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Article: Modern farmhouse living room

Modern farmhouse living room

Written by Henry Phan Update

Modern farmhouse living room is becoming more popular because they are accessible, family-friendly, and best of all affordable. Furthermore, it combines old-country comfort with modern appeal. Are you looking for modern farmhouse living room designs?

In this article, Rowabi has introduced to you some of the most beautiful modern farmhouse models for the living room to help make your home more aesthetic.

What's a modern farmhouse living room

The modern farmhouse living room is a design that combines rustic farmhouse decorating ideas of traditional farmhouse elements with the sleek, clean lines and contemporary elements of modern design.

the modern farmhouse living room combines the rustic charm of traditional and contemporary elements
Modern farmhouse living room combines the rustic charm of traditional and contemporary elements

It's a wonderful blend of old and new, creating an inviting space that's both rustic and modern. In recent years, living room modern farmhouse has become widely popular, offering the perfect combination of old-world charm and modern aesthetics.

When designing a modern farmhouse living room layout, it's essential to focus on using rustic materials that bring warmth and character to the space

Some common elements found in this style include natural wood, rough finishes, and exposed beams. These materials add texture and depth to the room, creating a cozy and lively feel.

As for the color palette, there are earth tones and deep tones such as brown, light cream, and a bit of gray. These colors create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. These colors will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere and modern accents.

15 + Ideas for modern farmhouse living room

The modern farmhouse living room combines traditional charm with modern style. If you are looking for some ideas to renovate your living space, here are 15+ modern farmhouse living room ideas you can consider:

Double up on tables

To add a natural feel to your modern farmhouse living room, you can add two tables. Instead of using the usual fireplace, bench, and low table combo, choose a double table.

doubling a round table with a tree stump will bring a natural feel to your farmhouse living room
Double Up On Tables will add a natural feel to your farmhouse living room

In addition, you also can combine tabletop items such as additional display trays to create symmetry and coherence. This idea adds a unique and stylish touch to your coffee table design

Perfect a peaceful palette

When it comes to choosing colors for your farmhouse living room, the best suggestion is a peaceful palette. Think of warm shades like caramel, chocolate, toffee, and cream. Start with a warm white color as the base and then add contrasting tones and a variety of textures through furniture and accessories.

create a calm color scheme using a peaceful palette
Perfect A Peaceful Palette with a peaceful palette

A palette of charcoal, gray, and ecru can help you achieve that distinct farmhouse look. Moreover, you can consider adding darker tones to add depth to the soft taupe color scheme. Black hardware and handles in the farmhouse kitchen can also add definition to the decor.

Curate a quiet corner

Modern farmhouse living room is often quiet and comfortable. Creating a quiet and peaceful corner is essential for a farmhouse-style living room. You can add a cozy corner with pieces carefully selected to reflect your style.

curate a quiet corner is made with carefully selected pieces to reflect your style
You can create Curate A Quiet Corner with pieces carefully selected to reflect your style

For example, you can place a comfortable armchair, a bookshelf filled with your favorite books, and some beautiful Simona pots from Bergs Potter in the corner. This corner can become your favorite spot to enjoy late mornings, quiet afternoons, and gloomy evenings.

Furthermore, you can look for handmade, handmade, and vintage products that are unique or show the wear and tear of time, as these items will add character to your space. Choose durable and high-quality products made with a sustainable and ethical approach.

Refine your rustic storage

The next modern farmhouse room design is to update your rustic storage. To keep your living room looking serene and clutter-free, consider adding a chest of drawers made from textured wood. You should choose one with an iron handle to bring aesthetics to the farmhouse.

put unwanted items in storage to help your living room look peaceful and clutter-free
Refine Your Rustic Storage keeps your living room looking serene and clutter-free

Don't forget to take advantage of the top of the cabinet and display some accessories to make the space more prominent.

Add joyful color

Create a happy-go-lucky feel by adding a brightly colored couch. This simple addition can add personality to a simple farmhouse scheme.

add a playful pop of color by choosing bright colors
Add Joyful Color by choosing bright colors for your living room

Choose removable covers so you can update the look seasonally. You can also use florals in the spring as well as yellow and russet tones in the fall to make your modern farmhouse living room more colorful.

However, you should prioritize choosing shades that are a little brighter or darker than your usual farmhouse color palette, while still maintaining the natural color.

Add a laid-back seat for one

Think about adding a comfortable chair to your modern farmhouse decor living room. While these spaces often welcome gatherings, it's nice to have a place to pause amid the hubbub. A beautiful recliner can invite you to sit down and rest.

Andréa Childs said: "Every entertainment space should have a 'quiet area' like this." If you want to create a place to chat, you can add another chair and create a cozy place to chat.

Make it into a sunroom

You can take your farmhouse living room to the next level of elegance by converting it into a sunroom. This idea brings a touch of authenticity to the traditional farmhouse aesthetic. This idea is inspired by the work of a designer like Whitney Parkinson.

make it into a sunroom will take your living room to the next level
Make It Into A Sunroom will take your modern farmhouse living room to the next level of elegance

Don't forget to incorporate the farmhouse's pastel color palette into a sun-filled space and add a statement light fixture to create a sense of urban chic.

Choose a leather couch

Another idea for a modern farmhouse living room is to choose a leather couch. Choose a brown leather sofa with a ribbed shape to create a modern look. Furthermore, leather is a farmhouse staple and looks better with age and complements living spaces.

choose a sofa made of leather to create a modern look for your living farmhouse
Choose A Leather Couch to create a modern look for your living farmhouse

Additionally, if the leather begins to wear down, there are some simple ways to repair it. To contrast the modern shape of the couch, add throw pillows in natural linen and cotton that resemble the color of the stonework. This will create a cozy, inviting feeling in the room.

Introduce some french finesse

One of the best modern farmhouse living rooms you should not miss is introducing some furniture items in the French country decorating style. Start with core pieces like oversized curtains, natural stone or classic oak floors, and oversized decorative mirrors. Then add delicate, handcrafted accessories to style the space.

Remember to stick to a neutral color palette of mostly off-whites and pastels, with occasional touches of dark blues and warm rose pinks as accent colors. This will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your modern farmhouse living room style.

Layer on beautiful fabrics

To bring a touch of luxury and softness to your modern farmhouse living room, layer it with a beautiful fabric.

enhance your modern farmhouse living room with luxurious and soft fabrics
Layer On Beautiful Fabrics will bring a touch of luxury and softness to your modern farmhouse living room

Choose fabrics with delicate patterns, inspired by nature. You might consider using pillows and blankets to decorate your couch and add curtains to your windows to prevent drafts and soften the edges of the room.

Texture is also important to bring a comfortable, modern feel to a modern farmhouse. Therefore, combine layers of soft furnishings with a neutral color palette.

Furthermore, neutral tones also complement wood, which is often showcased in farmhouse-style rooms with exposed beams. If your space is large enough, choose longer and wider curtains to create a more cozy farmhouse feel.

Make use of rustic columns

One way to achieve a rustic look in your living room is to incorporate the use of rustic columns. Incorporating wooden beams and paneling instantly evokes a more country look for your modern farmhouse living room.

take advantage of rustic columns by incorporating wooden beams
Make Use Of Rustic Columns by incorporating wooden beams

Additionally, you can create a clean and modern feel by painting the entire room white, including the wooden columns. This not only brings a fresh, modern feel to the space but also brings a bright and airy atmosphere.

When designing a space with rustic columns, it is essential to opt for neutral tones to create a feeling of serenity. Incorporating tactile textures is another way to enhance vibrancy and movement in a room. These textures not only add visual interest but also make the room feel comfortable and cozy, perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests.

Go for a calming scheme

The modern farmhouse living room should exude comfort, especially in the main living area. Let's start with incorporating wooden details. These materials are typical of this style, but to update the look, paint the room and any wooden columns white.

to bring comfort to your farmhouse, especially the living room, make a plan for it
Go For A Calming Scheme to bring comfort to your farmhouse, especially the living room

This will give the room a clean and modern feel. Choose neutral tones, this will help your living room feel stylish and lively. However, you should avoid anything with too much shine to keep the fabric comfortable and tactile.

Don't forget wooden exposed beams

Modern farmhouse living room style features a blend of modern and traditional farmhouse elements. Why don't we incorporate exposed wooden beams?

create a unique space by adding exposed wood beams to a farmhouse-style living room
Why don’t we add wooden exposed beams into the farmhouse living room to create a unique space

In a farmhouse-style living room, white-painted beams and rustic elements along with clean, neutral lines can bring a modern twist to a classic look. Furthermore, this combination also creates a unique and attractive space.

Fashion rustic furniture

The outstanding farmhouse style is the rustic charm and no farmhouse is ever formal. To achieve this feel, opt for furniture that has a sense of age and a worn-in look.

you should prioritize choosing furniture for the living room that has an old, cozy feel
In the farmhouse living room, you should prioritize choosing furniture that has a sense of age and a worn-in look

Rustic items that blend seamlessly with the overall casual theme of the farmhouse style add character and warmth.

Use neutral colors

Creating a farmhouse modern living room involves using rustic, authentic materials. Interior designer Jessica Davis suggests using rustic materials with clean lines and a simple color palette.

using neutral colors helps a modern farmhouse living room achieve the desired results
Using neutral Colors will help achieve the desired modern farmhouse living room

Neutral colors, such as white, beige, and gray, combined with this material will help achieve the desired modern farmhouse living room aesthetic. In addition, using neutral colors also adds depth and sophistication to your modern farmhouse living room decor.

Some furniture can be used in modern farmhouse livingroom

The modern farmhouse style has become extremely popular in recent years, mixing the charm of country living and contemporary aesthetics.

rattan tables and chairs, hanging lamps or dining tables are some furniture that can be used in the living room
Some of the furniture can be used in modern farmhouse living rooms such as rattan bamboo furniture, pendant lights, or dining table

Here is some furniture that you can add to your modern farmhouse living room:

  • Rattan bamboo furniture: Rattan furniture is the perfect choice for adding natural texture to your modern farmhouse living. Think about incorporating a rattan coffee table or bamboo armchair to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. These sustainable materials also help bring a natural feel to your modern farmhouse room.
  • Accent Chairs: Accent chairs are essential in any living room and they play a very important role in the living room of a modern farmhouse. Choose chairs with a combination of wood and fabric upholstery, or leather options for a more classic look. Don't forget to add a cozy pillow or blanket to complete the farmhouse aesthetic.
  • Pendant light: Pendant lights are a great idea for farmhouse living rooms. Look for metal or wooden pendant lamps as these items not only provide functional lighting but also add a touch of elegance to your living room's modern farmhouse decor.
  • Rattan pendant light: Consider adding a rattan pendant lamp to bring warmth and rusticity to your living room. Furthermore, it also contributes to the farmhouse feel. The intricate patterns created by the clouds add visual interest and create an impressive focal point.
  • Dining Table: If your living room has a large space for a dining area, a farm-style dining table is a modern farmhouse furniture living room that you should not ignore. Look for a sturdy table made of reclaimed wood to add character and charm to your living space.

Notice when making a modern farmhouse living room

How to decorate farmhouse style? When it comes to designing a modern farmhouse living room, take notice of some elements such as the overall aesthetic, color palette, and cabinetry choices.

By combining these elements perfectly, you can achieve a modern farmhouse style living room that is both cozy and sophisticated.

  • Overall Aesthetic: The farmhouse's modern living room ideas blend a rustic feel with contemporary elements. The key was to achieve the perfect balance between traditional farmhouse elements and modern design, as well as evoke a feeling of simplicity, warmth, and sophisticated luxury.
  • Color Palette: Neutral tones and earth tones are always key in modern farmhouse style. Think soft whites, gentle grays, and warm beiges. These colors will create a serene and inviting atmosphere while still serving as a canvas for other prominent elements.
  • Cabinetry: You can incorporate cabinetry that combines modern functionality and rustic charm. Choose simple, shaker-style cabinets in natural wood like oak or walnut.

These items will have clean lines and minimal hardware to maintain a contemporary feel. In addition to adding character, you also consider mixing open shelving or glass-front cabinets to place decorative items.

color, overall aesthetic,... are things to pay attention to when making a modern farmhouse living room
There are some notice you should pay attention to when making a modern farmhouse living room such as color, and overall aesthetic


In this article, Rowabi's has provided you with some of the most modern farmhouse living room ideas as well as some elements that you should focus on when designing in this style.

If you're looking to create a living room decor modern farmhouse, incorporating the right furniture is essential. If you have any questions, contact us directly for more detailed information.

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