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Article: Boho Design: Create an Eclectic Oasis in Your Home

Boho Design: Create an Eclectic Oasis in Your Home

Boho Design: Create an Eclectic Oasis in Your Home

Bohemian style—also known as boho chic— offers a whimsically eclectic aesthetic full of rich textures, warm tones and relaxed ambiance. Layered rugs, plush cushions, artistic wall decor and natural materials like rattan and jute come together to create a boho oasis within your home. Follow these tips for incorporating bohemian design elements and recommended brands to curate your own colorful, laid-back oasis.

Layered Rugs

Plush, colorful rugs layered atop one another define boho style. Choose flatweave jute, sisal or seagrass rugs in organic shapes and eye-catching patterns. Contrasting textures, sizes, and hues create visual interest.

For layered rugs, consider brands like Nourison with flatweave seagrass options in vibrant patterns and Rowabi Interiors for their collection of geometric and organic jute area rugs.

Soft Textiles

Boho decor relies heavily on textiles like cushions, curtains, throws and blankets to infuse spaces with warmth and color. Mix and match textiles in patterns from paisley and ethnic prints to solids in shades of earth tones, rusts, blues and greens.

Buy textiles from brands like Bungalow Rose for their collection of bohemian throws, pillows and shams, and Rowabi Interiors for their jute curtains, hand-blocked pillows and embroidered throws.

Natural Materials

Bring rustic materials like rattan, jute, wood and stone into your living area to cultivate a cozy, bohemian atmosphere. Furniture pieces made of these natural materials instantly elevate a space. Opt for brands like:

• Rowabi Interiors - They offer rattan and jute furniture in modern and traditional styles.

• Article - Their bohemian-inspired collection includes woven rattan chairs and ottomans.

• Waugh - Waugh's designs incorporate rattan, jute, wood and stone into mid-century modern-inspired pieces.

Artistic Wall Décor

Artwork, prints, tapestries and woven wall hangings infuse bold patterns and color into your space. Choose eclectic decor featuring:

• Ethnic motifs: Kilims, tapestries and wall hangings in tribal patterns

 Macrame wall art: Hanging planters, wall hangings and wall pockets made with jute cord add texture.

 Vintage posters: Decor featuring floral illustrations, musicians and travel destinations.

Artificial Plants

Faux plants and dried botanicals like woven grass and eucalyptus bring the boho layering effect to your walls and shelves. Group terra cotta and rattan planters of varying shapes and sizes together to create an organic vignette.

Buy artificial plants and planters from brands like The Sill for their boho-chic collection and Rowabi Interiors for their range of woven grass and eucalyptus garlands.

Ceramics & Glassware

Miscellaneous Details

Adding assorted collected pieces like vases, ceramics, candles and lamp bases in varied shapes, textures and colors creates the bohemian patchwork effect. Include:

• Textural ceramics: Unglazed or etchedterra cotta planters, vases and bowls.

• Reclaimed wooden trays: For displaying items and layering textures.

 Vintage suitcases: Repurposed as storage ottomans or coffee tables.

• Brass accents: Candlestick holders, bowls and trays ground boho style.

There you have some recommendations and tips for incorporating your own eclectic oasis of bohemian design into your home. Layer rich textures, incorporate natural materials and collect miscellaneous objects slowly over time. Curate a space that is colorful, laid-back and full of stories to tell through assorted details. Brands like Rowabi Interiors offer high-quality boho-chic decor and furniture to enrich your space

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