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Modern pendant lights

Modern pendant lights have become increasingly popular among homeowners and interior designers looking for a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic in recent years. Apart from their function, work well in a large number of home designs, adding a touch of natural beauty and craftsmanship to elevate your home decor. In this post, we will explore how these beautiful lights make your space become special and offer some Rowabi modern light fixtures that fit all house spaces.

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Some reasons that make you choose modern pendant light instead others

Modern pendant lights completely catch the first eye of anybody thanks to their charming beauty. They have become a common option among many homeowners and interior designers for lots of advantages. Below are some reasons you can get when selecting these lights for your space.

Sleek Aesthetics

Pendant lights bring the perfect ambiance to a modern house. They are neither as extravagant as chandeliers nor as monotonous as an ordinary ceiling lamp. They are a great combination of simplicity and brilliance that highlight and illuminate important aspects of your space. With alluring and long-lasting beauty, vintage modern pendant lighting will be the optimized option for those who seeking a modern, sophisticated, and livable space.

modern pendant lights kitchen island
Contemporary pendant lights bring timeless beauty to your space


With their natural and unique aesthetics, modern pendant lights seamlessly match all sorts of spaces. Hence, they are usually positioned in most indoor spaces as a highlight, such as living rooms, kitchens, dining areas, restaurants, cafes, libraries, schools, and working spaces.

Innovative Materials

Contemporary pendant lights are made from innovative materials, adding a sense of alluring and modern beauty to any space they hang. In addition, the lights also feature state-of-the-art technology, such as LED lights that offer users lots of benefits. The unique modern pendant lighting is the best option for those who need concentrated lighting but still keep the workspace free of additional clutter.

Functional Design

The main function of lights is lighting. Featuring innovative materials, contemporary pendant lights are one of the best ways to illuminate more space. The dome shape enables the lighting to be more focused on where it is needed the most. By focusing on a single spot, the lights would not cause glares and eye strains, making them perfect for study areas, work offices, and even over your kitchen.

Where to install a modern pendant light

Apart from adding more illumination to rooms, modern pendant lights are great decor pieces that match well with all living spaces. They are usually positioned in the rooms or areas of the house where we spend the most time, including the kitchen, living room, and bathroom.


If you decide to place a modern pendant light in the kitchen, you can hang more than one light in some strategic areas of the room or one main light and combine it with other sources of illumination. This is because there are many different zones in a kitchen that need adequate lighting such as the stove, and various workstations where you prepare or eat food.

modern pendant lights
Modern pendant lights are a great statement for the kitchen island

Living room

The living room is the main area of the house. Most homeowners want to make a unique statement, impressing the guests coming to their houses. This space is excellent for a cluster of lights, which will dictate to a certain extent the design of the entire room. These modern pendant lights lend elegance and add a sense of airiness to your room.


Modern pendant lightings offer contemporary and timeless beauty to your bathroom. In such a missing-lighting room, a pendant light offers more lighting and will be a great decorative touch. If your bathroom is spacious enough, you should not hang interesting or eye-catching smaller lights above the washbasin or bath.

Design styles of modern pendant lights

Modern pendant lights are often a stable element to control the lighting in your space. Furthermore, these items are stunning decor pieces that make a strong impression on any guests to your house. They come in a variety of designs, from simple to sophisticated ones, and here are several design styles of the most well-known contemporary lighting fixture.

modern pendant lights for kitchen
Modern lighting fixtures come in various designs

Shaded pendant lights

With a huge variety of styles, sizes, cords, and functions, the shaded pendant light has become one of the most popular home decor items that work well for almost any design. If you are looking for something eye-catching and creative, but which also uses its frame to play with emitted light patterns, these shaded pendant lights are an excellent option.

The unique modern pendant lighting adds a touch of stunning and special beauty to your space. Simple designs that still maintain a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic are also one of the best solutions for those who love minimalism. The design works well in every design style, creating a tranquility and charming atmosphere for your home.

Lantern pendant lights

Inspired by caged gaslights from centuries gone by, lantern pendant lights combine vintage and contemporary styles, and are a great highlight for every space. These lights often come in right-angled cubes or cuboids such as Dice by Seer which bring a truly minimal look to your house. In addition, the geometric polyhedron design will be an interesting decorative lighting item for your space.

Brassie, from Ronda's design, meanwhile, is the most minimal decor item because they remove the bulb from the stage, entirely. Therefore, the modern pendant light is the best approach for those who love minimal minimalism but still make their living space modern and bring their taste.

Linear pendant lights

Linear pendant lights are versable and offer strong light throughout the length of their housing. For this reason, the lights are extremely best for spaces in need of longer geometries of light, such as rectangular dining, seating, or working areas. The popular light design style is the form of a long fluorescent tube, giving a wider, even area of light.

In spacious spaces, the combination of linear lights is a good idea to strengthen the lighting of your house. A huge range of colors and materials are available, offering homeowners more creative options to select the right one for their living spaces. With uniqueness in design, linear pendant lights offer an extremely striking and artful take on the genre.

Multi-light pendant lights

Multi-light pendant lights are a combination of lots of pendant lights, adding more lighting to your spaces. The style comes in various designs, some of which are exclusive. Hence, it is wonderfully suitable for art-deco stylings for larger spaces such as retro hotel foyers and restaurants.

This style can be separated into three distinct subcategories, including:

  • Linear multi-light pendant lights
  • Grouped multi-light pendant lights
  • Clustered multi-light pendant lights

Each subcategory has its distinctive beauty and works well in the majority of spaces. However, before selecting the best modern pendant lights for your areas, consider the style you want to get the best one that matches your existing decor items.

5 tips for choosing a modern pendant light

Numerous design styles and designs of modern pendant lights pose a huge challenge for buyers. Take a few minutes to learn 5 key pieces of advice you should consider before you make your choice.

Pay attention to the height

The height at which the light fixture hangs is crucial for both the level of illumination it generates and the aesthetic impact it offers. If you hang the light too low, it can become a physical and visual obstacle, as well as decrease the lighting it emits. In contrast, if you hang it too high, its illumination is not strong enough for your activity. The light itself should, as an overall principle, be placed at a quarter of the distance between the ceiling and the floor.

modern pendant lights for kitchen island
The height of the light is a vital consideration

Think about safety

Safety is one of the key factors when hanging modern pendant lights over the island. There are several fundamental guidelines to put the light on. For instance, it should be positioned far away from heat sources, to make sure that its performance is not compromised over time.

Maintain a balance across the various light sources

The balance between light sources is another important consideration when selecting the best modern pendant lights. For large spaces, it is vital to ensure the lighting for the entire room. Instead of using one single light, it is an excellent idea to put more other light sources such as reading lamps or table lamps in strategic corners to complement the main lighting item.

Calibrate your mix of lights

One of the most common errors is hanging contemporary pendant lights in a single room that does not have any obstacles. Multi-light pendant lights that are grouped in the same form add more lighting, but also a great statement for your space.

Ensure the light fits with the rest of the décor in the home

The most vital factor to remember when you decide on modern pendant lights is to ensure they match the rest of the decor in your home. It is advisable to try to choose a shape and material and replicate it in every room to create continuity across the various spaces.

The best modern pendant lights at Rowabi

After deciding on the style and design of pendant lights you want to make a highlight for your space, let’s refer to some of the best modern pendant lights at Rowabi. As a reputable pendant light provider, Rowabi offers a massive collection of lighting that is suitable for any decor space.

mid century modern pendant lights
Modern pendant lights at Rawabi have a charming design

Santa Barbara Rattan Pendant Light

Named after a vintage fishing basket native to southern California, this modern pendant light brings a sense of stunning, natural aesthetic to any space. This lamp comes in an open, airy form that allows a single bulb to provide a significant amount of light. The combination of a neutral color palette and warm, inviting illumination make it perfect for restaurant interior design, cafes, restaurants, and commercial spaces.

Beatrice Dome Rattan Pendant Light

If you are seeking vintage modern pendant lighting that brings beachy, boho-chic style, the Beatrice Dome Rattan Pendant Light may be the best choice. Handwoven by basket-makers in the Lisu village, it brings rustic elegance and warmth, inviting illumination to any space it is installed. The pendant's natural wooden lamp holder makes it great for illuminating a kitchen island, reading nook, or dining table from above.

Bureau Rattan Pendant Light

The Bureau Rattan Pendant Light adds a sophisticated touch to your home thanks to its unique design. The natural color creates a visually pleasing and clutter-free environment, helping it work well in various spaces. With the harmonious blend of simplicity, sleekness, and functionality, this unique modern pendant lighting is an excellent pick for those looking for a contemporary, stylish, and cozy living space.

Radiant Rattan Pendant Light

The Radiant Rattan Pendant Light adds an element of dreamy elegance to your home thanks to its time-honored and striking simplicity. Its warm, glowing light creates a warm and relaxed space that helps you de-stress after a long time of working hard. With the blend of warm illumination and exclusive design of the modern pendant light, this light will elevate all spaces in your home.

Luminous Lace Rattan Pendant Light

The Luminous Lace Rattan Pendant Light features an intricate, lace-like design, creating a great statement for any space. Especially, its stunning shadows and warm, inviting light add warmth to your room, offering a comfortable feeling ever when you come home. It has a wide range of hues, bringing a casual feel and seamlessly blending any interior decor items.

With a harmonious blend of simplicity, sleekness, and functionality, modern pendant lights will be a great choice for decorating a home. With the abovementioned benefits, it is no doubt that lights are increasingly popular in all sorts of places. As a well-known seller, a massive pendant light collection at Rowabi offers more options for every homeowner and interior designer.

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