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Article: Scandinavian-Inspired Decor Ideas

Scandinavian-Inspired Decor Ideas - Rowabi

Scandinavian-Inspired Decor Ideas

Scandinavian-Inspired Decor Ideas

If you love the simple yet stylish Scandinavian design aesthetic, bringing some of those influences to your outdoor space can create a fresh and beautiful atmosphere. Natural materials, clean lines, minimalism and functionality are hallmarks of Scandinavian style that easily lend themselves to outdoor decor.

From string lights and rattan furniture to area rugs and beautiful planters, these Scandinavian-inspired design ideas will help you transform your outdoor retreat into a stylish oasis.

Choose Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Rattan and wicker furniture with simple, minimal designs embody the Scandinavian love of organic materials. Outdoor rattan furniture will weather beautifully in the sun and elements, providing many years of comfort and style. Opt for solid, minimal frames with lightweight wicker and cane that is left natural or stained a light weathered color. Chose clean-lined chairs, sectionals, tables, and loungers in classic rectangular or circle shapes.

Use the Rowabi Rattan Light Pendant

The Rowabi Rattan Light Pendant is a natural light fixture that perfectly embodies the natural, organic style of Scandinavian design. The circular rattan shade featuring twisted rattan details provides soft, warm accent lighting for your outdoor retreat. The Rowabi Light Pendant makes a simple yet stylish statement suspended above your dining table, sectional seating area, or entryway path. Hang multiple pendants together over an outdoor dining table for a dramatic yet minimal effect.

Add Natural Woven and Grass Accessories

The use of natural materials is a defining characteristic of Scandinavian style. Look for woven grass lamps and planters, natural stone candleholders, and wooden trays to layer into your outdoor spaces. A woven grass basket filled with throw pillows or blankets adds texture and minimal style to lounge chairs. Wooden end tables and serving trays provide a neutral backdrop to accent pieces. Grass lamps provide ambient lighting in an organic, minimalistic form.

Use Neutral Natural Palette

Stick to a neutral natural palette of colors that complement the organic materials in your outdoor space. Greys, whites, blacks, browns, and sandy tans will work beautifully with the natural rattan, wicker and wooden furniture. Opt for neutral cushion and throw fabrics in linen, cotton or hemp. Use natural stone, wood or grass accents in similar earthy tones. The simplicity of a natural, neutral color palette allows the beautiful shapes and textures of organic materials to shine.

Hang Natural Fiber String Lights

String lights made from natural fibers like jute, hemp and rattan beautifully enhance the Scandinavian vibe. Use them to gently illuminate a covered patio, pergola or deck. Hang them along overhead beams, between posts, and from tall rattan or wooden lampshades. Natural fiber string lights come in warm white, amber or single color options. Suspend them low over seating areas or tables for more intimate illumination.

Add Blue and Green Accents

While sticking to a mostly neutral outdoor color scheme, add pops of blue and green accents that coordinate with the natural environment. Nordic blue pillows and throws provide a fresh accent against neutral rattan furniture. Layer potted succulents and plants in varying shades of green onto wooden trays and utensil holders. Small ceramic planters and pots in muted blues and greens provide elevate the simple color palette.

Use Natural Fiber Area Rugs

Outdoor rugs made from natural fibers like jute and sisal will withstand the elements and complement your rattan and wooden furniture. Choose large rectangular or oval rugs in muted natural tones to anchor your outdoor seating arrangement. Look for minimal textural weaves that embody the simple yet thoughtful aesthetic of Scandinavian design.

Incorporate Natural Wood Accessories

Wooden accessories in unfinished or weathered finishes provide neutral backdrop elements outdoors. Look for hardwood foot stools and side tables, wooden trays for serving meals alfresco, woven wood baskets for extra pillows and blankets and wooden candleholders. Because Scandinavian style embraces simple, functional forms, wooden accessories will often have minimal or clean geometric designs.

Prioritize Functionality

Function over form is an important aspect of Scandinavian design. Make sure all your outdoor decor enhances how you live and spend time outside. Opt for furniture, lighting, and accessories that are tailored for purpose and utilize space efficiently. Beautiful materials and thoughtful details should enrich your outdoor lifestyle - not overwhelm or detract from it.

With these Scandinavian-inspired outdoor decor ideas, you can transform your yard, patio, balcony or deck into a beautifully minimalist outdoor oasis. Natural materials, neutral colors, and thoughtful simplicity create a space that relaxes the senses and grounds you in the natural environment. With just a few key inspirations from Scandinavian style, your outdoor decor can achieve a fresh new look that enhances your connection to the outdoors. Enjoy!

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