-To-Be" [27] is a thoughtful and heartfelt gift that shows your love, support, and understanding during this special time. This book is the perfect companion for your wife as she navigates the joys and challenges of pregnancy, offering gentle guidance and encouragement every step of the way.

Burt's Bees Mama Belly Butter

If you're the partner or friend of an expecting mom, why not make it an extra special gift by offering her a belly massage with the butter? Burt's Bees Mama Belly Butter [28] will make your mom or your wife journey a whole lot sweeter.

indulge in the rich creamy texture of this product as it nourishes and pampers your skin
The rich, creamy texture melts into your skin, leaving it feeling nourished and pampered. Product from Amazon

This fantastic product is like a soothing hug for the growing belly, and it's the perfect gift for any mom-to-be. Just scoop out a little bit, warm it up between your hands, and then massage it gently onto your belly, hips, and other areas needing extra TLC.

Anti-Nausea Band

The Anti-Nausea Band [29] is a thoughtful and practical gift for any expectant mother, especially those struggling with morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy.

One of the most significant advantages of the Anti-Nausea Band is its ease of use. The band is lightweight, comfortable, and worn discreetly underneath clothing. In addition to its practical benefits, the Anti-Nausea Band also serves as a symbol of support and understanding.

When a pregnant mother receives this gift, she feels seen, heard, and cared for. It's a way to show her that you recognize the difficulties she may be experiencing and that you want to help in any way possible.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, finding the perfect Mother's Day gift ideas doesn't have to break the bank or cause undue stress. This curated list of 30 expert-picked gift ideas, all under $20, proves that it's possible to show your love, appreciation, and gratitude for the amazing moms in your life without spending a fortune.

Here's to celebrating the unsung heroes, the constant supporters, and the unwavering loves that are our mothers. Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there - you deserve the world and so much more!


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