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Article: DIY Pendant Lights: How To Make + 15 Latest Ideas, Trends

DIY Pendant Lights: How To Make + 15 Latest Ideas, Trends

Written by Henry Phan Update
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Pendant lights have surged in popularity recently owing to their varied designs, materials, and styles. Their versatility allows for DIY customization, enabling homeowners to create unique fixtures tailored to their preferences. DIY pendant lights offer endless options for expressing creativity and personal style.

diy pendant lights

In this guide, we'll explore the world of DIY pendant lights, offering detailed instructions on crafting your own stunning fixtures. Rowabi will also showcase 15 of the latest ideas and trends in DIY pendant light design to inspire your next home decor endeavor.

You will need to DIY pendant lights

When it comes to successfully DIY-ing pendant lights, the required supplies depend mostly on the specific light fixture design and type you aim to create.

However, there are certain tools and materials that you'll invariably need regardless of the chosen design. Here are the essential supplies we'll provide:

  • Pendant Light Kit: Typically comprising a socket, cord, and canopy for suspending the light fixture.
  • Light Bulb: Select the bulb type and wattage that best complements your design and lighting requirements. With various options available, consider brightness levels and color temperatures carefully.
  • Pendant Shade or Material for Shade: Choose between a pre-made shade or materials like fabric, metal, glass, or wood for crafting your own. Opting for pre-made shades streamlines the process, but if you're inclined towards creativity and challenge, consider making one from scratch.
  • Tools: Depending on your design, gather tools such as scissors, pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, drills, and a saw.
  • Wiring Components: If your pendant light kit isn't pre-wired, ensure you have wire connectors, electrical tape, and possibly wire strippers.
  • Ceiling Hook or Mounting Hardware: Essential for securely attaching the pendant light to the ceiling.
  • Optional Decorative Elements: Personalize your pendant light with embellishments like beads, crystals, paint, or other adornments, tailored to your preferences and style.
  • Safety Equipment: Prioritize safety by wearing gloves and safety glasses when handling tools and electrical components.

How to make DIY pendant lights?

There are countless ways to make DIY pendant lights, but Rowabi here provides you with just two incredibly simple methods that still result in beautiful pendant lights.

DIY dollar tree lighting

In addition to the essential supplies mentioned earlier, here are some materials to beautifully decorate your DIY Dollar Tree pendant light:

  • Dollar Tree chopping mats (5 mats used)
  • Lid from an empty can
  • Gold reflective paper
  • Glitter
  • Mod Podge
  • Hot glue gun
  • Zip ties
  • Acrylic box
  • Remote control push lights
  • Fishing lines
  • Empty masking tape roll


1. Prepare the shapes

  • Use the lid from an empty can to trace and cut out shapes from the Dollar Tree chopping mats.
  • Make sure to work on the rough side of the mats for better adherence of the design.

trace and cut shapes from dollar tree chopping mats using an empty can lid

2. Apply mod podge and glitter

  • Cover the cut-out shapes with Mod Podge.
  • Sprinkle glitter over the Mod Podge-covered shapes.
  • Shake off excess glitter after allowing them to dry for an hour.

sprinkle glitter over the mod podge covered shapes

3. Make holes for hanging

  • Use a drill to make holes through the glitter-covered shapes for hanging.

make holes to get the thing hanging

4. Prepare dowels

  • Cover dowels with gold reflective paper using a hot glue gun.
  • Attach cup hooks to the dowels for hanging the mats.

attach cup hooks to dowels for hanging the mats

5. Assemble the pendant light

  • Spray paint the lid with gold spray paint and make a hole in the middle for the dowel.
  • Attach the dowels to the lid using zip ties and hot glue.
  • Cut off excess length from the dowels if needed for a neater look.

attach the dowels to the lid using zip ties and hot glue

6. Attach lighting components

  • Cover the acrylic box with gold contact paper and make a hole in the middle.
  • Attach the remote control push lights inside the acrylic box.
  • Use fishing lines to suspend the pendant light from the ceiling.

place the remote control push lights inside the acrylic box

7. Final touches

  • Cover an empty masking tape roll and mount it to the ceiling using a cup hook.
  • Adjust the length of the fishing lines as needed for proper hanging.
  • Optionally, trim the excess length from the dowels for a cleaner appearance.

mount it to the ceiling using a cup hook

String pendant light

For the second model, it seems to be easier to make, yet the outcome is predicted to be stunning. Here is the list of what you should prepare to get it done:

  • Glue
  • Jute twine
  • Three bouncy balls
  • A bowl for setting the ball in while applying twine
  • A container for holding the glue mixture
  • Water


1. Preparation

  • Unscrew the lights and remove the piece that attaches the pendants.
  • Mix glue and water in an even ratio using a chopstick.

mix glue and water in an even ratio

2. Create circles

  • Lay out a newspaper on the counter.
  • Draw a small circle on the top using a bowl to fit the pendant light into the fixture.
  • Draw a larger circle on the bottom using another container to allow space for screwing in the light bulb.

draw small and large circles on the bowl

3. Soak twine in glue mixture

  • Put on gloves.
  • Soak the jute twine in the glue mixture.

soak the jute twine in the glue mixture

4. Wrap bouncy balls

  • Start wrapping the soaked twine around the bouncy balls randomly, avoiding the circle areas.

wrap the soaked twine around the bouncy balls

5. Drying and removing excess glue

  • Allow the twine-wrapped balls to dry for at least two days.
  • Use an old toothbrush or similar tool to remove any excess glue from the dried balls.
  • If necessary, use a vise or puncture tool to remove excess air from the balls.

use a vise or puncture tool to remove excess air

6. Hang pendant lights

  • Hang the dried twine-wrapped balls from the pendant light fixture.
  • Ensure that the twine-wrapped balls fit securely onto the pendant light fixture.

hang the dried twine wrapped balls

15 Amazing DIY pendant light ideas for your home

Above, we provided instructions for creating two simple pendant lights. Now, we'll showcase 15 inspiring ideas to spark your next DIY project.

Metallic gold interior pendant lights

DIY pendant lighting from metallic gold is a popular lighting option for current decor. They offer the feeling of luxury that only gold can provide, whether they are conventional or trendy in style. Moreover, metallic gold is also a vibrant, neutral tone of metal that matches with every piece of furniture.

diy pendant light
DIY pendant lighting from metallic gold is a popular lighting

Metallic gold is originally an eye-catching item because it is made from luxurious material. This type of pendant light also offers a spectacular focal point to any room and attracts the viewer's eyes to the appropriate spaces. With these DIY pendant light items, you can recycle materials that are not needed and save money for buying other expensive lights.

DIY wide dish pendant light

You can use old dishes to make beautiful DIY pendant lights for your bedroom or kitchen. This type is an ideal balance between the formality of a modern chandelier and the small dimensions of a typical pendant light.

The universal appeal of DIY wide dish pendant light is demonstrated in their simple and clean outlines, which make it become an ideal solution for many design concepts. Moreover, DIY wide dish pendant lights also add light and a touch of elegance to your living areas. So, you can be inspired by these wonderfully innovative choices.

diy light pendant
This type is an ideal balance between the formality of a modern

To have perfect DIY pendant lights, you should choose suitable colors to paint them. There are many different shades colors available if you decide to add a pendant to your house. However, you should take into account the space where you want to set up the new pendant light. This will help you to choose the right color for your DIY products.

Living spaces and bedrooms are better suited for cozy, natural light, while the kitchen could be more modern from bright lighting. Rowabi believes that when you choose an exact color palette for your DIY products, it will make your space more unique and attractive.

Wire-wrapped wine bottle pendant light

DIY items are the ideal method to design your home in rustic and bohemian styles, as well as minimalist and modern styles. So, you can create an ornament by using anything in your box, including a clear glass bottle.

diy ceiling fan light covers
You can create an ornament by using anything in your box

These are the many essential components for the wire-wrapped wine bottle pendant light. You could choose to pick up some extra items like tape, frosted glass spray paint, wire, and a lighter to do the project. This will not only offer a gorgeous lighting pattern but will also give your house a more distinctive look.

DIY concrete box pendant light

The cost of decorative lighting can be high so it will cost you a lot of money. Instead of spending much on buying furniture, you can make your own DIY concrete box pendant light that seems individual as well as authentic to you.

diy ceiling light cover
DIY concrete box pendant light make it perfect for kitchens

DIY concrete box pendant light makes it perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, and other spaces wherever you would like to use illumination to set the mood. The use of this handmade product in game rooms is also extremely common. In addition to being practical and reducing costs, it may completely change the appearance of a room.

DIY lace orb pendant lamp

You'd be amazed at how simple it is to come up with DIY pendant lights for your home with common items you already have. Let’s think about DIY lace orb pendant lamps. This handcrafted item provides a beautiful blend of classic and modern harmony for your area.

diy pendant light shade
This handcrafted item provides a beautifully classic and modern harmony

It can be said that the DIY Orb Pendant is an uncomplicated, appealing lighting fixture with an oval shape. You can choose any color to decorate for your handmade product. If you set up this lamp for your bedroom, it will create an elegance and a pleasantly natural vibe that contributes to your space mood.

Modern wire-circle pendant light

You can find personal delight in making DIY home decor that gives your home a distinctive look with just a little imagination and hard work. This distinctive modern wire circle pendant light starts with a circle and utilizes simple graphic lines to form its unique round shape.

diy pendant light kit
This pendant light makes an eye-catching impression

In contrast to conventional chandeliers, the simplistic design of a circle pendant light makes an eye-catching impression. Despite the simplicity of the design, every detail has been thoughtfully selected to produce a sculptural light that is highly adaptable. Hence, it will add interest in visual terms and keep the space looking airy.

Board and rope triple kitchen pendant light

If you do not know where to buy DIY pendant lights, just make it yourself. Board and rope triple lamp for the kitchen is one thing that you should try. Because this handmade product is expertly made by yourself, it will have a unique style and texture that combines great with your space.

pendant light diy kit
You can simply install a pendant light in the middle of your kitchen

The lighting fixtures can provide a shining effect that illuminates the space and attracts the attention of anyone who visits your home. You can simply install a pendant light in the middle of your kitchen or arrange it over the dining table

Fabric decoupage pendant lampshade

DIY fabric pendant light are one of the simplest products you should try to brighten up your room. If you're seeking contemporary and fashionable light fixtures for your workspace, let's create a handmade fabric decoupage pendant lamp without being afraid to try new things.

diy ceiling fan light makeover
This pendant lamp can give enough illumination for your space

This pendant lamp can provide enough illumination without disturbing your working area. At the same time, the product can add to the room's overall lighting. This fabric decoupage pendant lamp shade is suitable to set up in any area such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom,...

DIY mason jar pendant lights

One of the simplest ways to change a room's appearance and atmosphere is to upgrade its lighting. But why not create your own pendant light fixture rather than purchasing a new one? If you are considering what item is suitable for your home, let’s think about DIY mason jar pendant lights.

Due to their versatility, mason jars are one of the most popular recycled crafts! They may be used to create a variety of items, including adorable vases, inexpensive storage, and illumination ideas. This pendant light is created by hand using string, glue, and wire.

diy basket pendant light
This pendant light is created by hand using string, glue, and wire

Thanks to handmade mason jar pendant lights, you can create a beautiful rustic vibe and cozy mood for your space. Moreover, this DIY mason jar pendant light will bring a sense of America's past into your home. It is ideal for the kitchen and helps to create a warm vibe to connect family members.

DIY thrift store ice bucket pendant light

One of the simplest projects you can make is to set up a DIY thrift store ice bucket pendant light. This handmade product is lightweight and needs little energy to operate. As a result, you can use the DIY pendant light to decorate everywhere in your home.

diy ceiling light fixture cover
This handmade product is lightweight and needs little energy

Moreover, thrift store ice bucket pendant fixtures do not have harsh light. So, it will help to keep your eyes more comfortable and reduce eye strain. What's more, this handmade item tends to provide a gentle glow that is ideal for highlighting particular things or parts of your home. They may be placed into any space or corner and offer a variety of decorative options.

DIY metal pipe pendant lights

After a long and stressful day, going into your bedroom is the most joyful moment. All you need to relax is a cup of coffee, an interesting book, and some soft lighting. However, installing new pendant lights from the store will cost a lot. Hence, you can create a DIY pendant light made of metal pipe to save money.

diy concrete pendant light
Metal pipe lamps are a great choice for both indoor and outdoor usage

Metal pipe lamps are a great choice for both indoor and outdoor usage. Thanks to this handmade item, you can add a casual, welcoming charm to any area. Let's begin with any size and loop the cord, string, etc. through the top of the lamp. Then, you should attach some small, lovely items around the product to create a beautiful appearance.

No-sew pleated fabric pendant light

You can save money and add a special touch of elegance to your room by making your own no-sew pleated fabric lampshade. No one will realize that your most recent lighting item is a do-it-yourself project if you decorate it carefully.

This handmade item is a flexible solution for any room because you can customize its dimensions and shapes. Moreover, it also provides concentrated lighting over a particular area, such as a kitchen or dining table.

how to make your own pendant light
This handmade item is a flexible solution for any room

However, when it comes to interior design, furniture and lighting need to work closely together. So, you need to remember to choose the proper color of light to highlight the beauty of your home furnishings.

DIY honeycomb pendant lights

The minimalist style is distinguished by a basic and natural appearance that eliminates decoration and unnecessary elements. It is all about highlighting the important points including making the place appear more warm and welcoming. So, you can make DIY honeycomb pendant lights to create the best mood for your home.

how to install diy pendant light
The minimalist style is distinguished by a basic and natural appearance

The wooden honeycomb pendant light has a wonderful clean aesthetic that is simple and significant. Although it might seem to be missing decorative aspects at first glance, this kind of light is distinctive for its design, forms, and beauty. Because the primary colors are largely white, beige, and gray, it is easier to match with the rest of the furnishings.

Hemp string pendant lamp

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to add more vibrancy and personality accessories to a room. You can make a DIY pendant lamp wrapped around a string to make your space more unique. However, when wrapping the hemp, you should avoid criss-cross patterns. Keep in mind that you can not touch the area inside the circle.

diy battery operated pendant light
This DIY pendant lighting will make an impressive impact

For anyone looking for a contemporary pendant lamp to upgrade their home's decoration, it will be a great choice. Because of their bright, mysterious appearance, this DIY pendant lighting will make an impressive impact without overwhelming a room.

Stainless steel pendant light

You can decorate the interior of your house with natural-looking fixtures that have a basic and unique design such as stainless steel pendant lights. They are also more durable and require fewer maintenance expenses, which increases their long-term cost-effectiveness.

diy glass insulator pendant light kit
They are also more durable and require fewer maintenance expenses

With this handmade product, you're taken to a place where time doesn't exist, and the enchanted atmosphere captivates the way you feel. Creative, retro, modern, and opulent pendant lighting designs are available in stainless steel. In the meantime, this stainless steel pendant light also works well in various settings, including inside the home.


What do I need to make a pendant light?

  • First, choose your design to make a pendant light and gather materials like a light socket, cord, and shade. Install the light socket onto the cord, assemble the shade, mount the hardware, and hang the pendant light. Test the light, make necessary adjustments, and enjoy your newly installed pendant light.

How do you turn a can light into a pendant light?

  • Remove the existing light fixture and canopy to turn a can light into a pendant light. Install a pendant light conversion kit into the recessed can, following the manufacturer's instructions. Attach the pendant light fixture to the conversion kit and adjust the height as needed.

Can you install pendant lights yourself?

  • Assuming you are replacing a fixture that already has a junction box, it will only take four steps and about half an hour to install your fashionable pendant light.

Do you need an electrician to hang a pendant light?

  • The short answer. Yes, you should use an electrician when conducting electrical work in your home. Using an electrician for light fitting installations means that the highest level of electrical expertise is applied to fitting your light.

What is the best material for pendant lights?

  • The best material for pendant lights depends on the desired style and functionality. Common materials include metal, glass, wood, and fabric.

Do pendant lights need a ground?

  • Yes, especially if it's metal, you'll need to ensure it's grounded at the site of the light fixture by attaching the grounding wire to the box itself.

Can you turn a ceiling light into a pendant light?

  • Yes, you can easily turn a ceiling light into a pendant light by removing the existing fixture and replacing it with a pendant light kit.

Can pendant lights replace can lights?

  • Replacing recessed lighting with pendant lights can change up the ambiance of any space.

Is it hard to convert a can light to a pendant?

  • Extremely easy to install.

What is the difference between a chandelier and a pendant light?

  • Here is a simple definition: Chandelier – Light suspended from the ceiling with multiple light bulbs incorporated into the single fixture. Pendant light – A light fixture that is suspended from the ceiling with only a single light bulb incorporated into its fixture

What happens if you wire a pendant light wrong?

  • If you wire a pendant light incorrectly, it can lead to several potential issues, including short circuits, electrical shocks, or damage to the light fixture itself. Additionally, improper wiring can pose a fire hazard.


In conclusion, DIY pendant lights offer a fun, creative, and cost-effective way to personalize your home's lighting and decor. With the 15 fantastic ideas and trends explored in this guide, you now have a solid foundation to begin your own DIY pendant light projects.

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