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Article: Start off 2024: Refresh Your House with Furniture Ideas!

Start off 2024: Refresh Your House with Furniture Ideas!

Written by Henry Phan Update
4th of july sale

How about starting off 2024 with a refreshing makeover for your living spaces, embracing new and inspiring furniture ideas? In this new year, we welcome emerging furniture trends and the introduction of many fascinating and unique pieces.

So, let's embark on a journey with Rowabi to elevate your home to new heights and discover the exciting world of furniture trends in the coming year!

In the year 2024, we usher in the novel facets of the interior design realm, showcasing distinctive trends alongside enduring timeless charm.

Quite luxury

According to Google Trends, the search term “quite luxury decor” has experienced remarkable growth, indicating its rapid development as well as popularity across the United States.

quiet luxury emphasizes subtle elegance with a hint of concealed sophistication
Quiet luxury focuses on understated elegance with a touch of hidden sophistication. Source: Cogito [1]

Embracing this trend involves incorporating neutral color palettes like soothing grays, muted greens, and calming blues. Luxurious materials such as marble, cashmere, and silk can be seamlessly integrated for a subtle yet sophisticated ambiance. The essence of quiet luxury lies in cultivating an atmosphere of refined elegance without the need for extravagant displays.

Often mistaken for minimalism, a correctly executed quiet luxury design is an entirely distinct concept. Instead of adhering to the 'less is more' principle of minimalism, quiet luxury design relies on layers and dimensions achieved through monochromatic neutral tones and high-quality, distinctive furniture.

An essential approach to choosing the right furniture is opting for individual pieces instead of going for matching furniture sets. Personalization serves as a means to express your personality within this style. Don't turn your home into a dull catalog.


Sustainability has emerged as a prominent trend in 2023, and its influence is set to continue into 2024. Terence Teh, the general manager of Journey East, acknowledges the ongoing growth of sustainable interior design. He highlights the use of particular materials, characterized by inherent warmth and character, that bring an organic and earthy quality to interiors.

the trend of sustainability continues to prosper as people acknowledge the importance of nature
Sustainability continues to thrive as people recognize nature's importance. Source: Pure Salt Interiors [2]

Embracing this style establishes an intimate connection with nature, transforming your home into an independent and unique entity as each piece of furniture breathes its own handwoven narrative.

Materials commonly associated with this trend include bamboo, rattan, and oak. Rattan, in particular, has gained popularity for delivering high-quality products at a reasonable cost, coupled with exceptional durability.

Controlled maximalism

Since last year, we've witnessed the resurgence of bold, warm color palettes in both fashion and interior design. This revival of retro furnishings and décor reflects the current inclination towards maximalism, even making its way into the otherwise minimalist and pared-back homes.

explore a bold interplay of colors to craft a standout masterpiece like the one pictured
Boldly play with colors to create a standout masterpiece like this. Source: York Avenue [3]

It's not just about subtle pieces in the same color tone anymore; this year, people expect to go big and go bold with vibrant colors, yet achieving an overall harmonious look. This trend has interior and fashion enthusiasts excited about the challenge of selecting fitting pieces.

The popular choice for interiors is bold, eclectic, and vibrant styles, incorporating rich, saturated colors, intricate patterns, and a diverse range of textures.

Artisanal appreciation

In addition to the rise of sustainable furnishings, 2024 brings a growing fascination with artisanal pieces for homes. The era of industrial production and mass-produced items lacking a personal touch is waning.

these furniture pieces not only serve practical purposes but also reflect the homeowner s distinctive vision and personality
These furniture pieces showcase the unique vision and personality of the homeowner. Source: Interior Design Ideas [4]

Opting for artisanal pieces provides a unique sense of exclusivity, with each item showcasing distinct natural materials, varying wood grains, colors, and contours. This shift also serves as a way to champion local artistry. Original artworks have become a staple in well-designed homes, showcasing both the creator's artistry and the homeowner's individual taste.

Choosing handwoven items crafted from natural materials like rattan pendant lights, bamboo chairs, and more adds an extra layer of uniqueness and craftsmanship to your living space.

Furniture pieces that would steal the show in 2024

Join Rowabi as we take a look at the furniture pieces predicted to make waves in the upcoming period.

Comfortable plusher seating

Comfort takes precedence, extending beyond the realm of sofas. Expect plusher cushioning for various seating, with a focus on upholstered seats and backs for barstools, particularly those intended for use at the kitchen island or peninsula.

plusher seating options offer a comfortable experience for extended periods blending functionality with comfort
Plusher seatings offer a comfortable seating experience for extended periods. Source: ByDezign Furniture [5]

These chairs will serve multiple functions, acting as decorative elements and providing comfortable seating alternatives to standard kitchen chairs. This emphasis on comfort becomes even more crucial as people embrace hybrid work trends, spending more time working from home.

Bertha, co-owner of Barstool Comforts, notes, "Once people started working from home, comfort became a priority, especially for those who doubled their kitchen as an office."

Intrigued curved sofas, chairs, and tables

Embracing the design forecast for 2024, experts point to the prevalence of curved furniture, a homage to the resurgence of '60s and '70s aesthetics and the growing popularity of organic shapes in our living spaces.

curved sofas gracefully embrace the room ensuring a sense of completeness and balance
Curved sofas gracefully envelop the room, ensuring it feels complete and well-balanced. Source: House Beautiful [6]

Curved elements offer a myriad of choices, from chair arms, backs, and tables with rounded or sloped designs. These forms bring a gentle touch to a room, fostering a sense of fluidity. The versatility of curved shapes lies in their ability to prioritize scale over precise dimensions.

To adopt this trend quickly and simply, start with a curved coffee or accent table. For those seeking a bolder move, consider replacing your coffee table with an elegant bench featuring curved lines. Alternatively, introduce a curved accent chair, or if space permits, opt for a large-scale sofa that becomes the focal point of your gathering area.

Sophisticated glass tables and lamps

Glass, as a predominant material, effortlessly introduces a timeless and refined sophistication to your living space.

Its application in furniture ranges widely, from serving as the focal material, such as the tabletops of expansive dining tables, to playing a role in smaller details like lamps and side tables. Glass is poised to become a ubiquitous element, providing a transparent quality that reflects and imparts an elevated and sophisticated ambiance to the room.

introduce a glass table for an open and fresh ambiance in the room
A glass table imparts a sense of openness and freshness to the room. Source: Pottery Barn [7]

Notably adaptable, glass seamlessly complements various finishes. To assess its compatibility with your existing furniture, consider starting with a glass table lamp or nightstand strategically placed in your living room or bedroom. For those seeking a touch of uniqueness, colored glass adds a distinctive flair to the mix.

Eco-friendly furniture

Once again, designers reveal that 2024 will continue to be a year where people celebrate natural beauty. This trend goes beyond mere aesthetics; it is a movement that, as people delve into it, reveals the positive impact of transitioning to sustainable furniture on both the living environment and their lifestyles.

This year, alongside familiar choices like wooden tables and bamboo chairs, you can also opt for fresh alternatives, such as rattan pendant lights. Rowabi presents a collection of unique rattan pendant lights that we are confident will elevate your home this year. Crafted by our skilled artisans, these pieces showcase meticulous handwork and feature A-grade materials sourced directly from Da Nang, Vietnam.

Twilight Lace Rattan Pendant Light

Twilight Lace Rattan Pendant Light is undoubtedly one of the models that will make waves this year. It combines elements of luxury, sophistication, and elegance while still exuding natural beauty, avoiding an industrial feel, evident in every strand of rattan and jute, with a touch of grass fibers.

this design epitomizes a fresh bold and distinctive personality showcasing a unique taste in decor
This design epitomizes the homeowner's fresh, bold, and distinctive personality. Source: Rowabi

Its black finish ensures lasting color vibrancy and is exceptionally safe for health. If you're seeking a piece that embodies both sustainability and aligns with the quiet luxury trend, look no further than this exquisite pendant light.

Angelo Rattan Pendant Light

Angelo Rattan Pendant Light embodies the current trend of earthy tones, maintaining the beautiful natural brown hue of rattan.

pair this light with furniture in a similar light tone for a cohesive and seamless aesthetic
You can pair this light with furniture in the same light tone to create a seamless experience. Source: Rowabi

It combines a unique shape with soft, flowing curves and neatly woven strands that adhere to a pattern, creating a well-organized and straight appearance.

Overall, it forms an exquisite, light, and avant-garde pendant light. This light suits various home styles, making it an ideal choice if you're looking for a distinctive focal point.

Brown tone sofa

Brown tones are staging a compelling return in 2024, with a particular emphasis on darker hues to evoke an earthy, intimate, and rustic feel. These pieces not only bring depth but also contribute to a more calming and relaxed atmosphere in your home.

highlight the brown sofa as the focal point and complement it with lighter toned furniture
The brown sofa stands out as the focal point; complement it with lighter furniture. Source: Vogue [8]

You can tailor your choices to exude either a touch of glam or a sturdier vibe based on your personal preferences.

However, be mindful not to overwhelm the space with too many dark tones. To ensure a balanced ambiance, incorporate lighter elements, such as furniture in lighter wood tones.

For example, if your living room boasts a dark brown sofa, consider pairing it with a coffee table in a lighter hue.

Pieces inspired by British design

While some lean towards a more straightforward aesthetic, there's a substantial audience that adores intricate, sophisticated patterns layered with meaning, reminiscent of the English interior style.

This approach embraces the aesthetic allure found in fabrics, wallpapers, and the integration of antique pieces. It holds a deep appreciation for the artistic value derived from the interplay of colors and patterns.

each piece of british inspired furniture narrates a unique story contributing its own intrinsic value
Each piece of British-inspired furniture tells a unique story and brings its own value. Source: HomeLane [9]

To incorporate this style, you might contemplate upholstering chairs with tufted designs featuring a floral print inspired by the English countryside or exploring antique English wooden furniture like Queen Anne-style side tables or Hepplewhite-style sideboards.

Danish Pastels

Alongside the subdued beiges and browns, Danish pastels are experiencing a vibrant resurgence. These soft tones infuse spaces with positive, cheerful, and youthful energy, marking a delightful return after the flashy era of Barbiecore.

for those enamored with colors 2024 is the ideal moment to transform your home into a vibrant paradise
For color enthusiasts, 2024 is the perfect time to turn your house into your own vibrant paradise. Source: The Wal Street Journal [10]

To embrace this trend, consider selecting items with a gentler aesthetic – perhaps a heart-shaped mirror adorned with a vibrant floral trim or a lamp boasting a blossoming flower design.

The Danish pastel influence is also apparent in the design of console tables and media cabinets, featuring fluted and flowing edges, while the trend extends to soft, oversized tufted seating.

Final thoughts

As we embark on a new year, the promise of fresh beginnings and exciting possibilities awaits. Whether you lean towards sustainable choices, seek timeless elegance, or dive into bold and vibrant interiors, 2024 is the year to breathe new life into your living spaces.

Let your home tell a story, and may this year be filled with comfort, style, and the joy of a revitalized home. With Rowabi, cheers to a vibrant and inspired 2024!


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4th of july sale

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