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Article: Rattan garden furniture

Rattan garden furniture

Written by Henry Phan Update
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Rattan garden furniture has become one of the best to improve the aesthetics of your outside living area. This kind of lighting will make your garden more unique and outstanding to attract any visitors. To help you get the best choice, Rowabi will show you some rattan ideas to innovate your outside space through this article!

What's rattan garden furniture?

Rattan garden furniture is constructed by weaving rattan fibers around a wooden framework. It is a sophisticated outdoor furniture with an extensive and distinguished history in the United Kingdom. It has become more affordable than ever and is often regarded as one of the most attractive garden furnishings today.

rattan garden furniture and chairs are completed by weaving each rattan thread together
Rattan garden furniture is constructed by weaving rattan

So, is rattan furniture good for the outdoors? The popularity of this item derives from its appealing combination of natural appearance. Rattan furniture is made from natural woven fibers and elegant modern designs. Because of the harmonious combination of the traditional and contemporary, rattan furniture seems to be perfectly home in today's gardens.

Why should you install rattan garden furniture for your home?

Can rattan garden furniture be left outside or not? Thanks to its unique appearance and good quality, this type of lighting can be the best choice for your garden. Let’s together with Rowabi discover some advantages of rattan furniture.

Excellent illumination for tasks

Rattan lighting furniture is great for decorating your botanical gardens, entrances, and garden places. When the light from the sun goes down, these rattan-style lights will provide the perfect glow to illuminate your gatherings. So, it will contribute to giving a bit of natural appeal to your garden. You can hang them everywhere to set illumination for your BBQ parties in the backyard.

the light from rattan interior lights is perfect for illuminating your garden, entryways and nursery gatherings
It will contribute to giving a bit of natural appeal to your garden

Personalized designs

Rattan furniture for the garden is available in a variety of colors, such as white, black, gray,... Moreover, they also come in many shapes, and designs,... which give you many selections to personalize your furniture. You can choose your favorite rattan garden furniture to decorate your space more unique and distinctive.

rattan garden tables and chairs come in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs with a personal touch
You can choose your favorite rattan garden furniture to decorate your space

Versatile and functional device

One of the main reasons why rattan garden furniture has become popular among homeowners is the versatility it offers. These furnishings are made of an exquisite rattan weave so they can be put together in many ways to match your outdoor space.

the top advantage is flexibility
Rattan garden furniture has become popular among homeowners

Moreover, you can simply put them on a garden patio or backyard decking to utilize them for many purposes. For instance, this furniture will create a warm and comfortable vibe to invite your friends to come for dinner or spend many hours gossiping with your family members on the rattan sofa.

Space-saving appliances

Getting the correct type of furniture is one method to maximize the available area in your garden. You can choose outdoor all-weather rattan furniture to set up your yard depending on your available space. For example, rattan square garden furniture seats and footrests can be placed under the dining table when they're not in use to save room.

buying the right type of furniture is a way to optimize the space you have available
They can maximize the available area in your garden

Easy to install and use

Outdoor furniture made of rattan does not require detail and cost to install. Moreover, they are resistant to UV and water so you can comfortably utilize them for a longer duration of time without paying additional costs for maintenance. Additionally, because of their low weight, it is easy to move the furniture when the decor needs to be changed. They are portable so that you can move them appropriately.

the furniture in this area is low maintenance, durable and portable, ideal for long-term use and versatile decoration
They are portable so that you can move them appropriately

What types of rattan garden furniture are there?

There are many types of outdoor synthetic rattan furniture that you can select to apply to your garden’s design. Now, Rowabi will suggest some popular rattan items below. Let’s check it.

Rattan Dining Sets

The Rattan Dining Set is expertly crafted from a species of palms that thrive naturally in tropical rainforests, mostly in Southeast Asia. Rattan's exquisite weaving and texture by nature provide eye-catching furnishings that can enhance the atmosphere of your garden.

the rattan dining set is exquisitely crafted from a type of palm
The Rattan Dining Set is expertly crafted from a species of palms

These items may be incredibly durable provided that you have an understanding of what to look for. Furthermore, this set of rattan dining tables also functions as attractive complements to decoration.

Because they have been made from premium materials like PE rattan, this set ranks as one of the most long-lasting pieces of furniture, lasting up to ten years.

Rattan Sofa Sets

Rattan sofa sets are a very versatile option for establishing outside locations. If your patio or garden is too tiny to fit an entire lounge set, you may still use a variety of different sofa options to give it the sense of a living space.

Or if you want to complete the aesthetic, let's consider adding corner couches, loveseats, chaises, or even an espresso table.

rattan sofa and table sets are a flexible choice for placement in outside locations
Rattan sofa sets are a versatile option for establishing outside locations

For outdoor meals and more peaceful moments, a set of rattan sofa furniture with a portable table is ideal. Another advantage of this set is that it is resistant to UV damage.

Moreover, it can resist corrosion and rusting even when placed under humid or moist circumstances.

Rattan Daybeds

Without any question, rattan daybeds represent one of the most elegant and fashionable outdoor furniture items that can transform any practical space.

Wherever you put them, you will immediately recognize the elegance they add to the garden. In particular,  rattan daybeds can quickly establish a distinctive and seductive focal point.

rattan bed is an elegant and luxurious piece of outdoor furniture with a special and charming highlight
Rattan daybeds can quickly establish a distinctive focal point

Rattan Sun Loungers

A sun lounger is a rattan garden furniture that allows you to unwind on your patio in your outdoor space. This item is fantastic if you want to enjoy the sun but prefer spending your time alone or away from other people at the beach.

Additionally, it is capable of adapting to be appropriate in any garden to set a stunning appearance.

you can relax on your terrace with garden furniture made from rattan
A rattan garden furniture allows you to unwind on your patio

Rattan Swing Chairs

Rattan swing chairs are made of a durable and versatile species of palm vine. These chairs are designed to offer a unique cozy sitting experience. What's more, they can be utilized in many different kinds of settings because of their versatility.

rattan swing chairs are used in many ways thanks to their versatility
A hanging rattan seat's weight differs based on its structure

A hanging rattan seat's weight differs based on its layout and structure. Hence, you should check for details from the outdoor rattan furniture brands if you want to purchase.

Although a few swing chairs have lighter weight limits, many are capable of supporting 300 pounds or more

Rattan Bistro Sets

This rattan bistro set will make it simple for you to transform your garden into a cozy and modern mood. Moreover, they are especially ideal items if you do not have much space or are trying to save a little area in your garden.

The advantages of bistro rattan furniture are that it provides a more natural appearance, great portability, and environmental friendliness.

bistro rattan furniture has a natural beauty, is highly portable and is environmentally friendly
Bistro rattan furniture provides a more natural appearance

Rattan pendant lights

Rattan pendant lights are a great choice for homeowners who have the idea of changing up their illumination periodically because they are lightweight and simple to install.

Round, oval, and teardrop are just a few of the shapes available for rattan pendant lights. You can consider the garden's overall design before selecting a form, and keep that visual in mind.

consider the overall design of the garden before choosing a string to hang rattan lights
Rattan pendant lights are an excellent choice for homeowners

Impressive designs of rattan garden house

Both traditional and modern rattan outdoor furniture also make a big impact on your garden. Below are the top 5 outstanding designs of rattan items that you can select for your space.

Rattan Pavilion with Canopy

One of the best rattan garden furniture for your garden is a pavilion with a canopy. Thanks to this exceptional design of the pavilion, you can bring the highest level of comfort into your private garden.

In comparison to fabrics or plastic tents, the rattan canopy is composed of high-quality rattan material that is both durable and long-lasting.

rattan pavilion with canopy is an awning made from bamboo and rattan with long-lasting durability
Rattan Pavilion with Canopy is both durable and long-lasting

Rattan Garden Gazebo

The rattan garden gazebo is appropriate furniture for any outdoor occasion, including weddings, parties, and BBQs,... So, you can add a modern and unique touch to your garden with this lovely rattan garden gazebo.

a gazebo is a suitable product for all outdoor activities
The rattan garden gazebo is appropriate furniture for any outdoor

The frame of this product is built of corrosion-resistant and lightweight paint-covered steel. Moreover, the roof is composed of UV and scratch-resistant polyester that is both resistant to water and long-lasting.

Rattan Cabin Retreat

Retreat is a gorgeous custom-built cabin that serves as the ideal location for experiencing the breathtaking scenery. So, a ratten cabin retreat will furnish your garden with an outside sitting space to enjoy the views. This will include deck chairs and umbrellas, as well as rattan pair furnishings and a bistro table.

the custom-built cabin is the ideal place to experience the scenery
A ratten cabin retreat will furnish your garden with an outside relaxing space

Rattan Outdoor Dining Pavilion

The dining pavilion is a perfect instance of outdoor rattan furniture that you can use in your garden. Its dark brown rattan frame is expertly crafted and would look great with natural tones and a warm ambiance. So, this rattan dining pavilion will provide a cozy embrace and elegant style for your garden.

the outdoor dining pavilion is a perfect example
The dining pavilion is a perfect instance of outdoor rattan furniture

Rattan Spa Retreat

Rattan Spa Retreat has been created to support customers in recreating a relaxed and tranquil mood for their garden. Each finish is designed to be transparent to highlight the individual texture patterns of the material.

rattan spa retreat has a special uniqueness in color, label and finishing
Rattan Spa Retreat has an outstanding look

Unique differences in color, labels, and finishing will occur throughout every ratten item, which will deepen over time and improve the depth of comfort and vintage.

5+ tips for choosing a rattan garden house

Rattan garden furniture has always been a best seller item because of its quality and nice look. To help you get the most suitable ones, Rowabi will suggest 5 tips for choosing items made of rattan for your garden.

Define Your Purpose

To select an appropriate product, firstly, you need to identify how it will be used. Will you require rattan furniture to add beauty to your outdoor space or create a peaceful atmosphere?

When you determine the purpose of usage, you will know exactly what you need to select. For example, if you enjoy spending time cooking for your family, an outdoor dining set is the perfect solution.

to choose the right product, it is necessary to clearly define the intended use
You need to identify how the furniture will be used

Consider Space and Location

When selecting rattan garden furniture, it is important to consider the place and location. If your garden is so small, you ought to go with a product that is reasonably sized, takes up little room, and is versatile. Hence, your garden will be more spacious and still have all the comforts you want.

you should choose furniture that is optimized for your space
You should choose the products that optimize your space

Design and Style

The appropriate color, shape, and style must be achieved to complement the surroundings of your garden. Whether you pick traditional garden furniture or modern ones, they should match your personal style and the look of the garden.

choosing garden furniture must match your personal style and garden space
The appropriate color, shape and style must be achieved

By choosing suitable rattan outdoor furniture, your space will change the appearance and become outstanding. Moreover, you can utilize pillows, throws, and rugs to give their style a contemporary and new touch.

Quality of Rattan

If you buy a rattan dining set, lounging seats, and anything else for outdoor usage, you are looking for it to last a long time. When searching for furniture, you should put the general standard of the goods you want to buy on priority.

you should set high standards for the item you want to buy
The rattan weave ought to be in high quality

The rattan weave ought to be additionally tightly stitched to create a tight, flat surface for your convenience. This will significantly improve its natural waterproof capabilities, but will also ensure that it remains durable and is not quickly destroyed.

Durability and Construction

How long does rattan garden furniture lasts is the thing that you should consider when choosing these products.

High-quality items will be a more durable set that will not require to be replaced for many years. You can choose products that are made of PE rattan because it is widely recognized for being highly resistant to moisture, snow, sunny, and UV radiation.

in addition to natural rattan material, you can choose products made of PE rattan
You can choose products that are made of PE rattan

How to clean a rattan garden house?

How to clean rattan garden furniture is not a tricky question if you follow these tips. Let’s check it right now.

  • To get rid of particles and grime, use a portable cleaner or a toothbrush attachment to clean them.
  • Apply air bubbles to gaps and crevices by utilizing a toothbrush.
  • To help eliminate sediments or additional marks that have crusted on the rattan, use a toothbrush. Then, soak a piece of microfiber and wipe it with a drop of dishwashing detergent.
  • Allow the surfaces to dry properly outdoors in the warmth of the sun or in an area with good ventilation.

use a toothbrush to clean up
Apply air bubbles to gaps and crevices by utilizing a toothbrush

Rowabi - Placing to buy rattan pendant lights for your garden

Rowabi has been a popular and prestigious brand where you can buy rattan garden furniture with an affordable price. Here, you will be provided a wide range of products with many sizes, colors, shapes, and outlook for your garden’s space.

In particular, all rattan furniture at Rowabi is made of high-quality which is safe for the environment and your health.

all rattan and bamboo furniture products available at Rowabi are made from high quality materials
All rattan furniture at Rowabi is made of high-quality

Rattan garden furniture not only makes the space appear more comfortable, but it is also an effective way to add a distinctive style to your garden.

Hence, your home will become more elegant, and gorgeous and never go out of date. Check out all products at Rowabi's to pick your preferred furniture right away!

memorial week savings blogpost

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