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Woven Pendant Lights

Woven pendant lights with their warm and dappled glow are pretty decorative items in modern homes. Beyond lighting up your space, these lights can create a unique mood, in much the same way that striking artwork does. Along with numerous benefits, there are a range of designs to choose from. In this article, Rowabi will give you some ideas to select the best-woven pendant lights for your home.

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Ethereal Rattan Pendant Light
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Santa Barbara Rattan Pendant Light
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Radiant Rattan Pendant Light
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Farrow Rattan Pendant Light
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Why do people choose and use dining room pendant lights instead of other lights?

In recent years, more and more homeowners use these items to decorate their living spaces. Below are several reasons that people utilize dining room pendant lights instead of other lights.

Warm and decorative lighting

The open, airy design lets through a lot of light from the glow of a single bulb, giving you a cozy space to relax. In addition to the lighting function, these items are a perfect statement for your home.

Vintage furniture for your house

Woven pendant lights hold natural and modern beauty that brings simplicity, peace, and harmony to your home. Unlike other lights, the intensity of light is gentle, allowing your space to feel open and welcoming.

woven pendant lights
Woven pendant lights bring vintage space for your home

Avoid destroying the ceiling and wall

Woven pendants are ideal decorative furniture to create bright and airy spaces without destroying your home's enthusiasm. To hang your light, you will need to source essential items such as an electrical cable or cord, ceiling hook, lamp holder, ceiling rose, and light bulb. You do not need to destroy the ceiling and wall to install the light.

Unique design based on your requirement

Woven pendant lights have various shapes, and sizes, offering customers more choices. They can easily choose fixtures that have a unique or interesting design that fixes their requirements.

Eco-friendly material

All decor light items are made from natural materials such as wood, rattan, or leather, so they are extremely eco-friendly. These items add warmth while connecting to the beauty of the outdoors.

made from eco-friendly materials
Woven pendant lights are made from eco-friendly materials

5 impressive designs of woven pendant lights

Woven pendant lights are stylish, versatile interior home decorations for many years. Below are 5 impressive designs that will give you more ideas before selecting the best item for your home.

Santa Barbara Rattan Pendant Light

Inspired by a vintage fishing basket native to southern California, the Santa Barbara rattan pendant light brings an enthusiastic and minimalist look to your home. With an open, airy design, this item will be a stunning, natural statement in any space.

santa barbara matches any living space
The Santa Barbara rattan pendant light matches any living space

Farrow Bamboo Rattan Pendant Light

With sophisticated texture, the Farrow pendant will bring a beach-bungalow vibe to your space. The textural design helps the light shed more intensely. Therefore, this light is great to hang alone in an entryway, dining area, or group a few in a kitchen.

create a beach-bungalow vibe with the farrow pendant
Create a beach-bungalow vibe with the Farrow pendant

Radiant Rattan Pendant Light

The 'Radiant Reverie rattan pendant light is a perfect choice for those who love time-honored and simple beauty. With its warm and glowing light, this item adds an element of dreamy elegance to your home, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

radiant reverie creates an enchanting atmosphere in your house
The 'Radiant Reverie rattan pendant light creates an enchanting atmosphere in your house

Ethereal Dome Rattan Pendant Light

The Ethereal Dome rattan pendant light holds the epitome of beachy, boho-chic style with the primary color tone of white and blue. The pendant's natural wooden lamp is perfect for decorating a kitchen island, reading book, or dining table from above.

ethereal dome is an ideal item for a kitchen island
The Ethereal Dome is an ideal item for a kitchen island

Mazed Lace Rattan Pendant Light

The 'Mazed Lace' is designed to match various decor styles including Scandinavian, Boho, and Wabi-Sabi, making it ideal for lots of living space. Natural materials and minimalist design make your home more elegant with traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

mazed lace with an elegant design
The 'Mazed Lace' with an elegant design

How to choose a right woven pendant light

It is a challenge to select the right woven pendant light due to the range of pieces on the market. Below are some considerations to help you find the best gorgeous pieces for your space.

The first consideration is the size of the space you are wanting to light and the feeling that you are trying to create. Large woven lights will have a more intense light effect than small ones, so they will be suitable for spacious spaces. Hanging a pendant close to the ceiling will produce the most light, whereas placing it lower gives more of a spotlight effect.

The second thing you need to consider is the actual size and dimensions of the space. As a general rule, the larger the space or the area needed, the larger the pendant is. Large woven lights suit the spaces that are open-plan and have high ceilings. In contrast, for those that are smaller and have low ceilings, shorter and smaller pendants could be a better choice.

Ideal locations for hanging woven pendant lights

Each type of woven pendant light works well in different contexts. Therefore, before hanging woven pendant lights, let’s consider some ideal locations below.

Over a kitchen island

Above your dining table

Hanging a pendant light above a dining table is an excellent way to create an intimate mood for dining. The height of your ceiling is the key element to determine your type of light. If your ceiling is tall, a large pendant is a better option. Additionally, you can consider hanging them a little lower to create a feeling of closeness.

creates cozy atmosphere
Hang woven pendant lights above the dining table creates cozy atmosphere

At the entryway or stairwell

A woven light shade will help add more light to an entryway or stairwell and instantly make people feel welcome. The warm glow on the wall from the top and bottom of its woven layers will be a highlight for your home.

Β In your living room

Woven pendant lights with warm and dappled glow can set a relaxed tone for your living room. It is perfect to gather, lounge, read and share with family members in a warm and gentle space. Furthermore, they will be gorgeous decorative items that light up your space.

fully match your living room
Woven pendant lights fully match your living room

In the hallway

Positioning a pendant light in hallways will help to add warmth due to these spaces often lacking these elements. If the size does not permit, small lights are a suitable choice. The lovely pattern of light will create a dramatic, yet subtle effect that feels nourishing at night time.

Outdoor dining space

Woven pendant lights are an excellent option to create a warm outdoor space for gathering with family and friends. The thing to remember is pendants easily alter the natural fibers due to wet weather, strong winds, and harsh sunlight over time. Therefore, you need to ensure that the area is fully covered and shielded from these natural elements.

create a warm outdoor dining space
Woven pendant lights create a warm outdoor dining space

Rowabi - The best option to buy pendant lights

A large number of pendant light stores might pose a big challenge for any customers. If you are looking for a good reputation to purchase woven pendant lights, Rowabi is the best option.

High-quality product category

All of Rowabi’s pendant lights are made from high-grade materials with high durability. In addition, our team also has all our passion for creating thoughtful designs, from the first sketch to the final polish. We hope that our products will last, work well over time and be natural decorative items in your living spaces.

Competitive price in the market

Beyond the high-quality product category, Rowabi also offers competitive prices in the market. We frequently provide customers with numerous discount programs. Therefore, you can find a large variety of goods that suit your needs and financial situation.

our offers competitive prices
Rowabi offers pendant lights at competitive prices

Step-by-step installation instructions

We provide you with step-by-step instructions to help your installation process become easier. With our detailed pictures, step-by-step instructions, and necessary tools, you simply hang your favorite unique woven pendant lights at home.

3-Day Shipping In the U.S

We offer a 3-Day Shipping policy for customers who are living in the U.S. This policy is a great approach for those who are in an emergency. Especially, you will get free shipping when you spend more than $75.

customers in US can get the lights within 3 working days
Customers in U.S can get the lights within 3 working days

30-Day Free Return policy

Rowabi strives for 100% satisfaction of its customers. If you are unsatisfied with your order, we offer a 30-day free return policy. The returned items must be undamaged and in their original packaging. You will get the refund within 7 days of receiving the returned goods. One important note is Rowabi is not responsible for your returned shipping cost.

Secured Payment

Security might be one of the best concerns when making shopping payment processes. Your payment is verified by major card vendors to make sure that all your personal information is protected.

Below is all of the information about woven pendant lights. With their unique charm and natural elegance, these items might be the greatest way to highlight your space. Contact Rowabi to get more information about these gorgeous lights.

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