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Article: Eclectic Interior Design: 20+ Exciting Design Ideas for 2024

Eclectic Interior Design: 20+ Exciting Design Ideas for 2024

Written by Henry Phan Update
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In 2024, we are witnessing a notable shift towards greater personal expression and individuality. People are embracing and outwardly showcasing their unique selves not only through fashion and lifestyle choices but also in their living spaces. Against this backdrop, eclectic interior design, known for fostering limitless creativity, is more popular than ever.

Have you ever wondered about eclectic interior design, its unique characteristics, and how to master this versatile style? Join us in this article as Rowabi delves into the world of eclectic interior design styles and explores over 20 exciting design ideas for eclectic interiors in 2024.

What is eclectic interior design?

Eclectic interior design is a style that seamlessly blends various design styles, motifs, and influences to create a unique and personalized aesthetic. It is characterized by an eclectic combination of furnishings, colors, patterns, and accents, often incorporating vibrant and unexpected elements. This style is also one of the top interior design trends widely used around the world.

eclectic design invites bold color and pattern combinations
Eclectic interior design is the harmonious blending of various colors and patterns. Source: Homecrux (1)

This design approach embraces diversity and creativity, allowing for the incorporation of different themes such as boho eclectic or glam eclectic. The term "eclecticism" originates from the Greek word eklektikos, meaning "selective," highlighting the deliberate selection and combination of design elements.

History of eclectic style

Eclectic interior design emerged in the nineteenth century in Europe, particularly in Paris, as a response to the growing interest in blending traditional styles with modern influences. Architects and designers sought to create innovative and distinctive spaces by integrating elements from diverse design styles.

The École des Beaux-Arts in Paris played a pivotal role, serving as a hub where international students collaborated and experimented with new ideas. This collaboration led to the development of eclectic design, characterized by its celebration of individuality and eclecticism.

Characteristics of eclectic interior design

Characteristics of eclectic interior design can be likened to a combination of various styles. What are its distinctive features or standout qualities? Here are some key characteristics:

there are no limits to mixing colors patterns and furniture in eclectic design
It knows no bounds when it comes to combining colors, patterns, and various pieces of furniture. Source: Eclectic Twist (2)

Mixed pattern

  • When applying electric style to your own home, you have the freedom to experiment with expressive patterns and styles, pairing items that might not traditionally go together.
  • While maintaining a consistent color palette with your core tones, feel free to introduce unexpected combinations of patterns. Embrace bold clashes of colors and textures to create a unique and vibrant atmosphere that reflects your individual taste and design sensibility.

Global influences

  • In today's world, embracing diverse cultural influences within interior styles is highly important. Integrating global elements like a Chinese lacquered cabinet, Moroccan poufs placed on a Persian rug, or a headboard adorned with a vintage Uzbek suzani paired with an Indian block-printed quilt can enrich your space with depth and cultural richness.

Old and new

  • One thing people love about eclectic style is the freedom to mix diverse patterns and old with new effortlessly.
  • You can pair an antique dining table, carefully hunted for over time, with modern chairs as long as they harmonize in color. This approach adds character and interest to your space without overwhelming it.

Unexpected décor

  • Another fascinating aspect of eclectic decor is the element of surprise and unpredictability in design combinations and unexpected changes. It could be as subtle as adding unique touches like a novelty door knocker or distinctive candlesticks, or as bold as painting or wallpapering your ceiling for a surprising pop of color.
  • Don't hesitate to experiment with new ideas that reflect your personality and individuality.

Gallery walls

  • Gallery walls are a standout feature of eclectic decor, offering a captivating way to showcase your favorite artwork and curios. They allow you to mix different artistic styles, from Pop Art to Impressionism, incorporating vintage movie posters, framed records, and neon signs for a touch of personality.
  • Gallery walls are ideal for eclectic living rooms, where mismatched frames add to the eclectic spirit.

20+ exciting eclectic interior design ideas for 2024  

Explore these 20+ exciting eclectic interior design ideas for 2024 and learn how to create a unique and expressive space that truly reflects your personal style and creativity.

Embrace bold colors

One of the most exciting aspects of eclectic interior design is the freedom to have fun with color. There are no limits when it comes to combining colors. Feel free to choose bold hues and bright tones, and mix and match them to your liking.

eclectic style always encourages everyone to go as bold as possible
The eclectic style always encourages everyone to go as bold as possible. Source: DecorMatters (3)

For a quick and cohesive look, remember to use complementary and contrasting principles from the color wheel.

Texturally diverse Eclectic home decor

It's not just about colors—textures should be as varied as possible in eclectic interior design. You can combine fur, velvet, and leather sofas with a raw wood table or a statement chandelier.

Everything is allowed within this style. Turn your home into a space where you can fully indulge your design passion and creativity.

Play around with patterns

Because eclectic style celebrates diversity, you can confidently mix and match patterns without worrying about chaos or breaking rules.

Pull patterns from different cultural regions and skillfully blend them together to create a unique decorative masterpiece that is one-of-a-kind for you.

combine patterns and colors for a vibrant look
When patterns are combined harmoniously and complement each other in color, they create a vibrant overall look. Source: Bowerbird Collections (4)

Metallic accents in eclectic design

With the diversity in color, texture, and patterns as mentioned above, incorporating metallic elements can help balance the overall look. You can use gold or brass hardware pieces, such as cabinet handles, for example.

If you prefer not to make them too dominant in the space, consider adding them in the form of frames or candleholders to create contrast between different furniture pieces.

Incorporate vintage pieces

It becomes especially unique and special when you use vintage pieces. Each piece of furniture holds its own story, and when you bring these pieces together, they add depth to the room and open up wonderful conversations with visitors to your home.

You can start with small vintage items like table runners, antique mirrors, or table lamps to introduce a nostalgic charm and personality into your decor.

vintage pieces add depth and character to rooms
Rooms acquire depth and character when they incorporate vintage pieces. Source: The Interior Editor (5)

Eclectic decor inspired by global cultures

If you're someone who enjoys exploring different cultures, appreciating art from various places, and seeking out unique pieces, then you'll love this idea.

Mix and layer textiles from around the world, such as Moroccan rugs, Indian block-printed fabrics, or Peruvian textiles. Display artifacts like African masks, Chinese ceramics, or Middle Eastern lanterns to create a rich tapestry of global influences.

Nature-filled eclectic interior design ideas

When you feel overwhelmed by colorful decor, introducing a touch of nature can beautifully balance the space. Opt for furniture crafted from natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, or reclaimed wood. Enhance your eclectic design scheme by adding indoor plants in decorative pots to bring life and freshness indoors.


choose unique pendant lights like the aurelia rattan pendant for eclectic style
Choosing a pendant light with a floral-like shape, such as the Aurelia Rattan Pendant Light, is a perfect choice for eclectic style. Source: Rowabi

The woven rattan or wicker construction of a pendant light introduces a relaxed, earthy vibe that complements eclectic decor perfectly. Rattan is incredibly versatile—it blends with various design styles, making it an excellent choice for eclectic interiors that embrace diversity and creativity.

Create visual interest with artwork

Artwork is a way for homeowners to indirectly express their personality, individuality, and unique perspective. For example, others may perceive you as someone who values uniqueness and craftsmanship if they see you collecting handcrafted sculptures.

They may view you as deep and appreciative of art if they notice abstract paintings in your space, or nostalgic and fond of stories from the past if they see vintage posters displayed.

Mix and match furniture

Mixing and matching furniture involves combining patterns, textures, colors, and styles in various ways. One effective approach is to mix and match items based on their functions.

For instance, pairing a sofa with a coffee table, pendant lights with a dining table or a table lamp with a bedside table in the bedroom. When arranged in sets like this, it becomes easier to control and coordinate the overall aesthetic.

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Have fun with lighting

Have fun with lighting in eclectic style—there are no limits! Choose unique pendant lights featuring interesting shapes or materials. Incorporate quirky table lamps or floor lamps with colorful shades or sculptural bases to add personality and character to your space.

Let your creativity shine through with lighting choices that make a statement and enhance the eclectic vibe of your home.

quirky lighting fixtures add playfulness to spaces
These quirky lighting fixtures make the room much more playful. Source: Pooky Lighting (6)

Create playful gallery walls by arranging framed pieces in a cohesive yet eclectic manner. Vary the frame styles and artwork sizes, and don't hesitate to include personal mementos or travel souvenirs alongside art to add depth and personalization.

Eclectic interior design embraces bold wallpaper

Eclectic interior design embraces bold wallpaper to make a statement. Choose vibrant patterns like geometric designs, floral motifs, or abstract prints. Use wallpaper on an accent wall or in unexpected areas such as the ceiling or inside cabinets to add drama and personality to your eclectic space.

wallpaper creates unique focal points in rooms
Adding wallpaper to these wall areas creates distinct focal points. Source: Houzz (7)

Calm, cool, and collected

However, eclectic interior design doesn't always have to be bold and vibrant. Create balance by choosing some furniture featuring soft tones such as blues, greens, and neutrals.

You should also incorporating a few carefully curated pieces and using controlled pops of color to add interest without overwhelming the space.

Curate vignettes

Arrange carefully curated vignettes in your space by grouping together meaningful objects like books, art pieces, and collectibles on shelves or tabletops. Mix items of different heights, textures, and colors to create visually captivating focal points.

mix books with decor for an eclectic feel
Integrate books with other decorative objects. Source: MyDomaine (8)

Welcome quirky elements

For a dash of pizzazz in your eclectic interior design, incorporate whimsical and unconventional elements. Look for unique pieces that stand out, like a vintage typewriter, a colorful abstract sculpture, or unusual artwork. These oddities can be conversation starters and give your home a distinctive flair.

Consider adding a quirky statement piece, such as a bold, patterned armchair or a whimsical chandelier. Mix in eccentric items like quirky figurines, playful wall art, or unusual decorative objects that reflect your personality.

Luxuriously plush

Plush textiles add warmth and comfort, making any eclectic interior design feel homier and more inviting. Incorporate a variety of plush elements such as velvet sofas, faux fur throws, and silk cushions.

Layer these textiles to create a rich, tactile experience—think of a velvet armchair draped with a chunky knit blanket and adorned with plush pillows.

plush materials are a staple in eclectic interiors
You will often find plush materials used extensively in eclectic homes. Source: Lord Décor (9)

Nature-inspired Eclectic interior design

If you want your eclectic home to feel light and breezy, look to nature for inspiration. Use colors found in nature, like soft greens, warm browns, and gentle blues. Incorporate these hues into your walls, furniture, and decor to create a serene and grounded atmosphere.

Add texture and depth with natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, and reclaimed wood. Consider pieces like a rattan pendant light or a bamboo coffee table to bring a touch of the outdoors inside.

Embrace geometric patterns

Geometric shapes will continue to be a major trend in 2024! To incorporate them into your decor, consider using geometric wallpaper with bold patterns to create a striking accent wall. You can also add geometric art prints to your gallery wall, or choose furniture with clean, angular lines.

geometric patterns add a tidy and intriguing touch to rooms
Geometric patterns bring a tidy and intriguing look to the room. Source: Hupe Home (10)

Opt for organic and sustainable materials

In 2024, the trend toward environmentally friendly materials will be stronger than ever. Opt for furniture and decor made from natural or recycled materials to create an eco-friendly eclectic home.

Consider using materials like stone, bamboo, cork, and reclaimed wood for their natural beauty and sustainability.

Choose a neutral base

Choose shades like white, beige, or soft gray to allow your eclectic decor elements to stand out. Use neutral tones as a backdrop for colorful textiles, bold artwork, and unique accessories in your eclectic interior design.

neutrals make a great base for eclectic home design
You can absolutely create an eclectic home with a neutral base . Source: MyDomaine (11)

Some great tips for your next project

Now that we have these ideas, what other tips do we need to get started and apply them effectively? Let's go through some tips with Rowabi to ensure we can implement them correctly and thoroughly.

Select a consistent color scheme

  • While eclectic style embraces diversity, achieving a beautifully eclectic home requires incorporating a consistent color scheme throughout the design.
  • Even if the textures vary, items, like throw pillows, side tables, and floor lamps, should share cohesive colors to create harmony in the space.

Create a central focal point

  • A focal point can be anything that captivates you and earns compliments from guests, such as a gallery wall, a statement piece, or a unique lighting fixture.
  • There are two approaches: match the focal point with existing furniture or use the focal point to guide the selection of other furniture, ensuring they all remain cohesive.

Blend various patterns, prints, and textures

  • Incorporating diverse materials can dramatically alter the look and feel of a room. To achieve visual harmony, integrate repeated patterns and textures throughout the space, even if they don't perfectly match.

Combine different design styles

  • Since eclectic style embraces the blending of various design influences, you can experiment with combining collectibles or standout items to see what works together.
  • Typically, contrast comes from using furniture that diverges in style, such as placing a different-style coffee table in an art deco living room, which stands out prominently.

Incorporate empty spaces

  • Because eclectic interior design encourages blending multiple styles, visitors might feel overwhelmed by the diversity
  • To counter this, incorporate blank areas strategically to balance the visual complexity and provide resting points for the eyes.

Faqs: eclectic interior design style

What is the difference between bohemian and eclectic interior design?

  • Bohemian interior design tends to be more relaxed and free-spirited, featuring rich colors, layered textures, and global influences. Eclectic interior design, on the other hand, is the combination of diverse styles, periods, and aesthetics in a curated manner.

What are the eclectic colors?

  • Eclectic color palettes are diverse but often include bold and vibrant hues like jewel tones, along with unexpected combinations of neutrals to provide balance.

What is an example of eclectic style?

  • An example of eclectic style could be a bedroom featuring a blend of modern furniture such as pendant lights and a TV, alongside vintage accents like quirky lamps and decorative items. The room might also include colorful rugs and an array of artwork from different cultures.

What does eclectic decor look like?

  • The eclectic decor features a blend of diverse elements, such as varied furniture styles, textures, colors, and decorative objects.

What is modern eclectic style?

  • Modern eclectic style uses contemporary design elements with eclectic touches, featuring clean lines, minimalist furniture, and a neutral base complemented by bold accents and eclectic decor items.

What are the five features of eclecticism?

  • The key features of eclecticism include mixing styles, periods, and cultures; using diverse colors and patterns; incorporating various textures and materials; showcasing personal collections; and achieving balance amidst the diversity.

What is an eclectic sense of style?

  • An eclectic sense of style refers to the ability to see the similarity in different aesthetics and influences to create a harmonious look.

Which interior design style is best?

  • The best interior design style is subjective and depends on personal preferences.

Is boho the same as eclectic?

  • Boho (bohemian) style shares similarities with eclectic design, but boho tends to have a more relaxed, carefree vibe with a focus on natural materials and textures, while eclectic design embraces a curated mix of diverse elements.

How to pull off eclectic interior design?

  • To successfully execute the eclectic interior design, start by defining your style, collecting meaningful pieces, mixing styles thoughtfully, maintaining color and thematic cohesion, and embracing creativity and individuality.

How to create an eclectic bedroom?

  • Create an eclectic bedroom by mixing furniture styles, layering textures, incorporating artwork and personal items, experimenting with colors and patterns, and adding unique lighting.

Mixing modern minimalism with European eclectic decor. Can it be done?

  • Yes, mixing modern minimalism with European eclectic decor is possible by focusing on clean lines, neutral tones, and minimalist furniture, then introducing eclectic elements like ornate furniture, vibrant colors, and decorative accents to create a balanced and visually interesting space.

Who is the best interior designer for creating bold and eclectic spaces?

  • Some notable interior designers known for their bold and eclectic style include Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler, and Justina Blakeney, among others. Research their work to find a designer whose style resonates with your vision.


To wrap it up, eclectic interior design in 2024 is all about embracing creativity and mixing things up to make your space uniquely yours. Dive into these exciting design ideas and let your imagination run wild as you create a home that truly reflects who you are.


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