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Article: Rowabi’s Biggest Annual Sale Month Rewind and Our Farewell

Rowabi’s Biggest Annual Sale Month Rewind and Our Farewell

Written by Henry Phan Update
4th of july sale

As we joyfully bid farewell to the extraordinary month of November, we can't help but revel in the exhilarating memories of Our Biggest Annual Sale Month. At Rowabi, we are bursting with excitement as we reflect on this spectacular journey, marked by unparalleled style, heartwarming gratitude, and an abundance of thrilling surprises.

What are our promotion about?

Our Biggest Annual Sale promotion is designed as a token of appreciation for our valued customers who have supported us throughout this journey. In gratitude, we're offering an enticing program with discounts of up to 50%, coupled with free shipping for orders exceeding $75, ensuring that our products reach everyone hassle-free.

the essence of our promotion lies in infusing warmth into every home
The essence of our promotion lies in infusing warmth into every home

Beyond the discounts, our mission is to spread the message of using natural materials to enhance the ambiance of your home. These materials have the power to transform the entire vibe with a simple touch of elegance. You can create spaces that not only exude style but also embrace the essence of sustainability and natural beauty.

Key highlights of Rowabi’s Biggest Annual Sale Month

A retrospective won't truly capture the essence without some data. Let's delve into what we've achieved over the past month and witness the milestones that Rowabi has hit.

More than 170 orders with 265 products sold

With unwavering support from our valued customers, Rowabi has seamlessly processed over 170 orders during this Biggest Annual Sale Month, underscoring the profound trust bestowed upon our brand. This surge in demand has resulted in the dispatch of a remarkable 265 products to new homes, each parcel carrying with it the embodiment of the elegance and quality that defines Rowabi. We are grateful for the trust you place in us and are delighted to contribute to enhancing your living spaces with our premium products.

Top 5 customer favorites

So, what names appear the most in customers' shopping carts? Join Rowabi on a journey to explore the top 5 picks that adorned shopping carts the most during this month-long sale extravaganza.

Kloe Rattan Pendant Light

Kloe Rattan Pendant Light stands as a familiar name in Rowabi's best-selling list, particularly during festive seasons like Christmas. In times of celebration, people seek pendant lights that exude warmth, casting a gentle glow suitable for gatherings. This is where Kloe takes center stage, becoming even more special. With Kloe, rest assured that your room will be enveloped in a magical, beautiful, warm golden light, creating an enchanting ambiance.

choosing kloe is a safe bet but it s far from ordinary for your home
Choosing Kloe is a safe bet, but it's far from ordinary for your home

Dreamy Palm Fibers Pendant Light

Dreamy Palm Fibers Pendant Light lives up to its name, offering a seemingly ethereal beauty. Gazing at it feels like drifting into a serene, unruffled sleep—perhaps that's why it has become so popular, especially during festive seasons, a time for much-needed relaxation after the hustle and bustle. This light is best suited for placement in the kitchen room, atop the kitchen island, or outdoors.

its versatile design makes it a stylish choice for both indoor and outdoor settings
Its versatile design makes it a stylish choice for both indoor and outdoor settings

Sepherina Rattan Pendant Light

The Sepherina Rattan Pendant Light earns acclaim as the perfect festive piece thanks to its dazzling appearance. Christmas and the New Year, in general, present a rare opportunity to infuse glamor into our homes, and that's precisely why this light fixture is in such high demand.

what could be more impressive for guests than the uniqueness of this light fixture
What could be more impressive for guests than the uniqueness of this light fixture?

Its unique charm lies in distinctive patterns and shapes, immediately impressing any guest. Placing it in the living room, where people gather, or in the bedroom allows you to appreciate its unique beauty for yourself fully.

Selene Seagrass Pendant Light

The Selene Seagrass Pendant Light stands out as a favorite, especially among coastal enthusiasts and those embracing the boho styles. Echoing the spirit of the sea, both in its appearance and material, this light fixture brings a sense of openness, freshness, and vibrancy that sets it apart from other products. There's no better place for this gem than the living room or a front porch balcony, creating an immediate impression on guests as soon as they enter your home.

this light emanates a refreshing beauty perfectly suited for coastal homes by the sea
This light emanates a refreshing beauty, perfectly suited for coastal homes by the sea

Callie Rattan Pendant Light

The Callie Rattan Pendant Light, with its distinctive bell-shaped design, exudes a charm reminiscent of the holiday season. When suspended, Callie sways gently, much like the characteristic bells of Christmas. Pairing two or three of these lights together, positioned above the kitchen area or in front of a large window, captures sunlight and breeze, creating the most beautiful and enchanting effect.

if you re someone who adores this festive time callie is undeniably the right choice
If you're someone who adores this festive time, Callie is undeniably the right choice

Plenty of love and feedback from customers

We've been overwhelmed with love and feedback from our customers, receiving hundreds of comments and suggestions, as well as expressions of satisfaction. Some heartwarming feedback includes:

Marcela K. shares, "Couldn't be happier! I get so many compliments when people see these pendants. Love my new pendants. Originally, I bought the big pendant for my breakfast nook and loved it so much that I decided to get a second fixture from Rowabi for my powder bath. I was not disappointed. Excellent customer service. We had a bit of a hiccup with shipping, and Henry, the owner, immediately reached out with assistance."

marcela k expressed her admiration for our oceania cone rattan pendant light
Marcela K. expressed her admiration for our Oceania Cone Rattan Pendant Light

Meanwhile, Jennifer B. highly recommends it: "The product was beautiful and beautifully made. Excellent quality!" for Dreamy Palm Fibers Pendant light. We also received Lisa W.’s praises, in which she wrote, "Highly recommended! Perfect lights for the kitchen island! Love the natural fibers and the natural cord." for the Callie Rattan Pendant Light.

We take immense pride in these testimonials and strive to evolve further. These words of appreciation fuel our commitment to delivering outstanding products for everyone.

Stay tuned with us for future programs

Get ready for excitement as Rowabi gears up for future programs! Visit our website to delve into the world of style and sophistication, exploring our exquisite offerings and the latest updates. Subscribe for exclusive updates, ensuring you're the first to know about upcoming events, promotions, and exclusive offerings directly in your inbox.

Connect with us on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, to explore shareable content, catch a glimpse of our unique designs, and engage with our vibrant community.

Especially, mark your calendars for December, when Rowabi has a special treat for you. We're set to help you transform your home into a masterpiece, ready to Impress Your Guests and position you as the host of the year. Stay tuned for a December filled with joy, style, and the unmistakable touch of Rowabi's elegance. Don't miss a moment of the excitement!

4th of july sale

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