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Lighting trends 2024

what is wicker

What Is Wicker? What To Know About This Material?

What is wicker, and what is valuable wicker furniture? Today, wicker is considered a timeless weaving technique that can create a wide variety of durable homeware products for indoor and outdoor ar...

rattan furniture

Rattan Furniture: How to Choose the Right Piece for Any Room

Rattan furniture has changed significantly over time. Once viewed as dull and outdated, this material has now become a prominent trend in the furniture and home decor industry. In this article, Row...

rattan bedroom furniture

Rattan Bedroom Furniture: Benefits and 15+ Stunning Ideas for 2024

Rowabi lighting is bringing you 15+ stunning rattan bedroom furniture ideas that will inspire you to transform your bedroom into a serene and stylish haven. With the rapid rise of natural elements ...