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Article: Exclusive Trade Program Perks Every Interior Designer Should Know About

Exclusive Trade Program Perks Every Interior Designer Should Know About

Written by Henry Phan Update
4th of july sale

Staying ahead of the interior design game involves more than just a keen eye for aesthetics; it requires access to exclusive resources that elevate your creative vision. This is where trade programs come into play, offering a plethora of benefits tailored specifically for interior designers.

What's the buzz all about? What sets trade programs apart, making them the coveted choice for every interior designer? Join us on this exciting tour as we unveil the reasons that make trade programs a must-have in the arsenal of design professionals.

The importance of trade programs in interior design

In recent years, brands have been intensifying their focus on b2b partnerships, rolling out a plethora of programs to foster these business relationships. Among them, the most prominently communicated initiative is the trade program.

the trade program is designed to streamline the initiation and progression of interior design projects seamlessly
The trade program is established to facilitate a smooth process for initiating and progressing interior design projects. Source: rowabi’s client

Trade programs serve as vital hubs, establishing exclusive connections between designers and essential resources. These programs are structured partnerships between designers and manufacturers, showrooms, or suppliers, providing professionals with access to a diverse array of products, services, and industry insights. At its core, a trade program creates a win-win scenario: designers gain exclusive access, while suppliers secure a dedicated clientele within the design community.

So what exactly will interior designers get when they step into the game of trade program? By forging alliances with reputable suppliers, designers gain a competitive advantage through access to unique and often limited-edition products. Beyond mere discounts, these programs offer designers insider insights into upcoming trends, advanced product knowledge, and early access to cutting-edge designs. This privileged information empowers designers to stay ahead of the curve, enabling them to offer clients bespoke solutions.

Furthermore, designers will have the privilege of selecting and customizing designs to match their individual needs perfectly. They can expect meticulous attention and swift, timely support from the interior design program.

The collaborative nature of trade programs fosters a sense of community among designers, creating networking opportunities and a platform for the exchange of ideas. This interconnected community further enhances the designer's edge by providing a space for shared experiences, knowledge, and professional growth.

Key features of successful trade programs

Developing a trade program is a straightforward task, but achieving success with high registration and user retention rates is a more intricate challenge. To truly stand out in the market, a trade program must ensure specific factors that set it apart from competitors.

Exclusive access to products

Certainly, an essential component is the product offering. When signing in to any furniture brand, interior designers expect to access exclusive and unique design samples that set them apart in the eyes of their clients. These designs could be either limited editions or available in limited stock, adding an extra layer of exclusivity.

Tailored discounts and pricing

Tailored pricing strategies and discounts are crucial elements of successful trade programs. When purchasing in bulk and engaging directly in the production process, interior designers should benefit from favorable pricing that aligns with both their client's budget and the project's financial parameters. This personalized approach significantly enhances the program's value for designers.

Personalized support and services

A hallmark of successful trade programs is the provision of personalized support and services. Particularly, during the design and production phases, receiving prompt responses is crucial for both parties to arrive at the best and most refined solutions. Such tailored assistance ensures that designers receive the attention and guidance necessary to navigate their projects seamlessly.

Advanced product knowledge and trend insights

Ensuring that designers stay updated on the latest trends and product knowledge is pivotal. Successful trade programs alleviate the burdens of extensive research and trend-chasing, offering valuable insights into emerging trends, upcoming releases, and advanced knowledge about the products incorporated in their designs.

Streamlined ordering and delivery processes

Efficient and streamlined procedures for placing orders, tracking, and delivery are integral elements. Shipping is also a crucial aspect, especially as interior designers often place large orders with elevated risks. Therefore, successful trade programs prioritize a seamless experience, mitigating delays and guaranteeing that designers can adhere to project deadlines without sacrificing quality.

Spotlight on the rowabi's trade program

Rowabi, a family-owned business, specializes in crafting bespoke rattan lighting, kitchen accents, and home décor to bring a touch of natural elegance to your home. Each product at rowabi receives meticulous attention, with the careful selection of high-quality materials from trusted sources. We handle the entire process - from exclusive design and prototyping to hand-finishing the final product.

rowabi proudly provides rattan pendant lights of exceptional quality at budget friendly prices
Rowabi confidently offers high-quality rattan pendant lights at affordable prices. Source: rowabi’s client

Rowabi prides itself on creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, ensuring you receive the finest organic materials for your dream home. Our commitment to quality and design is woven into every aspect of what we do.

Understanding the challenges that interior designers face in staying up-to-date and selecting suitable rattan pendant lights due to their novelty in the market, rowabi has decided to establish an exclusive trade program. This initiative aims to transform difficulties into opportunities, making the process of incorporating lighting into interior design for any space easy and straightforward.

Beyond the advantages of pricing and personalized product options, let's explore what else we bring to the table.

No minimum order requirement

Recognizing the diverse needs of interior designers, rowabi breaks away from industry norms by not imposing any minimum order requirements. As long as you join and become our partner, you will receive well-deserved privileges. This flexibility enables designers to source products tailored to project specifics without any limitations.

Effortless ordering process within 48 hours

The trade program at rowabi promises a seamless and quick ordering process. Within just 48 hours, designers can navigate through the streamlined procedures, ensuring a hassle-free experience from selection to confirmation.

Dedicated support account

Understanding the importance of personalized assistance, rowabi provides each designer with a dedicated support account. This ensures that designers have a direct line of communication for any queries, clarifications, or assistance they may need during their engagement with rowabi.

Us-based operations and free 3-day shipping

With operations based in the united states, rowabi ensures proximity as well as offers free shipping within 3 days. This strategic positioning allows designers to swiftly receive their orders, facilitating a quicker turnaround for their projects. Importantly, it also aids in alleviating the burden of shipping fees, as transporting such large quantities of furniture can be quite costly.

Ready to revolutionize your business with rowabi? It's as easy as pie! Begin by completing our user-friendly registration form on the website – a swift and straightforward process. Once you hit submit, our support team springs into action, ensuring a response within a mere 24 hours.

Upon receiving approval, get ready for a delightful experience. Unlock vip access to exclusive trade and contract pricing featuring the best industry rates alongside our already competitive price lists.

Success stories: designers' testimonials with rowabi’s trade program benefits

Over the past period, rowabi has had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous interior designers across the u.s., aiding them in the transformative journey of redesigning interior spaces for the businesses they undertake.

Create a cozy atmosphere for a book café

For this particular project, the interior designer received a client brief specifying the search for a lighting solution that was not only matches the current color theme the brand is embracing – a soft, light beige – but also provides a warm, golden glow suitable for reading.

rowabi aids in interior design by assisting in the selection and customization of products tailored to meet client needs
Rowabi assists in interior design by helping select and customize products to meet client requirements. Source: rowabi’s client

Therefore, the design team reached out to us, seeking guidance and support. The cafe's concept revolves around providing a spacious area for reading, featuring large coffee tables and comfortable sofa chairs. Consequently, each seating area requires its own distinct lighting solution.

Rowabi assisted the interior design team in choosing one of our best-selling models, the kloe rattan pendant light. With its classic, sophisticated design and natural brown rattan hue, kloe seamlessly blends with other furniture pieces, such as yellow bookshelves and wooden seating chairs. Opting for a classic light fixture like kloe contributes to an overall harmonious atmosphere, ensuring a balanced and complementary look without overpowering brightness.

Transforming the hotel lobby into haven

This marks one of rowabi's recent collaborations with interior designers to enhance the lighting in a hotel lobby. Notably, the lobby boasts a high ceiling and expansive doors that bring in abundant natural light. To foster an open atmosphere, the furniture is arranged with simplicity, featuring an airy layout. Therefore, the lighting becomes a crucial focal point.

the lumiere bowl rattan pendant light commands attention while maintaining a harmonious connection with nature
The lumiere bowl rattan pendant light stands out yet ensures harmony with nature. Source: rowabi’s client

In this project, rowabi introduced a new size specifically tailored for the interior design team participating in our trade program. Surpassing any size we've previously produced, the lumiere bowl rattan pendant light impresses with its size without compromising its elegant and slender design, featuring delicate, round, and narrow rattan weaves.

The introduction of these three lumiere lights adds focal points to the space while maintaining a seamless experience for customers. Since the pendant lights are crafted from natural rattan, they provide a sense of intimacy, seamlessly connecting with nature.

2024 design trend voted by interior designers around the world

Based on the insights gathered from the annual designer poll conducted by 1stdibs [1], featuring the participation of over 600 designers worldwide, as well as other reliable research, rowabi will take you on a tour to discover what's trending for interiors in 2024.


Renowned interior design expert, kelly collins, sheds light on the first major design trend anticipated for 2024, and it's a groundbreaking shift towards modern minimalism. According to kelly, the upcoming wave of minimalism embraces scandi-inspired nuances with a focus on natural materials. Similar to kelly, the majority of designers in the 1stdibs survey believe that minimalism continues to be in the race, maintaining its steadfast popularity.

the oceania cone emanates a minimalist charm through its lines and overall shape
The oceania cone maintains a minimalistic beauty from its lines to its overall shape. Source: rowabi

The spotlight is on organic textures such as wood, rattan, and jute, along with the allure of exposed materials like real wood, brick, and seagrass carpets. Therefore, if you're designing spaces in this style, focus on incorporating natural colors into the interior scheme. The current trend favors the natural brown tones of wood and the subtle golden hues of rattan over overly vibrant or monotonous choices.

Adding accents to the room can be achieved by using pendant lights made of rattan featuring simple designs and harmonious colors. Take a look at options like the lunar rattan pendant light or the oceania cone rattan pendant light (illustrated below) – both top picks from rowabi for those opting for a minimalistic approach. These designs are clean-cut, and uncomplicated, with each line confidently straight and evenly spaced. They effortlessly blend into your home, creating an overall harmonious ambiance without drawing too much attention.

Dive into our collection to discover minimalist designs curated for every room, each serving a distinct purpose.

Serene earth tones and oceanic blues

Interior designers worldwide are steering towards a tranquil palette dominated by serene earth tones and oceanic blues.

this year continues to see a prevalence of natural tones reminiscent of the sea and earth
Natural tones like sea and earth still dominate this year. Source: perigold [2]

Sage green emerges as the star, dethroning the bold emerald green that held the top spot for three consecutive years. Designers are increasingly favoring the calming and natural vibes of sage green, creating a refreshing ambiance in contemporary spaces.

Complementing this trend are earthy tones, including rich brown and chocolate, burnt/dusty orange, dark yellow/mustard, and light brown/tan. These hues add depth and warmth, fostering a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Adding to the color spectrum gaining momentum are various shades of blue. While cobalt maintains a slight edge over light blue/robin’s egg blue, navy is not far behind. The prevalence of these blue tones signifies a growing preference for tranquil and versatile color schemes.

Organic designs

Designers globally forecast a shift towards embracing organic designs, bold/large-scale prints, and florals as the leading aesthetics. While bold scale and geometric patterns have experienced a slight decline since 2022, organic and nature-inspired motifs are poised to dominate interior design landscapes.

achieving organic design involves not just the form but also the materials employed in crafting furniture
Organicity should stem not just from the shape but also from the materials used in furniture. Source: strive for design [3]

Just like the first trend, the prominence of natural materials is becoming increasingly evident due to their timeless appearance and durability, standing the test of time and climate. This resurgence signifies a return to natural elements, bringing the outdoors inside with a renewed emphasis on organic shapes and patterns.

Begin considering the switch to organic options, such as rattan pendant lights, wooden tables, and bamboo chairs, to bring a fresh element to the space you are designing.


Limewash emerges as the reigning champion, securing the top spot with an impressive 24% of the votes. Following closely behind are ceramic/terra cotta and blonde wood, indicating a strong inclination towards natural and warm finishes. The choice of these materials reflects a collective desire to infuse spaces with earthy elements, creating a harmonious and welcoming atmosphere.

limewash serves as a means to reflect the client s personality or the essence of the interior design
Limewash is also a way to express the personality of the client or the interior design. Source: domino [4]

Walls adorned with limewash actually exudes a sense of textured sophistication. Additionally, ceilings embellished with wallpaper or carefully chosen paint hues receive high praise.


In just a few minutes, rowabi has taken you on a journey through the trade program and its myriad benefits, ranging from budget considerations to the privileges concerning products and services. Additionally, we've walked you through some upcoming trends for the next year, providing insights into the market landscape and potential directions.

The consensus is clear – rattan pendant lights and other natural materials are set to stay on-trend for the upcoming years. Therefore, seize the opportunity to make your designs stand out and uniquely yours by incorporating these elements. Don't miss the chance to elevate your designs with the timeless appeal of natural materials with rowabi as your partner!


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