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Hanging Lamps

Transform your living space with the warm and natural beauty of handcrafted hanging lamps. Carefully crafted by skilled artisans in South East Asia using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Bring the essence of nature into your home, perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

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Save 10%Beatrice Dome Rattan Pendant LightBeatrice Dome Rattan Pendant Light
Beatrice Dome Rattan Pendant Light Sale price$171.00 Regular price$190.00
Save 10%Dreamy Palm Fibers Pendant Light - RowabiDreamy Palm Fibers Pendant Light - Rowabi
Dreamy Palm Fibers Pendant Light Sale price$135.00 Regular price$150.00
Save 10%Althea Rattan Bowl Pendant Light - RowabiAlthea Rattan Bowl Pendant Light - Rowabi
Althea Rattan Bowl Pendant Light Sale price$157.50 Regular price$175.00
Save 10%Lucian Rattan Pendant Light - RowabiLucian Rattan Pendant Light - Rowabi
Lucian Rattan Pendant Light Sale price$270.90 Regular price$301.00
Save 10%Navara Dome Rattan Pendant Light - RowabiNavara Dome Rattan Pendant Light - Rowabi
Ethereal Dome Rattan Pendant Light Sale price$148.50 Regular price$165.00
Save 10%Mazed Lace Rattan Light Pendant - RowabiMazed Lace Rattan Light Pendant - Rowabi
Mazed Lace Rattan Pendant Light Sale price$151.20 Regular price$168.00
Save 40%Artesia Round Woven Rattan Placemat - RowabiArtesia Round Woven Rattan Placemat - Rowabi
Artesia Round Woven Rattan Placemat Sale price$8.40 Regular price$14.00
Save 10%Callie Rattan Pendant Light - RowabiCallie Rattan Pendant Light - Rowabi
Callie Rattan Pendant Light Sale price$111.60 Regular price$124.00
Save 10%Hinaki Dated Palm Leaves Pendant Light - RowabiHinaki Dated Palm Leaves Pendant Light - Rowabi
Hinaki Dated Palm Leaves Pendant Light Sale price$110.70 Regular price$123.00
Save 10%Etta Rattan Tray Large - RowabiEtta Rattan Tray Large - Rowabi
Etta Rattan Tray Large Sale price$76.50 Regular price$85.00
Save 40%Cora Round Natural Woven Rattan Placemat - RowabiCora Round Natural Woven Rattan Placemat - Rowabi
Cora Round Natural Woven Rattan Placemat Sale price$12.60 Regular price$30.00
Save 40%Ambra Round Rustic Wall Décor - RowabiAmbra Round Rustic Wall Décor - Rowabi
Ambra Round Rustic Wall Décor Sale price$30.24 Regular price$50.40
Save 10%Kai Jute Lantern Lamp - RowabiKai Jute Lantern Lamp - Rowabi
Kai Jute Lantern Lamp Sale price$53.10 Regular price$59.00
Save 10%Le Perle Rattan Pendant LightLe Perle Rattan Pendant Light
Le Perle Rattan Pendant Light Sale price$147.60 Regular price$164.00
Save 10%Avery Rattan Pendant Light - RowabiAvery Rattan Pendant Light - Rowabi
Avery Rattan Pendant Light Sale price$125.10 Regular price$139.00
Save 10%Collins Jute Twist Pendant Light - RowabiCollins Jute Twist Pendant Light - Rowabi
Collins Jute Twist Pendant Light Sale price$144.00 Regular price$160.00
Save 10%Bureau Rattan Pendant LightBureau Rattan Pendant Light
Bureau Rattan Pendant Light Sale price$159.30 Regular price$177.00
Save 10%Nikita Seagrass Pendant Light - RowabiNikita Seagrass Pendant Light - Rowabi
Nikita Seagrass Pendant Light Sale price$83.70 Regular price$93.00
Save 10%Jules 2-Tier Wood and Rattan Tray - RowabiJules 2-Tier Wood and Rattan Tray - Rowabi
Jules 2-Tier Wood and Rattan Tray Sale price$85.50 Regular price$95.00
Save 40%Banfield Seagrass Décor - RowabiBanfield Seagrass Décor - Rowabi
Banfield Seagrass Décor Sale price$12.21 Regular price$20.34
Save 10%Carlo Seagrass Pendant Light - RowabiCarlo Seagrass Pendant Light - Rowabi
Carlo Seagrass Pendant Light Sale price$81.00 Regular price$90.00
Save 10%Jace Rattan Pendant Light - RowabiJace Rattan Pendant Light - Rowabi
Jace Rattan Pendant Light Sale price$166.50 Regular price$185.00
Save 10%Heidi Rattan Pendant Light - RowabiHeidi Rattan Pendant Light - Rowabi
Heidi Rattan Pendant Light Sale price$101.70 Regular price$113.00
Save 40%Elm Round Rattan Placemat - RowabiElm Round Rattan Placemat - Rowabi
Elm Round Rattan Placemat Sale price$12.60 Regular price$21.00
Save 10%Audra Bamboo Fish Basket Lantern Pendant Light - RowabiAudra Bamboo Fish Basket Lantern Pendant Light - Rowabi
Audra Bamboo Fish Basket Lantern Pendant Light Sale price$83.70 Regular price$93.00
Save 40%Bayside Round Seagrass Placemat - RowabiBayside Round Seagrass Placemat - Rowabi
Bayside Round Seagrass Placemat Sale price$7.14 Regular price$11.89
Save 10%Farrow Bamboo Rattan Pendant Light - RowabiFarrow Bamboo Rattan Pendant Light - Rowabi
Farrow Bamboo Rattan Pendant Light Sale price$94.50 Regular price$105.00
Save 10%Muuto Concrete Wall Lamp Plug In - RowabiMuuto Concrete Wall Lamp Plug In - Rowabi
Muuto Concrete Wall Lamp Plug In Sale price$26.10 Regular price$29.00
Save 40%Palmera Dated Bamboo Fan Decor - RowabiPalmera Dated Bamboo Fan Decor - Rowabi
Palmera Dated Bamboo Fan Decor Sale price$9.00 Regular price$15.00
Save 40%Bali Round Abaca Placemat - RowabiBali Round Abaca Placemat - Rowabi
Bali Round Abaca Placemat Sale price$5.42 Regular price$9.03