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Luces colgantes de mimbre

Las luces colgantes de mimbre son conocidas como elementos decorativos perfectos que combinan con cualquier habitación de su casa, desde la cocina y el comedor hasta el espacio de oficina en casa. Con numerosos estilos de lámparas colgantes y opciones de tamaño, a los clientes siempre les resulta demasiado difícil seleccionar la correcta. En este artículo, Rowabi te dará algunos consejos para conseguir las mejores lámparas colgantes de mimbre para tu espacio.

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Ahorra 10%Lámpara Colgante Aurelia Rattan - StockLámpara Colgante Aurelia Rattan - Stock
Lámpara Colgante Aurelia Rattan - Stock Precio de oferta$202.50 Precio normal$225.00
Ahorra 10%Lámpara colgante de ratán radianteLámpara colgante de ratán radiante
Lámpara colgante de ratán radiante Precio de oferta$165.60 Precio normal$184.00
Ahorra 10%Lámpara Colgante Aurelia Rattan - StockLámpara Colgante Aurelia Rattan - Stock
Lámpara Colgante Aurelia Rattan - Stock Precio de oferta$167.40 Precio normal$186.00
Ahorra 10%Lámpara Colgante Aurelia Rattan - StockLámpara Colgante Aurelia Rattan - Stock
Lámpara Colgante Aurelia Rattan - Stock Precio de oferta$148.50 Precio normal$165.00

Outstanding features of pendant lights wicker

In recent years, a large number of homeowners and interior designers always select wicker pendant lights as their home decor due to their unique features. Let’s find out 5 outstanding features of wicker pendant fixtures below.

High-quality handcrafted products

Wicker pendant lights are made from A-grade certified wicker that is processed with completely zero chemicals. In addition, these lights are created by local expert weavers to ensure that all products meet the standards of the craft's time-honored history. Rowabi hopes that customers will own the handcrafted lights with high quality.

Vintage furniture for your house

Aside from the illuminating function, wicker ceiling lights are great vintage home decor items that upgrade your interior. The well-chosen lampshade creates cozy spaces, giving you an ideal unwinding time. These alluring lights may leave a great impression on your guests on the first eye.

wicker pendant lights
Wicker pendant lights create a vintage home space

Luxury and elegant characters

The wicker pendant lights match well with any home decor thanks to their timeless, neutral tones while still excluding luxury and elegant characters. They are perfect for hanging in hallways, a row of pendant lights over a kitchen island, or a bathroom.

Personalized pendant lights

The highly customizable collection fits the majority of customers' lifestyles and is the best way to reflect their personality. The majority of pendant lights can be altered for size, component, color, or material. Therefore, customers can select one that matches their style, budget and the way they live.

offers a customizable light collectiona at rowabi
Rowabi offers a customizable light collection

Eco-friendly material

Not just creating a warm and charming living space, these wicker hanging lights are also environmentally conscious. All of them are made from natural materials such as rattan, seagrass, and wicker. With eco-friendly materials, the wicker pendant lights will radiate natural beauty wherever they are installed.

Criteria to choose a right wicker light fixture

Wicker pendant lights range in size and shape, which poses a huge challenge for lots of buyers. Take a few minutes to learn some criteria to help you choose the right wicker light fixture for your home spaces.

Intended location

Wicker light fixtures are versatile and work well in any room of the house. You can hang them in a variety of spaces from over kitchen benches, over bedside tables, in living rooms to in undercover patio areas. However, you also need to consider the place you want to position these lights to select the best match for your spaces.

perfect for living decoration
Wicker pendant lights are perfect for living decoration

Square footage of that room

Regarding the size of the room, smaller lamp shades are an excellent option for small spaces such as the foyer, bathroom, reading corner, or group. Their designs will create an effortless coastal feel for your home.

Whereas, a large wicker pendant light will look great in spacious spaces such as the dining room or living room. This warm and alluring shape will be an ideal statement piece that impresses your guests.

Design of the room and home

Another crucial consideration is the design of the room and home. Before making a choice, look for wicker pendant fixtures that complement the color palette of your home. Fully understanding your home design is the key to selecting the right light that matches your spaces.

add warmth to the bedroom when used to small wicker
Small wicker ceiling lights add warmth to the bedroom

Ceiling height

Ceiling height is another factor you need to consider before making a light purchase. If you plan to install a rattan lampshade above a dining table or kitchen counter, make sure it does not block the view. For a light in the middle of the room, you need to ensure the height is tall enough that people don't bump into it. The majority of hanging lamps come with adjustable chains or cords so that you can find the right height for your room.

Light purpose

Lighting is the main purpose of wicker pendant lights. Nevertheless, these lights are charming decor items that can light up your spaces. Therefore, before purchasing a light, you need to be clear whether you want the pendant light for ambient lighting, corner lighting, or something else. It is a great idea to choose one that can fit various kinds of bulbs. As a result, you get to experiment with different spectrums of light to select the right one.

ambient perfect for the living room
Ambient lighting is perfect for the living room

Modern kinds of wicker pendant lights

Wicker pendant lights are one of the must-have decoration items in your home. After knowing the fundamental criteria, here are 5 modern kinds of lights you might consider before making the final decision.

Angelo Rattan Pendant Light

The Angelo rattan pendant light brings luxury and grace to your home. The exquisite furnishing is meticulously crafted by premium craftsmen. Therefore, it is doubted that this item is a cherished exclusivity in the market over the years. The resplendent rattan pendant light is easily suitable for every space, making it ideal for adorning every corner with opulence.

Angelo rattan pendant light lights up your space
The Angelo rattan pendant light lights up your space

Grandard Rattan Pendant Light

If you are looking for a luxurious and stylish decor light for your home, the Grandard rattan pendant light is an excellent option. Its unique design makes it an exclusive and special highlight decorative item. Its combination of modern and minimalist styles will elevate your home’s spaces and leave a lasting impression on both guests and loved ones.

has a luxurious and stylish design
The Grandard rattan pendant light has a luxurious and stylish design

Perio Rattan Pendant Light

The Perio pendant light is a great highlight for every kitchen with an air of luxury. Its organic and stylish design is ideal for impressing friends and adding a touch of sophistication to any room. Furthermore, made from durable material, it promises lasting elegance. With its exclusive and modern styles, this light is a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their home’s style.

perio pendant light creates a strong impression
The Perio pendant light creates a strong impression on viewers

Radiant Rattan Pendant Light

With its charming and time-honored design, the 'Radiant Reverie' rattan pendant light adds an element of dreamy elegance to your home. It is warm and glowing light creates an enchanting atmosphere, giving you a great de-stress space at home. Its meticulous design makes it become the best choice for numerous homeowners and interior designers.

adds a charming atmosphere to the home
The 'Radiant Reverie' rattan pendant light adds a charming atmosphere to the home

Nikita Seagrass Pendant Light

The Nikita seagrass pendant light might allure anyone due to its charming rustic aesthetic. Crafted with traditional weaving techniques and using naturally dried water hyacinth, this light offers natural beauty which captures everyone’s first eye. it promises to be a unique and stylish addition to your interior.

the exclusive is a great statement for home space
The exclusive is a great statement for home space

Rowabi - The best option to buy pendant lights

It is simple to find a place selling wicker ceiling lights recently, but finding a reputable destination is challenging for numerous buyers. Below are some great benefits that Rowabi offers to customers.

High-quality product category

All Rowabi’s lights are made from A-grade certified rattan, seagrass, and wicker to deliver the best quality items for customers. In addition, each product is created with our artisan dedication and enthusiasm from the first design to the final product. We hope that you can get the finest organic materials for your dream home.

offers high-quality product collections
Rowabi offers high-quality product collections

 Competitive price in the market

Rowabi always provides customers with an array of alluring wicker pendant lights at affordable prices. Furthermore, we also have ongoing promotions and discounts available that offer people more choices to create a charming living space.

all pendant lights at rowabi have affordable prices
All Rowabi pendant lights have affordable prices

Step-by-step installation instructions

To make the installation process simple, we provide customers with step-by-step installation instructions. With detailed pictures, step-by-step instructions, and necessary tools, you easily hang their wicker pendant lights at home.

installation is simple
The installation is simple thanks to step-by-step instructions

3-Day Shipping In the U.S

If you are living in the U.S., you will receive your orders within two business days after receiving your payment. In Particular, you can trace your parcel at all times through the tracking number on your email. If your items are out of stock, you will be notified immediately.

3-day shipping policy for the US
Rowabi has a 3-day shipping policy for the U.S. customers

30-Day Free Return policy

If you are unsatisfied with your order, you hold the right to notify us within 14 days and send it back to us. The return policy is valid unless your orders are in undamaged and original situations. Your purchase prices will be refunded within 7 days after receiving the returned goods.

return policy is available for unsatisfied customers
A return policy is available for unsatisfied customers

Secured Payment

Security is a vital consideration in making any purchase through websites due to information leakage in recent years. Your payment is verified by major card vendors to ensure all personal information is safe.

In this article, Rowabi has provided you with lots of information about wicker pendant lights. With its exclusive and charming design, this item is a must-have product for those who want to adorn your home. Rowabi hopes that the above information will give you some ideas to select the right light for your home.

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