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Article: 20+ Wonderful Modern Maximalist Interior Design Ideas for 2024

20+ Wonderful Modern Maximalist Interior Design Ideas for 2024

Written by Henry Phan Update
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If you love expressing your individuality and want your home to reflect your vibrant personality, you should definitely explore modern maximalism. This style is all about making spaces lively, dynamic, and full of character.

In this collection, Rowabi will be sharing 20 wonderful modern maximalist interior design ideas to inspire you. Get ready to infuse your home with boldness, beauty, and those unexpected touches that make a space truly unique.

Defining modern maximalism

Modern maximalism is the antithesis of minimalism, celebrating excess, exuberance, and opulence with a contemporary twist. It thrives on an abundance of patterns, textures, colors, and objects, embracing a "more is more" mentality that rejects minimalism's simplicity.

This style invites personal expression through cherished mementos, keepsakes, and nostalgic items, creating spaces filled with character and life. Influenced by historical periods such as the luxurious Rococo and the playful bohemian, modern maximalism combines these rich traditions with today's design sensibilities.

explore endless style combinations with the freedom of modern maximalism
With modern maximalism, you can freely mix and match to your heart's content. Source: Decorative Collective (1)

Lighter walls and bare floors are contrasted with bold colors, vibrant wallpapers, and large planters, reflecting a sense of discovery and artistic flair.

Ultimately, modern maximalism celebrates the joy of an interior filled with color, pattern, and life, offering a visually stunning and emotionally resonant living space.

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The elements of modern maximalism

Among a variety of styles, modern maximalism stands out as a way to balance modernity with personal taste and individuality.

To achieve this interior style, pay close attention to the following elements:

Bright colors

When we talk about maximalism, vibrant, eye-catching colors immediately come to mind. However, these bright hues must be combined thoughtfully to ensure they stand out harmoniously and enhance each other.

To maintain a modern, luxurious feel, it’s best to use deep jewel tones like emerald greens, regal purples, and electric blues as accents.

For the foundation, neutrals or complementary colors should be chosen to balance and highlight the bold accents effectively. This combination keeps the overall design cohesive and sophisticated.

Texture extravaganza

Modern maximalism isn't just about playing with colors; it's also about exploring textures. This interior style is perfect for those who want their home to have depth and richness in every detail.

Mixing materials like plush velvets, rough linens, and glossy metals is highly recommended as long as each material is highlighted rather than competing with each other.

Pattern wonderland

How could we forget patterns, one of the hallmark features of vibrant styles like modern maximalism? This aspect entirely depends on your personal preferences as you search for a theme pattern that suits your taste, ranging from geometric shapes to animal prints or even floral wallpapers.

You can also mix patterns, as long as they don't overwhelm the space or create visual clutter. This allows you to express your individuality while maintaining a cohesive design throughout the house.

Design statement

Modern maximalism encourages the use of fresh, unique, and even oversized design patterns, showcasing strong individual personalities. Oversized chandeliers, sculptural furniture pieces, and statement art are all integral components of the maximalist aesthetic.

Collectible mixtape

Moving on from larger items, let's explore decorative pieces that add layers of meaning to a room. These items are chosen to imbue spaces with depth and significance.

Among the most sought-after are vintage finds from historical periods that resonate with you, travel souvenirs collected from memorable journeys, and art pieces, such as photographs, that leave a profound impression.

Seek out items that truly resonate with you, each carrying its own memories and meaningful stories.

Creating a modern maximalist space

If you wish to pursue and build your house in this modern maximalist style, it's not difficult. However, there are a few considerations you need to weigh to plan meticulously and sensibly.

Start with a neutral base

To create a beautiful painting, you often start with a blank canvas and gradually add layers of color. Similarly, when constructing a modern maximalist space, begin by establishing a neutral foundation.

Choose light-colored walls, such as soft whites, creams, or light grays, to provide a backdrop for the bold elements that will follow.

let vibrant furniture colors pop against neutral backgrounds
A neutral base will help highlight the vibrant colors of your furniture pieces. Source: Kate Wiltshire Design (2)

Choose a vibrant color palette

This largely depends on your personal preferences. You can use tones that you love as the main focus, or consult Feng Shui to find a color that aligns with the energy you wish to cultivate.

The key is to choose a color that makes you feel comfortable and at ease after a long, tiring day.

Mix patterns wisely

Patterns are indeed beautiful, but it's important to remember that not all visually appealing patterns will complement each other, as you might think.

There are various types of patterns, as mentioned earlier, but be mindful of scale and balance. For instance, pairing a large-scale pattern with a smaller-scale one can create visual contrast and dimension.

Incorporate bold accessories

If combining colors, patterns and shapes feels too challenging, opt for bold accessories instead to serve as focal points. These pieces will effortlessly catch the eye without cluttering the overall look. However, ensure that each piece is truly bold, unique, and fresh.

embrace the uniqueness of each decor element with modern maximalism
Modern maximalism encourages the dominance of unique pieces. Source: (3)

Layer textures

Finally, layering textures is crucial for crafting a luxurious and welcoming maximalist space. In addition to mixing velvet, linen, and metal, as we've mentioned, consider using various materials for throw pillows and rugs to diversify the experience within the same space.

20 modern maximalist interior ideas and designs

Impressive ceiling

For modern maximalist bedrooms, a ceiling adorned with decorative elements and wallpaper featuring your favorite pattern can elevate the overall look to stunning heights.

However, it's important to note that if using patterned wallpaper for the ceiling, it's best to pair it with white walls to avoid visual clutter.

balance bold ceiling patterns with neutral walls for harmony
Once you've chosen patterned wallpaper for the ceiling, balance it out with white walls all around. Source: Good Housekeeping (4)

Elegant maximalist

As modern maximalism is inherently linked with elegance, infusing maximalist spaces with an elegant touch is essential and fitting.

Modern maximalist living rooms adorned with luxurious materials like velvet, brocade, or damask for upholstery, along with opulent accessories such as crystal chandeliers and decorative mirrors, create a stunningly beautiful ambiance.

Delicate palettes

Some people may feel overwhelmed by the bold and vibrant colors of maximalist design, so it's important to find a balance. To achieve this, you can utilize delicate palettes featuring soft pastel hues and subtle metallic accents.

create a calming ambiance with soothing pastel tones
Tones like these pastels will be more soothing for the eyes. Source: YesColors (5)

Opt for calming colors like blush pink, powder blue, or lavender for walls, upholstery, and decor to evoke a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

Also, add touches of gold, silver, or copper through metallic finishes on furniture, lighting fixtures, and accessories to elevate the space and add a touch of glamor.

If you're an art enthusiast, you shouldn't overlook this idea. You can utilize gallery walls in living areas, hallways, and staircases to showcase paintings, photographs, and prints in a visually striking arrangement.

A tip is to use track lighting, picture lights, or accent lamps to highlight your artwork, enhancing its beauty and sophistication.

showcase your personality through diverse art selections
Each painting represents a different perspective and personality trait of yours. Source: ArchDaily (6)

Botanical retreat

Transforming your bathroom with a bathtub into a botanical retreat would be truly exquisite, offering a perfect sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation after a long day.

Combining lush greenery with patterns reminiscent of the sea creates a tranquil ambiance, while wallpaper featuring whimsical animal motifs adds a touch of vibrancy. Together, these elements form a vibrant oasis within your home.

transform baths into nature inspired retreats with immersive decor
Turn every bath into an immersive experience, blending with nature. Source: Pinterest (7)

Frosty designs

Given the mention of lush greenery, it's fitting to also celebrate ideas featuring the cool, crisp aesthetic of winter with frosty designs, evoking a sense of serenity.

Opt for a color palette dominated by shades of white, silver, and blue to mirror the serene landscape of frost. Enhance the ambiance by incorporating shimmering textures like faux fur, metallic accents, and mirrored surfaces, adding depth and luminosity to the space.

enhance frosty designs with ombre transitions for depth
Using ombre transitions is a great way to enhance the frosty design. Source: Elle Décor (8)

Lush foliage

One of the newest ideas in modern maximalism for 2024 is the incorporation of a lush oasis indoors, bringing the outdoors inside. This involves integrating abundant greenery, such as potted plants, hanging vines, and succulents, to infuse the room with a sense of freshness and vitality.

Alternatively, botanical prints or the use of natural materials like wood and rattan can also capture the essence of lush greenery, evoking a refreshing ambiance reminiscent of nature's beauty.

Style orchestra

When you're unsure of your preferred style, consider blending elements from different genres in your room. For a captivating and eclectic space, combine a raw brick wall and a sleek steel-framed coffee table for a modern industrial feel.

Add an exquisite chandelier to evoke Victorian elegance, and balance with a busy wall adorned with large paintings and chunky furniture pieces for maximalist flair. This fusion creates a unique interior that reflects your eclectic tastes.

Dramatic figures

You can use dramatic figures as focal points for your modern, maximalist home. These include sculptural furniture pieces with bold silhouettes, such as oversized sofas and curved armchairs.

Additionally, incorporate ornate mirrors and decorative lighting fixtures to add depth and dimension to the space. These elements elevate the aesthetic and create a visually captivating interior.

play with furniture sizes and shapes for standout pieces
Make each furniture piece stand out by playing with its size and shape. Source: Lessandra (9)

Clusters of lighting

Instead of using a single large pendant light, you can opt for a cluster of small lights to highlight the room you want to transform. This cluster brings together modern, delicately designed light fixtures, each crafted with precision in material and accents.

When grouped together in sets of three or four, they create a visually stunning focal point without overwhelming the space, striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

opt for orbit bowl pendant lights to add style and variety
Use Orbit Bowl Pendant Lights to add clutter and increase variety in finishes and styles. Source; Rowabi

A glass wall

Utilizing glass doors is a practical way to create a more spacious and comfortable environment. By incorporating glass doors, ample sunlight can penetrate the interior, effectively enhancing the perception of space within the room.

Additionally, harnessing natural sunlight also serves to illuminate the vibrant colors of our decor, resulting in a vivid and accurate representation of hues, thus contributing to a visually pleasing and harmonious ambiance.

set the mood with strategic lighting choices throughout your home
Harness lighting to make your home come alive. Source: Sierra Living Concept (10)

Moroccan enchantment

The allure of Moroccan interiors epitomizes the dramatic and exotic essence of maximalism. This style captivates with its fusion of shimmering metallic accents, intricate ornate patterns, and a bold palette of vibrant colors. Each element harmonizes to create an enchanting ambiance that embodies the richness and sophistication characteristic of maximalist design.

add moroccan details for a burst of vitality and freshness
Moroccan details bring a vibrant freshness to any room, bursting with vitality. Source: Berber Creations (11)

Detailed wall painting

One hallmark of modern maximalism is its emphasis on intricate details. A single wall adorned with meticulously detailed patterns can serve as a unique focal point in your home. It's not necessary to decorate every wall this way; even one elaborately painted wall is enough to make a significant impression.

Choose a design bursting with vibrant colors and intricate patterns to create a striking contrast with the more subdued elements of the room.

each drawing adds unique charm enhancing individuality
These drawings bring a unique charm to each home, adding a touch of individuality. Source: Pinterest (12)

Classic ivory

One unique aspect of modern maximalism, rarely seen in its traditional form, is its ability to be elegant, chic, and more restrained. In this style, bold colors are strategically limited to a few key pieces, such as an azure sofa and the vibrant greens of various plants.

Patterns are used sparingly and delicately, with thin diamond shapes on the rug and throw pillows. The room itself is predominantly white, creating a clean and sophisticated backdrop.

Scandinavian opulence

Combining the clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of Scandinavian design with the luxurious textures and bold colors of maximalism offers a way to enhance the beauty of a space.

Two key elements that can be applied to optimize this combination include large framed artworks and an array of knick-knacks and decorative items.

Opt for pieces of art that feature bold colors and striking designs to add visual interest and depth to the room. Additionally, incorporate a variety of knick-knacks, such as ceramics, vases, books, and plants, to infuse the space with personality and character.

Collection of portraits

Using abstract portrait paintings is a suggestion when choosing artwork. They typically share common features and depict faces that blend in well with each other.

Consider painting the walls a deep hue like dark green or burgundy, then hang the artwork and add a bookshelf to create a nostalgic and distinctive aesthetic.

Trendy chinoiserie

A stylish modern maximalist living room that incorporates Chinoiserie typically features intricate details, vibrant colors, and bold patterns. These elements add depth and personality to the space.

infuse charm with chinoiserie designs featuring bamboo birds and flowers
Chinoiserie designs typically include elements such as bamboo, birds, flowers, and pagodas. Source: The Inside (13)

Utilizing oriental charms through various accents and details, such as framed wall accents adorned with intricate oriental motifs and a bright futon coffee table, can elevate the room's aesthetic and create a captivating atmosphere.

Bold pattern mix

If you're confident enough, dare to use patterns in a more bold and playful manner by layering and mixing them. It's not necessary to stick to a single theme; you can embrace diversity.

However, remember that they should have a common thread, whether it's in color or shape, to avoid visual clutter and overwhelm in the space.

combine patterns for a captivating visual impact in your decor
Combining patterns in the right way can create an eye-catching overall look. Source: CNN (14)

Golden highlights

Gold accents and metallic finishes can indeed infuse warmth and glamour into your interior. Some golden elements you can incorporate include lighting fixtures, accessories, and decor pieces, all of which contribute to a sense of luxury and timeless elegance.

elevate your space with golden highlights for a touch of luxury
Golden highlights add a touch of luxury and elegance to any room. Source: Must-have Bins (15)

Captivating clutter

The classic maximalist room ensures every inch of space is adorned with paint, patterns, or decorations. Large, substantial furniture pieces fill the room, while sculptures, pictures, and trimmings occupy every available nook. The result is a romantic and exhilarating living room designed to captivate and delight.

Faqs: Modern Maximalist Interior Design

What is a modern maximalist?

  • A modern maximalist embraces a design philosophy that values bold, eclectic, and visually rich interiors. This style combines vibrant colors, diverse patterns, and an array of textures and decor elements to create spaces that are dynamic and expressive.

What is modern interior design called?

  • Modern interior design is often referred to simply as "modern design." It is characterized by clean lines, minimal clutter, and a focus on function and simplicity.

What are the principles of maximalist design?

  • The principles of maximalist design include bold colors, personal expression, layering, diverse patterns and textures, as well as abundant statement pieces.

What is the maximalist trend?

  • The maximalist trend is a movement in interior design that emphasizes boldness, abundance, and diversity in decor. This trend incorporates a mix of patterns, colors, and textures, often with a sense of whimsy and personal expression.

Why is maximalism better than minimalism?

  • Maximalism can be seen as better than minimalism for those who prefer spaces that reflect their personalities and interests through rich visual elements. Moreover, it's perfect for those who love to create and use decoration as a way to express their individuality.

What are modern luxury interiors?

  • Modern luxury interiors blend contemporary design with high-end materials and sophisticated details. Key features include sleek finishes, quality craftsmanship, and minimalist yet elegant furnishings. They will use luxury materials such as marble, velvet, and polished metals.

What are the 7 concepts of interior design?

  • The seven interior design concepts are space, line, form, light, color, texture, and pattern. These concepts work together to create balanced and aesthetically pleasing interiors.

What are the benefits of maximalist interior design?

  • The benefits of maximalist interior design include personal expression, visual interest, creative freedom, comfort and coziness, and cultural richness.


So, Rowabi has guided you through the most important information about this incredible interior style. Don't be afraid to let your imagination run wild. Embrace the unexpected, celebrate the eclectic, and let your home become a reflection of your most vibrant, dynamic self.

After all, in the world of modern maximalism, there are no rules—only endless possibilities.


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