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Article: 8+ Rattan Hanging Lights To Suit Your Budget This Holiday Season

8+ Rattan Hanging Lights To Suit Your Budget This Holiday Season

Written by Henry Phan Update
4th of july sale

In the realm of personal style, the mantra remains: there's no one-size-fits-all, and this holds true for lighting. For those who resonate with a natural and eclectic vibe, rattan pendant lights are definitely outstanding choices.

finding the right rattan pendant lighting for your budget

Navigating through a vast selection, there's no wrong answer—only a myriad of fantastic options. As we embark on a journey to illuminate your world, Rowabi's explores the nuances of finding the ideal rattan pendant light that not only aligns with your personal taste but also fits snugly within your budget and your needs!

What is a rattan pendant light?

In recent years, a surge of interest in natural and sustainable materials has propelled rattan lighting into the spotlight of interior design. Derived from the vines of a tropical climbing palm, rattan offers a unique appeal and is harvested in a way that doesn't compromise the entire plant. This eco-conscious choice aligns with the growing preference for sustainable design as well as introducing a distinctive aesthetic charm to each house.

rattan hanging lights are increasingly popular because of their sustainable design
Rattan pendant lights have gained a significant amount of attention over the past few years. Source: Lighting Collective [1]

Rattan has shed its old image and is now a versatile choice in contemporary decor. As a result, rattan pendant lights, with their intricate weaves and diverse shapes, have gained popularity for both their functionality and aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it fits into various design themes, especially in bohemian and coastal styles, making it a go-to option for creating sustainable and stylish interiors.

Why choose rattan pendant lights?

Embracing the trend of rattan pendant lights for your home is a deliberate step towards creating an ambiance that combines warmth, style, and sustainability. Let's find out what benefits these distinctive lighting fixtures bring to set them apart from other conventional options:

Nature-inspired tranquility

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, rattan pendant lights serve as conduits for bringing the serenity of the outdoors inside. The warm hues of rattan resonate with the earthy tones of wood and the lush greenery of plants, fostering a tranquil and calming atmosphere. The play of light and shadow through the intricate weave of rattan further enhances the natural, soothing ambiance.

Versatility in design

The versatility of rattan pendant lights is a key factor in their popularity. Available in various shapes and sizes, they offer flexibility in styling, allowing for creative and personalized arrangements. Whether you seek a striking focal point or a subtle, layered effect, rattan pendants adapt effortlessly to diverse interior design visions.

Sustainable elegance

Opting for rattan pendant lights is not just an aesthetic choice; it's a commitment to sustainability. Rattan, a renewable resource harvested from the rainforest, embodies eco-friendly design. Unlike materials with higher environmental footprints, rattan is biodegradable, making it a conscious choice for those seeking to minimize their impact on the planet.

Effortless Installation and DIY appeal

Rattan pendant lights further distinguish themselves by their user-friendly installation process. Unlike more complex lighting fixtures, they are DIY-friendly, making them accessible to homeowners who enjoy hands-on projects. This ease of installation adds to their overall appeal, providing an accessible means to transform your space.


In a world where style often comes at a premium, rattan pendant lights stand out as an affordable yet chic lighting solution. Their reasonable cost makes them an attractive option for those looking to infuse bohemian charm into their living spaces without breaking the bank. With rattan pendants, you can achieve a cozy and inviting atmosphere without compromising your budget.

How to choose a rattan pendant light?

Consider the room's purpose

Begin by identifying the purpose of the room where you intend to install the rattan pendant light. For task-oriented areas like the kitchen or home office, opt for fixtures with a focused, downward light for optimal illumination. In bedrooms, choose designs that emit a softer and ambient glow, fostering a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

rattan hanging lights can easily become a highlight for your dining area bathroom living room
Rattan pendant light can easily become a focal point for your dining area

Meanwhile, entryways benefit from warm and inviting pendant lights to set a welcoming tone, while bathrooms require fixtures with moisture-resistant features for both task and ambient lighting.

For children's rooms, playful and whimsical rattan pendant lights can contribute to a vibrant and cheerful ambiance. Whether creating a reading nook, enhancing outdoor spaces, or adding a stylish focal point, align the lighting choice with the intended purpose to seamlessly integrate functionality and aesthetics.

Evaluate the size of the space

When selecting a rattan pendant light for your space, it's crucial to carefully consider both the size of the room and the height of your ceilings to ensure a harmonious and proportionate lighting arrangement.

For larger rooms, such as expansive living areas or open-concept spaces, opt for pendant lights with a larger diameter or multiple pendants to adequately fill the space with light. Conversely, in smaller rooms or more intimate settings, a compact or medium-sized rattan pendant light may be more suitable to avoid overwhelming the area.

small rattan hanging lights will help you solve space and area problems
Don’t worry if your house is not too spacious, there are plenty of small rattan pendant lights! Source: Matilda Goad [2]

Pay close attention to ceiling height as well; higher ceilings may warrant a larger or more elongated pendant to create a visually balanced and proportionate look, while lower ceilings may call for a more streamlined and compact design to maintain an unobtrusive feel.

Choose the right shape

The shape of the pendant light plays a significant role in defining its visual impact. Consider the room's layout and your personal preferences when selecting a shape.

Dome or bell shape

Dome or bell-shaped rattan pendants that feature a rounded, downward-curving design. This shape provides a focused and concentrated light, making it suitable for task lighting or as a central pendant in dining areas.

hanging lights with a bell shaped design are often used in restaurants or minimalist
Bell-shaped design is commonly used in restaurants or minimalist houses. Source: Bed Bath & Beyond [3]

Drum or cylinder shape

This shape often allows for a broader distribution of light, making it suitable for general illumination in spaces like living rooms or bedrooms.

Teardrop or conical shape

Teardrop or conical rattan pendants feature a tapered design that narrows towards the bottom. This elegant shape is visually striking and often used for creating focal points in rooms.

Geometric shapes

Rattan pendants can also come in various geometric shapes, including squares, rectangles, or hexagons.

Basket or woven basket shape

Mimicking the natural look of a woven basket, these pendant lights often have an open, airy design. The woven rattan creates interesting patterns of light and shadow, contributing to a bohemian or coastal aesthetic.

hanging lights made from rattan with unique design help increase creativity in your home
Bring creativity to your house through this unique design

Consider your budget

When establishing a budget for your lighting project, consider the diverse price ranges available for rattan pendant lights. In the lower price range, you can find attractive options ranging from approximately $50 to $150, providing budget-friendly yet stylish lighting solutions.

Moving into the mid-range, pendant lights typically fall within the $150 to $300 bracket, offering a balance between design aesthetics and enhanced features. For those seeking premium or artisanal rattan pendant lights with intricate designs or unique materials, the higher-end options can extend beyond $300.

By pinpointing your preferred price range, you can navigate the market more efficiently, ensuring that your chosen rattan pendant light not only meets your style preferences but also aligns with your specific budget constraints.

Our favorite rattan pendant lights for your budget

Having discussed the considerations for selecting the perfect rattan pendant lights and outlined the corresponding price ranges, let's now provide some tailored items based on these budgets:

Low price range: $50 to $150

Farrow Bamboo Rattan Pendant Light

Our Farrow Bamboo Rattan Pendant Light can easily infuse your space with a beach-bungalow vibe. Crafted from bamboo and rattan, its textured weave creates a laid-back, earthy ambiance, filtering light for a warm glow. Ideal for solo use in entryways or dining areas, or grouping several in a kitchen.

  • Original Price: $105
  • Sale Price: $84

farrow bamboo

Santana Rattan Pendant Light

Santana Rattan Pendant Light is a blend of natural charm and artisanal craftsmanship to elevate your living space with warmth and style. It's a conversation piece celebrating nature and your unique design taste. Suitable for spacious areas like bedrooms and living rooms.

  • Original Price: $151
  • Sale Price: $105.7


Grandeur Rattan Bowl Pendant Light

Grandeur Pendant Light features a beautiful pearl-shaped design. The natural materials and unique shape foster a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it ideal for any room. Perfect for creating a symmetrical focal point, consider combining 2-3 lights for added impact.

  • Original Price: $175
  • Sale Price: $140

grandeur rattan bowl

Mid-price range: $150 to $300

Angelo Rattan Pendant Light

The Angelo Rattan Pendant Light is a luxurious embodiment of grace and opulence that enhances any space. With its unparalleled design and premium craftsmanship, it leaves a lasting impression. It's the epitome of sophistication, perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any corner.

  • Original Price: $225
  • Sale Price: $180

angelo lighting

Aurelia Rattan Pendant Light

The Aurelia Rattan Pendant Light is crafted from high-quality rattan, it brings sophistication to any space. The handwoven design creates a warm atmosphere, and its sleek lines suit modern interiors. If you are looking for one for your children's rooms, reading nooks, or vintage styles, this pendant light will not disappoint you!

  • Original Price: $234
  • Sale Price: $187.20


High price range: above $300

Elena Globe Pendant Light

The Elena Globe Pendant Light is an exquisite masterpiece handwoven from the finest rattan by skilled artisans. Its intricately crafted, bowl-shaped design, coupled with sumptuous natural materials, brings opulent warmth to any luxurious setting. Perfectly designed for a sophisticated style.

  • Original Price: $375
  • Sale Price: $300

elena globe

Highland Heaven Pendant Light

The Highland Heaven Pendant Light is inspired by the scenic highlands of Ninh Binh, Vietnam. Crafted by skilled artisans, this rattan pendant features a charming bowl-shaped design, infusing any room with a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Perfect for dining or living rooms, creating an intimate ambiance.

  • Original Price: $375
  • Sale Price: $300

highland heaven

Abyssal Pendant Light

The Abyssal Pendant Light is a luxurious symbol with a funnel-shaped design reminiscent of a cosmic black hole. Handcrafted from the finest rattan, it transforms your home into an elegant haven, ideal for modern minimalistic styles.

  • Original Price: $425
  • Sale Price: $340


Final thoughts

In conclusion, there's always a pendant light that suits your taste without breaking the bank. Keep in mind the considerations, explore the suggested budget ranges, and make your lighting choices wisely to transform your home into a beautifully lit haven.


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