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Article: Modern farmhouse kitchen

Modern farmhouse kitchen

Written by Henry Phan Update
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A modern farmhouse kitchen is an ideal style composed of modern design features. This design has the charm and personality of classic farmhouse decor. Thus, it will give your home space a new look and contemporary style.

To help you discover more about modern farmhouse decoration, let's Rowabi shows you the top best ways below through this article.

What is farmhouse kitchen design?

To successfully create this style, you should understand what a modern farmhouse kitchen is. This design combines traditional rustic charm with contemporary comforts. It's also known as "country French" or "French country."

this is a combination of traditional and modern rustic charm
Farmhouse Kitchen Design combines traditional rustic charm and modern

In the United States, a form of house known as a "farmhouse" was first built in a rural area. These houses frequently have spacious interiors, impressive windows, and rooms with multiple functions. Many of these components may be found in contemporary farmhouse kitchens.

Farmhouse kitchens are generally distinguished by the utilization of exposed wooden beams and columns. Moreover, it also has large windows that enable light to enter the space. As a result, they provide a pleasant difference from clean and minimalistic designs for your kitchen.

7 key characteristics of modern farmhouse kitchen

When applying modern farmhouse kitchen ideas, it is important to know their characteristics. Let Rowabi's show you 7 key factors that help you transform your kitchen into a farmhouse style.

Modern farmhouse style blends country with contemporary

What makes a modern farmhouse kitchen distinctive is the incorporation of both rustic charm and modern refinement. It is preferable to keep the contrast moderate and obvious as much as possible.

contrast should be kept moderate and clear
It is preferable to keep the contrast moderate and obvious

For instance, modern farmhouse kitchen decoration can include a butcher block island constructed completely of reclaimed wood, with polished white marble worktops all around. Another example is a vaulted ceiling which offers space and an impression of clear modernity

Neutrals are a must

In this popular design style, a neutral color scheme contributes to integrating both the recent and past. To combine comfort with clear lines while designing an updated farmhouse interior, neutral wall colors like gray or white should be used together. A neutral color also makes it simple to add accessories, and furnishings to a home's modern farmhouse design.

you can easily add accessories in neutral colors
A neutral color also makes it simple to add accessories

 Rustic woods are paired with modern metals

As mentioned before, the combination of modern and rustic components is a common feature of every industrial modern farmhouse kitchen. So you have complete freedom to develop a look that is more modern or rustic.

should incorporate industrial components such as glass lighting fixtures
You can mix industrial components like glass lamp fixtures

You can mix industrial components like big metal lamp fixtures, slick cabinet equipment with rustic wood in the shape of flooring, raw-edge open shelving, or a classic farmhouse table

Simple wall treatments stand out in modern farmhouse style

Modern farmhouse kitchen design images blend properly with popular trends like Scandinavian, coastline, or industrial. It will help to generate a fusion effect and may be used in a variety of spaces, from rural to contemporary.

you can get modern versions of many vintage-inspired items
You can get modern versions of a wide range of vintage-inspired items

If you apply simple wall treatments and artwork to your kitchen, it will give your room a more realistic feel. Moreover, you can get modern versions of a wide range of vintage-inspired items at reasonable prices.

Bare windows, high ceilings, and minimal clutter create open and airy spaces

A modern farmhouse kitchen design frequently has an open-concept layout with vaulted ceilings. It can bring spaciousness to the simple, functional notion of classic farmhouses.

modern farmhouse kitchen designs are typically open
Modern farmhouse kitchen design frequently has an open concept

Another feature that contributes to increasing natural light and visually expanding room boundaries is not having window curtains. Furthermore, the basic items should be concealed behind cupboards and drawers.

Natural materials bring more of the outside indoors

Wood, natural fibers, stone, as well as other earthy elements are usually utilized in modern farmhouse structures. For example, you can apply an open-concept kitchen like the cotton runner. Above a sparkling granite-topped kitchen island, a large pendant lamp would appear as a very modern farmhouse.

wood and many other elements such as soil are used
Wood and other earthy elements are utilized in modern farmhouse structure

Vintage and new decor work together in a modern farmhouse style

The ability to mix both traditional and contemporary elements is one of the most versatile characteristics of a modern farmhouse decoration. For instance, a cultural heritage coffee table is compatible with minimalist art.

traditional farmhouse style sinks will work well with touchless kitchen faucets
A traditional farmhouse sink would go nicely with touchless kitchen faucets

A traditional farmhouse sink would go nicely with touchless kitchen faucets. The key to combining both historical and contemporary goods is to strike a harmonious balance between antique goods and modern ornaments.

Some design styles of Modern farmhouse kitchen

The modern farmhouse kitchen is an ideal style if you would like to innovate your space. To help you have many choices for designing, Rowabi's will suggest you top 6 trendy styles below.

Classic Modern Farmhouse

White or neutral colors that give a fresher appearance are used in the classic modern farmhouse design. It allows you a greater chance to incorporate intricacy and charm. To help your kitchen feel classic and pleasant, you can add an appropriate number of vintage trinkets to the shelves and decorate the white walls with ancient photo frames.

white or neutral colors will give a fresher look
White or neutral colors that give a fresher appearance are often used

A good instance of making things classic in a farmhouse kitchen is by applying decorative trim, and wooden cabinets and finishing them with metal handles. Finally, you could complete it with textured backsplash tiles atop granite counters and rough, accompanied by aged-looking oak floors.

Rustic Modern Farmhouse

If you're looking for the appearance of a rustic modern farmhouse kitchen, let’s take note of these tips. It is all about combining the best features of both rustic and modern to achieve a look that is both warm and stylish.

rustic modern farmhouse style is a good idea for you
Rustic Modern Farmhouse is an ideal style for you

Open brick walls, salvaged wood furnishings, wool rugs, and cozy chandeliers are all great ways to give a rustic flavor to your house but remain modern. One suggestion for you is that a vase or lamp with glossy accents might bring some refinement to the space.

Industrial Modern Farmhouse

The fashionable decorating style known as "Industrial Farmhouse" mixes modern farmhouse and industrialized interior design trends. To generate practicality, you should apply comfortable environments that are trendy but retain a timeless aspect.

this is a combination of modern farmhouse style and industrialized interior style
Industrial Farmhouse mixes modern farmhouse and industrialized interior

Moreover, the industrial modern farmhouse-style decoration should strike a balance between hard and smooth, cold and warm coatings. Lastly, rustic wood, warehouse-inspired furnishings, and a scheme of neutral colors are all flawlessly integrated to create this kind of design.

Minimalist Modern Farmhouse

One of the best modern farmhouse kitchens you can consider for your space is the style mixing Minimalist. This design combines the American Farmhouse layout with natural, trendy, and Scandinavian inspirations. It remains cost-effective and requires no substantial improvements.

the design showcases an American Farmhouse style layout
This design represents the American Farmhouse layout

Minimalist Modern Farmhouse facilitates unique design, woody DIYs, and the application of practical, multi-functional, or repurposed materials. Its timeless aesthetic aspires to make people's lives smoother.

Eclectic Modern Farmhouse

How to decorate a modern farmhouse kitchen in an eclectic interior? This style is luxurious and full of surprises that combine architectural trends and cultures. You can choose a soothing color scheme that runs throughout to provide a cozy and relaxing space. In particular, let's think about the light-filled kitchen which has fantastic design touches.

energy moves and flows freely throughout space
The vibrations are free-flowing, and energy moves from every single space

Furthermore, the moment you visit your kitchen, this style will help to represent the depth of culture and diversity unexpectedly. The vibrations are free-flowing, and energy moves from a single space to the following.

Coastal Modern Farmhouse

A coastal modern farmhouse kitchen is best defined as the combination of nostalgic rural life and the comfort of casual coastal living. It's a mix of neutral colors and natural materials with coastal elements like blue crystal and beachy art.

this is a mix of coastal elements with neutral colors and natural materials
It's a mix of neutral colors and natural materials with coastal elements

To create this style, let's start with a fresh, white base in the kitchen, such as white cabinets, worktops, and the backsplash. It will help to create a coastal modern aesthetic. Then, you can mix the all-white theme with wood accessories like wooden chairs stools, or wood floors.

What interior needs for a modern farmhouse kitchen?

What modern farmhouse kitchen needs to create a good vibe of this style for your space? Let’s take note of some required factors to complete your kitchen with this design right now.

  • Neutral Color Palette: Unlike common farmhouse design, which is additionally colorful, modern farmhouse design favors lighter, neutral shades. The ideal kitchen paint colors tend to be warming whites, beiges, and charcoal grays. You can paint your top and bottom kitchen cabinets in different colors or add texture with clapboard wall paneling.
  • Shaker Cabinets: The shaker cabinet is easily identified by its basic framework and flat central panels. Shakers were recognized for their simple way of life, with little or no decoration. This is also true of today's Shaker door designs. Their popularity stems from their adaptability and complement of any interior style, particularly the modern farmhouse kitchen.
  • Open Shelving: This item appears more frequently in modern farmhouse cooking areas because it can provide both aesthetic appeal and practicality to the room, transforming it into a "beautiful functional" kitchen. Open shelving offers you a practical storage area that also serves as a display shelf. You can arrange collections of antique cookbooks next to the glasses and silverware you use every day.
  • Farmhouse Sink: Farmhouse sinks are not going out of style at any time soon. Over time, it has offered many versions of this classic motif. Furthermore, farmhouse sinks serve as a natural center point and provide additional space and versatility. They come in a range of materials, including ceramics, fireclay, copper, stone, and stainless steel.

shaker cabinets can be easily identified by their basic frame
The shaker cabinet is easily identified by its basic framework

Notice when making a modern farmhouse kitchen

When it comes to how to decorate a modern farmhouse kitchen, there are many factors that you need to consider before starting. These notices below will help you transform your cooking area into this style successfully.

Overall Aesthetic

For people who want to combine the natural appeal of a modern farmhouse kitchen, you should consider the overall aesthetic. The whole appearance should be inviting, comfortable, and homey but remain clean and simple.

appearance should be attractive, comfortable and cozy
The whole appearance should be inviting, comfortable, and homey

The utilization of well-worn antiques that convey a narrative is one of the main characteristics of farmhouse decoration. These artifacts give the space personality and a feeling of history.  You can search for historic furniture that may be reused for storage or display, such as farmhouse benches or antique hutches.

Furthermore, rustic accents also provide a sense of uniqueness and appeal to the overall design. To offer a feeling of age as well as a distinctive visual aspect, you should use reclaimed wood for the countertops in the kitchen, and backsplashes,...

Color Palette

Your color palette represents one of the most crucial things to create modern farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas. It could seem simple, but your color palette will influence almost every aspect of the kitchen.

the color palette in each design is the most important thing
Your color palette represents one of the most crucial things

So, you should give it some attention. Modern farmhouse looks typically incorporate neutral, pastel shades, such as off-white, and gray with flashes of darker colors, such as the colors red, blue, or green.

Let's choose a color scheme that initially guarantees that the outcome will be harmonious when completed. A clearly defined color palette is the ideal starting point for making subsequent decisions. When it comes to substances, devices, and final touches, you will have an improved idea of the things you want to look for.


The kitchen cabinets are one of the first things visitors notice as soon as they come into your cooking area. Hence, you should make sure you are installing the correct cabinets that look fantastic but still being useful. For example, the gray-scale cabinet with its minimalist design will add a modern touch and warm mood to your farmhouse atmosphere.

kitchen cabinets are one of the first items to pay attention to when shopping
The kitchen cabinets are one of the first things visitors notice


Using hardware is one way to get the modern farmhouse kitchen appearance.  Along with countertops made of marble and golden fixtures, a combination of conventional and contemporary hardware will complement the kitchen's style.

to get a modern farmhouse kitchen look, using hardware is a great way to go
Using hardware is one way to get the modern farmhouse kitchen appearance

Your decorative hardware should reflect your unique aesthetic. This hardware draws its aesthetic from both contemporary and classic design trends to produce an elegant choice that mixes in perfectly with the rest of your rustic decor. The ideal hardware for this look typically has exquisite details and is finished with both matte black and gold.


Let's choose a countertop with a smooth finish or a faint pattern to reflect the minimalist, modern farmhouse design. You can select types such as white marble or white, gray, or black granite. This can add a more rustic vibe in combination with a cozy mood for your kitchen.

you should choose white marble or white, gray or black granite when decorating
You can select types such as white marble or white, gray, or black granite


The article has shown you all the information about a modern farmhouse kitchen and how to apply this to your cooking area. Before starting to transform your space, you should notice the characteristics of this design and choose the best tone for your home living. Let’s visit the website of Rowabi to get more products that can help to change the mood of your kitchen.

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