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Article: Organic Modern Interiors Design: 18+ Expert Tips and Ideas

Organic Modern Interiors Design: 18+ Expert Tips and Ideas

Written by Henry Phan Update
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With the growing trend of bringing nature into contemporary homes, the rise of organic modern interior design is no surprise. But what exactly is this style?

In the article below, Rowabi provides the answer along with over 18 expert tips and ideas to help you create an organic modern space that is both stylish and serene. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to refresh your current decor, these insights will provide you with the inspiration and guidance you need.


First, let’s explore the organic modern design style and see how it differs from other styles. What are its key elements, and does your home align with this aesthetic?

What is an organic modern design style?

Organic modern interior design is a sophisticated blend of modern, minimalist aesthetics and earthy, natural elements. Rooted in the principles of modernist design and influenced by the ideas of Frank Lloyd Wright, this style emphasizes quality over quantity, creating a harmonious coexistence between sleek, contemporary elements and organic, earthy textures.

embrace modern design for timeless elegance
Modern design provides a classic and elegant way to live in the present. Source: Luxe Interiors + Design (1)

It integrates modern furniture with natural materials like wood, stone, linen, and cotton, often complemented by greenery to bring the outdoors inside. The color palette is typically warm and neutral, enhancing the cozy yet minimalist feel of the space.

By merging mid-century modern and Scandinavian influences with modern design, the organic modern style offers a tranquil, airy, chic, and grounding atmosphere.

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Why choose organic modern over just contemporary or Scandinavian?

In recent years, organic modern has become a more popular choice compared to contemporary or Scandinavian styles because it combines the best of both worlds. Both contemporary and Scandinavian styles have their limitations.

Contemporary design, with its focus on clean lines and sleek aesthetics, can often feel too cold and impersonal for a home. On the other hand, while Scandinavian design emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and a connection to nature, it may not feel modern enough for today's tastes.

Organic modern design bridges these gaps by combining the warmth, coziness, and natural elements of Scandinavian style with the sophistication, sleekness, and innovative materials of contemporary design. This results in an inviting and stylish space, offering a harmonious balance of comfort and modern elegance.

Key elements of organic modern style

Combining organic and modern styles, this design embraces a diverse set of key elements, including the following eight components:

blend nature essence with modern refinement in organic modern design
The key elements of organic modern design blend the essence of nature with the refinement of modernity. Source: Homes & Gardens (2)

Nature-inspired elements

As we've highlighted, organic modern design places a strong emphasis on organic elements, clearly reflected in its use of furniture and accessories made from natural materials in their raw form.

Beyond familiar items like bamboo chairs, rattan pendant lights, and wooden tables, this style introduces distinctive pieces such as stone vases and linen upholstery.

This emphasis on natural materials helps create a space that is both warm and modern, reflecting the core principles of organic modern design.

Minimalistic approach

Focusing on the rawest elements of nature, organic modern design seeks simplicity and serenity in life. This style adopts a minimalistic approach, keeping everything simple and elegant. However, it doesn't require strict minimalism; you can still include all the things you love, arranged in a tidy and minimalist way.


Achieving the modern organic style requires a careful balance. Adding too many organic elements can make your home lean towards a bohemian aesthetic, while focusing exclusively on modern pieces can give it an industrial feel.

The key is to blend both organic and modern elements in nearly equal measure to create the perfect look.

Neutral & earthy color palettes

The color scheme is undoubtedly crucial in organic modern design, influencing the entire decor and furniture selection throughout the home.

Opt for a neutral palette with earthy tones like browns, greens, and grays. These colors create a calming backdrop and effectively evoke the natural feel essential to this style.

Organic forms

Embrace organic forms by introducing furniture that adds a sense of comfort and warmth, counteracting the often angular lines associated with modern design. Look for pieces with graceful, flowing shapes that mimic the curves found in nature.

Mixed materials & texture

Mixed materials serve as a means for organic modern style to break away from the ordinary and stand out. By blending an array of materials like wood, metal, stone, and glass, designers craft a visually captivating and diverse atmosphere.

These materials, with their unique textures and characteristics, imbue the space with an authentic and earthy ambiance.

Biophilic infusion design

The infusion of biophilic design principles is a defining characteristic of organic modern style, emphasizing the integration of nature into interior spaces for improved well-being and connection.

This design philosophy embraces elements like ample natural light, indoor greenery, and the use of natural materials to establish an environment that is both harmonious and nurturing.

Natural light

Natural light is an indispensable element for elevating the organic modern style. By welcoming sunlight into the interior, organic modern spaces exude an airy, expansive, and welcoming ambiance.

Beyond mere illumination, natural light serves to highlight the natural textures and materials present in the decor, including wood, stone, and plants. Its interplay of light and shadow adds depth and visual intrigue to the environment, enhancing its overall appeal.

Examples of organic modern interior design

Let's take a journey with Rowabi through some impressive images that come to mind when people mention organic and modern. See how people on social media have pulled this style off.

Organic, modern dining room

beautiful organic modern dining room
@kathykuohome | Instagram (3)

beautiful organic modern dining room
@ellenfleckinteriors | Instagram (4)

beautiful organic modern dining room
@wymarzona_domena_ | Instagram (5)

Organic modern living room

stunning organic modern living room
@becominghomebody | Instagram (6)

stunning organic modern living room
@meridithbaerhome | Instagram (7)

Organic modern bedroom

cozy organic modern bedroom
@modernhistoryfurniture | Instagram (8)

enhance coziness with soft materials like bedding and curtains
@mywellihousedecor | Instagram (9)

Organic, modern bathroom

relaxing organic modern bathroom
@bedrosianstile | Instagram (10)

relaxing organic modern bathroom
@debra_salmoni | Instagram (11)

Crafting your organic modern interior: 18+ expert tips and ideas

Now, let's go right into the tips and ideas endorsed by experts in the field to achieve the perfect organic modern interior.

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Incorporate a variety of natural textures

Incorporating a variety of natural textures is essential for crafting an organic, modern interior. The interplay of different textures adds depth, warmth, and visual interest to a space, making it feel inviting and balanced.

Combining smooth stone, rough wood, and soft textiles creates a rich visual landscape. The contrast between these materials enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, with each element standing out.

highlight your home with natural textures for a unique touch
Leverage the appeal of natural textures to create a unique point for your home. Source: CB2 (12)

Additionally, natural textures offer a sensory experience that synthetic materials lack. The cool, solid feel of stone contrasts with the warm, fibrous touch of rattan, providing a tactile richness that enhances comfort and coziness.

Opt for a minimalist color palette

A minimalist color palette typically includes neutral tones like whites, beiges, grays, and earthy hues, which provide an ideal backdrop for natural materials and textures.

create a calming atmosphere with earthy and neutral tones
Utilizing earthy and neutral tones creates a soothing ambiance for everyone. Source: Fancy House Design in Dubai (13)

The main reason for opting for a minimalist color palette is its ability to highlight the natural elements in your space. By keeping the colors subdued and understated, the focus remains on the beauty of raw materials in the house.

Choose furniture with curvy lines

Unlike rigid, straight-edged pieces, furniture with soft, flowing curves mirrors the gentle, natural shapes found in the environment.

Curved furniture pieces, such as sofas with rounded edges, oval coffee tables, and chairs with sinuous forms, create a harmonious balance against the straight lines often seen in modern architecture.

curvy furniture lines add fluidity to your space s overall look
The curvy lines of furniture create a sense of fluidity for the overall look. Source: SampleBoard (14)

These organic shapes can soften the overall look of a room, adding warmth and a touch of elegance. Moreover, curvy lines in furniture can lead to better circulation and flow within a space. They guide the eye and movement naturally, encouraging a more relaxed and intuitive navigation through the room.

Bring greenery into your living space

Experts agree that an organic modern design is incomplete without the presence of plants. They are essential elements that add color and vibrancy to your home. Greenery not only enhances the visual appeal of your space but also contributes to air purification and improved air quality.

infuse your home with vibrant green hues from plants
The green hues of plants bring vitality to the home. Source: Apartment Therapy (15)

Start by incorporating easy-to-grow plants, keeping in mind that each type requires specific care and conditions. This thoughtful addition will make your organic modern home truly come to life.

Prioritize using sculptural-shaped lighting

In crafting your organic modern interior, one expert tip to consider is prioritizing the use of sculptural-shaped lighting.

You can choose fixtures with organic, fluid shapes that mimic elements found in nature, such as curves reminiscent of flowing water or asymmetrical forms inspired by natural rock formations.

discover versatile aesthetics with this rattan pendant light
This rattan pendant light provides versatile aesthetics, appealing to diverse tastes. Source: Rowabi

Here we have a perfect option that you might consider - the Sepherina Rattan Pendant Light. This pendant light is crafted from rattan, capturing the essence of nature.

Depending on your perspective, you can see it as a rolling hill or even a beehive, with its soft, flowing lines resembling water. It's an ideal statement piece for your living room.

Decorate walls with nature-inspired artwork

One way to seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces is by incorporating art motivated by or even created by nature. These artworks can capture scenes you love, from lush forests to serene oceans, or they can be crafted from natural materials like leaves, seashells, or branches.

The possibilities are endless, so take advantage of the myriad of artistic expressions nature offers.

Experiment with an array of eclectic style combinations

To create something truly unique, you can consider blending various style characteristics to achieve a fresh perspective.

This could involve incorporating contrasting textures, such as pairing sleek metals with rustic woods or combining plush fabrics with industrial finishes. Integrate pieces from different eras, like mixing mid-century modern chairs with antique accessories. However, it's important to maintain the essential traits of organic modern design while doing so.

Favor open and tidy layouts

Given our pursuit of a serene and airy ambiance, a streamlined layout becomes indispensable. It ensures that the items in the space appear more organized, with each object having its own designated area to shine and become a significant statement piece.

 Most importantly, it nurtures a tranquil atmosphere, a cornerstone of organic modern living rooms or bedrooms.

arrange your space logically for comfort and spaciousness
With logical arrangement, the space becomes more spacious and comfortable. Source: Fancy House Design in Dubai (16)

Select wall murals with a nature-inspired motif

While previously we discussed using artwork to adorn walls, here's another fresh approach: incorporating nature-inspired murals or wallpapers. You can choose designs that capture the beauty of nature, such as a gentle forest landscape or a delicate botanical pattern.

It is ideally suited for the bedroom, where it contributes to a more serene and visually appealing sleeping environment.

Dabble in color play

In organic modern design, there's ample opportunity to explore a vibrant color palette alongside the usual neutrals.

add pops of color to accentuate your room highlights
If you want to add more highlights to the room, just add these colors. Source: Kukun (17)

Experts suggest incorporating pops of color like marigold pillows, rust velvet chairs, or colorful rugs to add depth and interest to your space.

While beige and white are common, don't shy away from incorporating greens and pinks, which bring a natural yet bold touch to your home, reflecting elements found in nature such as blooms and sunsets.

Maximizing your outdoor view is essential when crafting an organic, modern interior. This design ethos aims to blend indoor and outdoor spaces, fostering a harmonious connection with nature.

utilize natural light sources to enhance every corner of your home
Leverage natural light sources to harmonize every piece in your home. Source: Pinterest (18)

Strategically positioning furniture to capture scenic views imbues your home with tranquility and serenity. Additionally, ample natural light through expansive windows enhances the organic ambiance, creating a serene living environment.

Add handmade touches to your decor

In organic modern spaces, handcrafted decor and accessories epitomize bespoke charm and authenticity, reflecting the homeowner's refined artistic sensibility. Each handmade piece is inherently a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, telling stories steeped in tradition, culture, and ideology.

Moreover, they honor the beauty and intricacy of artisanal craftsmanship, making the space truly unparalleled. Today, there is a plethora of handmade options available, ranging from vases and trays to chairs and lamps, allowing individuals to freely express their creativity and preferences.

Use soft fabrics

When it comes to soft natural fabrics, we immediately think of their gentle, fluid, and soothing qualities. These fabrics often feature distinctive textures such as sumptuous velvets, lustrous silks, or plush wools that you can incorporate into throw pillows, drapes, bedding, or upholstery.

bedding, curtains, incorporate soft materials for a relaxing feel throughout
From bedding to curtains, incorporate soft materials for a relaxing feel throughout. Source: Sharps (19)

Utilizing these materials creates a harmonious blend of modern, sleek lines with a soft, comforting touch, offering a sensory experience of relaxation and tranquility.

Add a natural stone focal point

In organic modern interior design, the presence of natural elements plays a crucial role. You can seamlessly incorporate natural stone as a focal point without compromising the style's inherent beauty. It could be a raw stone directly sourced from nature or sculpted into shape. Whether adorning a fireplace, accenting a wall, or gracing a countertop, it exudes exquisite charm.

Carefully consider this when selecting organic modern decor

Deliberate selection is key in organic modern decor. Celebrate nature's beauty while respecting its resources by incorporating renewable materials and eco-friendly practices. Opt for reclaimed wood furnishings and energy-efficient lighting to reduce your ecological footprint.

natural fiber textures introduce
Each organic piece should be carefully chosen for the best fit. Source: Xo, MaCenna (20)

Invest in one-of-a-kind finds

In the organic modern style, the focus is on quality over quantity when it comes to furnishings, unlike some other interior design approaches. Therefore, it's essential to carefully select one-of-a-kind pieces that resonate with you and contribute a unique touch to make a significant impact.

Unify indoor and outdoor living spaces

Elevate organic modernity into a true lifestyle. Instead of solely focusing on the indoor living space, you can unify it seamlessly with the outdoor areas.

Transform the home into a cohesive sanctuary where the spatial experience is unified and complete. As a result, every corner of your home will evoke a sense of relaxation, tranquility, and comfort.

seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces for a harmonious experience
Creating an open space allows for a seamless experience from indoor to outdoor and vice versa. Source: Fancy House Design In Dubai (21)

Overlay natural material rugs

Incorporating rugs crafted from natural fibers adds an inviting charm to your organic, modern home. You can creatively layer different materials, sizes, textures, shapes, and patterns to create the most tranquil and perfect walking experience.

Ideal materials for this purpose include jute, sisal, or wool, which not only complement the organic theme but also add a tactile richness to the space.

Faqs: Organic modern interior design

How do I start transitioning to an organic modern style?

  • Transitioning to an organic modern style involves embracing natural elements, clean lines, and minimalist aesthetics. Start by decluttering your space and incorporating organic materials like wood, stone, and plants.

Can organic modern style be budget-friendly?

  • Yes, organic modern style can be budget-friendly. Look for sustainable materials, shop secondhand, and do DIY projects to create a stylish organic modern space without breaking the bank.

Can I use metal accents in the organic modern style?

  • Yes, you can use metal accents in an organic modern design. You can look for sleek and simple metal finishes like brushed nickel or matte black to complement the organic elements in your space.

What’s the difference between organic modern and other modern styles?

  • Organic modern design emphasizes natural materials and textures, while other modern styles may focus more on sleek lines and industrial elements. Organic modern also embraces sustainability and eco-consciousness.

How do I select furniture for an organic modern space?

  • Choose furniture with simple designs, natural materials, and clean lines. Opt for pieces made from sustainable materials like reclaimed wood or bamboo to align with the organic modern aesthetic.

Can you mix colors and textures in this style?

  • Yes, mixing colors and textures is encouraged in organic modern design. Experiment with earthy tones, rich textures, and contrasting materials to add depth and visual interest to your space.

How can I maximize natural elements in my home?

  • Maximize natural elements by incorporating plants, natural light, and organic materials like wood, stone, and rattan into your decor. Letting in plenty of natural light and using earthy color palettes can also enhance the organic feel.

What kind of decorative accents work best with organic modern design?

  • Decorative accents that work best with organic modern design include natural textures like woven baskets, ceramic pottery, and botanical prints. Choose pieces that complement the organic aesthetic and add warmth to your space.

Any tips on maintaining the aesthetic over time?

  • To maintain the organic modern aesthetic, focus on simplicity, declutter regularly, and invest in timeless pieces. Incorporate sustainable practices and materials to ensure longevity and relevance.

What is the difference between a modern farmhouse and an organic modern style?

  • Modern farmhouse style blends rustic elements with modern design, while organic modern focuses on natural materials and minimalist aesthetics. Modern farmhouses often incorporate traditional farmhouse elements like barn doors and shiplap.

What is the difference between organic modern and mid-century modern?

  • Organic modern design draws inspiration from nature and emphasizes sustainability, while mid-century modern design is characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes, and retro influences. Organic modern tends to be more relaxed and natural, while mid-century modern is sleek and structured.

What is the difference between modern and organic modern?

  • Modern design emphasizes simplicity and clean lines, while organic modern design incorporates natural elements and textures. Organic modern embraces sustainability and eco-consciousness, while modern design may focus more on contemporary aesthetics.

How to design an organic modern living room?

  • You can start by by choosing furniture, such as sofa and coffee table, with clean lines, incorporating natural materials like wood and stone, and adding plenty of plants for a touch of greenery. Keep the color palette neutral and minimalist to maintain the organic feel.


In conclusion, organic modern interior design is a worthwhile choice for those who appreciate modern aesthetics but also crave the beauty of nature.

With the 18 tips and ideas provided by Rowabi, we believe you are now equipped to craft an organic modern interior that reflects your personal style while fostering a sense of tranquility and connection with the natural world.


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