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Article: Rowabi’s Weekly Best Finds: Top 10 Deals for the Final Week

Rowabi’s Weekly Best Finds: Top 10 Deals for the Final Week

Written by Henry Phan Update
rattan lights

With only two days left, Rowabi's blockbuster sale is hurtling towards its grand finale. Undoubtedly the year's biggest shopping extravaganza, missing out on this could mean waving goodbye to the most incredible deals of the season.

So, let's join forces with Rowabi as we unravel the ten show-stopping pieces that stole the spotlight in the past week, leaving shoppers hungry for more as they deck out their homes for the festive season. Take notes and snag these treasures before time slips away—this is your last chance to dive into the savings pool!

What does “Weekly Best Finds” provide?

Wondering what treasures "Weekly Best Finds" has in store for you? This curated collection brings you the hottest trends in rattan pendant lights and decorations, carefully selected based on popular demand from the past week.

But that's not all—we go the extra mile by providing you with expert tips on how to mix and match these items with your current interior styles and furniture. Get ready to elevate your space with our weekly dose of style inspiration and practical design advice.

And let's not forget our one-of-a-kind sale event of the year! Combining the prowess of the Biggest Annual Sale with the allure of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, enjoy an extraordinary x3 deal featuring a spectacular 50% off on decorations and up to 30% off on our entire collection of rattan pendant lights. Don't miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to adorn your space with style and savings!

Rowabi's top 10 most-purchased pieces revealed

Radiant Rattan Pendant Light

At the top of the list is the Radiant rattan pendant light, emerging as an iconic representation of the timeless beauty and simplicity. Particularly well-suited for a variety of styles and spaces, Radiant exudes an understated elegance.

radiant rattan chandelier with a popular dome shape interwoven among the dense lines are delicate x shaped weaves adding simplicity and sophistication

We recommend utilizing it either as a standalone piece in a bedroom or in clusters of 2-3 for kitchen or outdoor settings. This effortlessly introduces a touch of distinction to any environment.

Original price: $184

Sale price: $147.2

Perio Rattan Pendant Light

As the holiday season approaches, let's not forget the Perio Rattan Pendant Light. Its unique bell-shaped design, reminiscent of Christmas, makes it a standout choice for entryways or outdoor spaces, particularly in small gardens.

perio rattan pendant lights are famous for their organic and stylish design that enhances any space leaving a lasting impression

When the wind gently rustles through, the light sways like a doorbell, creating a festive ambiance. Plus, be prepared to infuse the holiday spirit year-round, as it is crafted from durable materials, promising lasting elegance.

Original price: $165

Sale price: $132

Kloe Rattan Pendant Light

Kloe Rattan Pendant Light has rightfully earned its status as a best-seller for Rowabi over numerous years, undoubtedly for good reason. Its distinctive pattern transforms the emitted light into a mesmerizing spectacle, radiating a breathtaking beauty.

kloe light

Particularly fitting for creating a cozy atmosphere during festive seasons, Kloe finds its ideal placement in the living room, home office, or recreational spaces, infusing warmth into every nook and cranny.

Original price: $178

Sale price: $124.6

Lumiere Bowl Rattan Pendant Light

The Lumiere Bowl Rattan Pendant Light showcases an exquisite pearl-shaped design intricately handwoven by skilled artisans. It may not boast excessive glamour, but its authentic, serene, and endearing allure has resonated with a multitude of our patrons.

the lumiere rattan chandelier has a graceful design that is simple but perfect to become the focal point of your space

Within the realm of Lumiere, a sense of coziness and genuine warmth effortlessly emanates, making it a delightful addition to any space.

Original price: $149

Sale price: $119.2

Abyssal Pendant Light

The Abyssal Pendant Light lives up to its name, serving as a symbol of opulence. Its funnel-shaped design, reminiscent of a cosmic black hole, stands as a beacon of luxury. This lighting fixture is particularly well-suited for homes embracing coastal or bohemian styles, given its mysterious and unique appearance.


The light exudes an air of enigma, making it the perfect addition to spaces that seek a touch of both sophistication and distinctiveness.

Original price: $425

Sale price: $340

Farrow Bamboo Rattan Pendant Light

Farrow Bamboo Rattan Pendant Light is a perfect infusion of beach-bungalow vibes into your space. With the appearance of a charming little hat, Farrow features a luminous crown and gentle curves. Rowabi's customers often pair Farrow with other lighting shapes, forming a harmonious tableau.

farrow bamboo

This light is not meant to stand alone; instead, consider combining three or four pieces for a collective impact, or mix and match with other designs to adorn your hallway. The result is sure to be impressively eye-catching.

Original price: $105

Sale price: $84

Elena Globe Pendant Light

As the festive season approaches, the desire for glamorous decorations becomes almost universal, and Elena emerges as the perfect choice. Elena's appearance rivals that of lights made from other materials, such as glass or crystal.

elena globe

With its sumptuous natural materials and distinctive form, this pendant light imparts an ambiance of opulent warmth and invitation to any setting within your luxurious abode.

This makes it exceptionally well-suited for the living rooms of homes that lean towards modern or classic aesthetics.

Original price: $375

Sale price: $300

Banfield Seagrass Décor

Banfield Seagrass Décor

As the dining table undoubtedly takes center stage during the festive season, the Seagrass Decoration ensures an immediate impression on your visitors. Its uniqueness and freshness are bound to captivate attention, making it a standout addition to your bohemian, farmhouse, or rustic-themed space. Transform your dining area into a focal point of festive charm with this distinctive and appealing piece.

Original price: $20.34

Sale price: $10.17

Muuto Concrete Wall Lamp Plug-In

In festive seasons like this, if you seek a small yet elegant lighting solution for a corner of your room, the Muuto Concrete Wall Lamp Plug-In stands out as the optimal choice. This lamp is perfect to embody a style that resonates with those who appreciate minimalism, contemporary aesthetics, and rustic charm.

muuto concrete wall lamp plug in

Let this lamp shine alone or cluster a couple together to make a style statement. Even the smallest lights can become truly impressive when infused with the distinctive elegance of Muuto's design.

Original price: $29

Sale price: $23.20

Etta Rattan Tray Large

the etta rattan kitchen tray is an interesting combination of basket weave and open weave combining natural materials for a rustic feel

The Etta Rattan Tray is especially noteworthy — it exudes a distinctive, avant-garde charm while retaining the timeless beauty of tradition, complementing any existing decor. The exposure of natural materials to the sun bestows each placemat with a distinctive texture, enhancing its handmade allure.

Original price: $85

Sale price: $42.5

Final thoughts

As we wrap up Rowabi’s Weekly Best Finds for the Final Week, we hope you've enjoyed discovering exceptional deals on our carefully curated selection. Also, don't miss out on the chance to elevate your space with the touch of elegance and warmth that our top finds provide. Secure these fantastic deals right now and ensure your home is holiday-ready.

rattan lights

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